Wiro Sableng - Volume 5 - Chapter 7.2

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Chapter 7.2

Wiro Sableng Book 5 Chapter 7-2


“Sure… Of course we see them! That was the reason why we are demanding for your lives, since your rotten souls have long been awaited by those many people that you had killed!”

Red Scorpion’s rage burned even hotter than before, “Hurry up and let me know your names so I can quickly grant you your miserable death!”

The two men in white robes laughed coldly . Meanwhile, Red Scorpion had once again lifted her right hand up high . On the other hand, the other martial arts figures were already preparing to face any kinds of possibilities .

“Now tell me your names! Or the two of you shall face a nameless burial!” Red Scorpion howled once more . The two men in white robes moved their hands at the same time and reached under their robes . A brief moment later, the two of them had each held a golden nunchaku .

“Akh… so the two of you are the Golden Nunchaku Duo from Banyuwangi (TL Note: a district in East Java province, Indonesia)! Your famed name had indeed reached my ears . But today the two of you won’t be able to return back to Banyuwangi! Fate had determined that your end shall be here!”

“Don’t be too arrogant, Red Scorpion! Perhaps it will be your head that will be crushed by this Nunchaku of mine first!” said one of the Golden Nunchaku Duo standing on the right side . His name was Teggil Tantra . His partner standing on the left was named Situwara . For those coming from the East Java area, the names and monikers of these two famed righteous path martial artists were extremely well known in their circle!

Red Scorpion whistled loudly . Her body flew down the stage . “Are you two coming one-by-one or together in a package?” she barked harshly before the Golden Nunchaku duo . The nunchaku duo answered with a strong war cry . Their figures looked still but abruptly two smashes of nunchaku that radiated yellow golden lights had snapped right at the nose of Red Scorpion! The skull faced girl was pushed back five steps behind . But the pair of golden nunchakus at the hands of Situwara and Teggil Tantra doggedly pursued her!

In a blink of an eye, two hits had been unleashed by the martial art figures from East Java . Their martial skills and their offensive nunchaku techniques were very bizarre and seemed to consist of multiple variations . Wind whirled, and the bodies of the three people fighting had transformed into mere blurs to the eyes of the onlookers!

If only Red Scorpion had the chance to utilize her right hand and unleashed her highly dependable “Green Scorpion” technique, then in one strike the two martial artists would probably have met their timely end!

But each time she lifted her hands up high, then at that every single time one of the nunchakus would aim to smash her hand, ensuring that her preparation would never be able to finish, and she was forced to pull back his attack!

On the third and the fourth passes Red Scorpion had been badly pressured . Into the fifth exchange suddenly her whistle shrieked through the air! Her figure vanished to thin air . For the next two passes she launched some quick attacks, but they were all in vain!

“Damnable bastards!” Red Scorpion cursed inwardly . She once again shrieked . Her body once again vanished from sight and suddenly she had moved five spear distances away from the fight!

Situwara and Teggil Tantra were hot in pursuit, but this time their distance with the target was a tad too far, and it was exactly the opportunity that Red Scorpion had been aiming for, to have the space to unleash the “Green Scorpion” technique!

Teggil Tantra who stood a little bit to the front tried to parry with his golden nunchaku when he saw streaks of green light flashing at him! One of the three green scorpions that were flying at him was smashed to bits by his golden nunchaku .

He also managed to dodge the second green scorpion . But seeing that the third one was infinitely close to him, the martial artist turned frantic! Teggil Tantra screamed in fear! The golden nunchaku slipped from his hand and both of his hands covered his face that was bathed in blood from the stab of the green scorpion on his forehead, right at the center between his eyes! Once the venom from the beast slipped into his blood veins, his body shuddered and fell! His life flew from his body the moment it touched the ground!

“Sis Red Scorpion, watch out!” Black Scorpion exclaimed loudly .

“Riiiip!” The sleeve of Red Scorpion’s clothing was brushed by Situwara’s golden nunchaku who had turned berserk from the death of his brother .

In a single strike he smashed strongly at Red Scorpion . But at the end of that very strike, his fate was no different from Teggil Tantra . Two green scorpions stabbed at his face, and another one on his throat! And thus the end of the Golden Nunchaku Duo from Banyuwangi!

The dark side martial artists who realized that their martial arts were still below the level of the two demised fallen heroes turned anxious and fearful on their respective seats . Suddenly, two of them jumped out and tried to escape!

“Bastard! You dare to run!” snapped Black Scorpion . Her right hand swiftly moved! Green streaks of light flashed through the air, and the two dark side martial artists turned into lifeless corpses!

“Whoever else dared to make a run for it, be my guests!” howled Black Scorpion .

“Demonic women! Your sin is unforgivable! Face the wrath of my saber!” Suddenly a loud scolding blasted in the air . The scolding sound hadn’t even ended when abruptly a blue flash stormed at Red Scorpion!

“Fucking crazy! Who else is seeking death!” scolded Red Scorpion . She smashed her left hand forward . A gust of strong wind whirled at her attacker, causing the attacker to stagger back in an instant and slowed down his saber slash!

But by shifting his saber style to a more bizarre one, the invisible attacker who was still unseen due to his speed could still push Red Scorpion to the other end of the stage!

“Damn beast! Cursed Red Scorpion . Her two hands opened wide . Her fingers bent to form a claw .

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