Wiro Sableng - Volume 5 - Chapter 9.1

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Chapter 9.1

Wiro Sableng Book Chapter 9-1


Alright! Just to make sure I remember, I am putting this note on top of the chapter . This chapter is very gender biased with some statements that may hurt some female readers’ feelings . Do remember that this novel was written back in the 1960s, with gender bias being at its strongest, especially in Javanese society where Bastian Tito was raised in . I do apologize on his behalf on the offense that may be caused .


One of the five people who were ganging up on her three disciples was down on the ground with his forehead stabbed by a green scorpion! Once again, a scream of death sounded in the air and another one besieger was down with his life gone . Two Steel Sickles and the remaining two Dark side Martial Artists fought tooth and nail . But after another move, Two Steel Sickles also had to meet his creator at the hands of Black Scorpion .

Seeing this, the remaining two people from the Dark side Martial artists felt their courage flying . Escape was simply impossible and resistance would only lead to death! Then without further thinking, the two of them threw their weapons away and immediately fell to the ground kneeling!

“Bastards! By now there is no longer any mercy for anyone!” Blue Scorpion snapped . She moved her right leg in a kicking motion but behind her, Green Scorpion Goddess called out .

“Blue Scorpion, hold your attack!” and thus Blue Scorpion withdrew her kick . Green Scorpion Goddess walked towards the two dark side martial artists .  

One of them quickly said, “Goddess, the two of us beg for your mercy and are willing to enter your Sect…”

“After death is on your doorstep, only then the two of you are begging for mercy, huh?” scowled Green Scorpion Goddess .

“What are your names? Do the two of you possess any distinguished titles?”

The one speaking before replied, “My name is Lalanang from the Southern Coast . My title is Shadowless Assassin . I beg for your mercy, Goddess…”

“The two of you promise to enter my Sect?”

“We do . We promise . ”

“Fine! But since earlier the two of you had dared to fight back against my disciples, then I am only going to grant you mercy and allow you to enter my Sect after each of you pluck one of your eyeballs out!”

Deadly Feet and Shadowless Assassin exchanged looks in surprise .

“Carry on, quickly! I don’t have much patience! You can choose, your eyes or your lives!” snapped Green Scorpion Goddess .  

Once again the two of them exchanged helpless looks . “What other options are there?”, they thought . Rather than dying, it would be better for them to sacrifice one eye ball each . Besides, the two of them were from the Dark Side, this kind of conduct would thus surely not be scorned by the martial arts world .

Thus without any further ado, the two people quickly plucked out each one of their eyes! Eyeballs and blood sprayed out in a gush! It was truly a horrifying scene! But Green Scorpion Goddess instead witnessed it with a shrieking laugh!

“I still can’t trust you lot!” said the Demon Goddess .

“You guys might even betray your promise the moment I let you two off!” from under her robe, Green Scorpion Goddess took out two pills and then she gave them to the two fighters .

“Now swallow it!” she ordered .

“Goddess, this pill… Is it…”

“Damn snakes! Quickly shove them down your throat, I say!”

Shadowless Assassin and the Deadly Feet quickly shoved down the pills that were given to them .

“That pill was the green scorpion poison that will be active in eleven month from now . Since you lot had promised to enter the Skull Valley Sect, then before the twelfth day of twelfth month you must come to Skull Valley . I shall give you lot the antidote for the poison there . But if you break your promise and no longer want to come, the poison will immediately be activated . But if you dare break your promise and fail to come, the poison shall strike . Your gut shall be torn!”

The two dark side martial artists shivered in fear . Even though the two of them came from the dark side, but it was only that day they met the most vicious and ruthless person with a devilish heart like the Green Scorpion Goddess and her disciples .

“Furthermore…” Green Scorpion Goddess continued, “each of you shall be tasked with a mission, that is you must find new members to enter our Sect as many as possible and then take them to the Skull Valley on the twelfth day of the twelfth month! Are you two clear?”

“We hear and we obey, Goddess…” replied the Deadly Feet and Shadowless Assassin . Green Scorpion Goddess turned towards her three disciples .

“Blue Scorpion, carry Red Scorpion’s body . We are leaving this place…!”

Blue Scorpion stepped forward and obeyed the order . But her steps were stopped when she saw the changes in her master’s expression . The other two disciples also saw the scene when Green Scorpion Goddess looked up at the sky, her forehead creased with a frown while her pair of sharp eyes gazed to the north . She readied her ears to catch on the weird noise that she was hearing .

“What’s wrong, Master?” asked White Scorpion . She and her two martial sisters still hadn’t caught on to any noise even though their martial arts had reached an incredible height, the same thing as well for their inner strength . It can be imagined how deep and profound the martial arts and inner strength level of the Green Scorpion Goddess!

Around a quarter of the time needed to drink tea, Black Scorpion and her two martial sisters finally heard the sound that was only audible to the Green Scorpion Goddess . And the three girls in skull masks looked out with frowns on their faces  to the north .

The sound that they were hearing was none other than shrieking whistling sounds, playing a nameless tune that was simply horrible to the ears!

Even though the whistles came from a place afar, but the ears of the Green Scorpion Goddess and her three disciples felt like they were stabbed with a sharp sword! Over time, the whistling sounds kept on getting louder . By then, the eardrums of the four people weren’t just like they were stabbed, but they even trembled roughly! Suddenly, from afar, they saw a young man with long hair . He looked valiant on his white clothing as he was closing in from afar . This youngster looked like he was strolling leisurely and indifferently, but in a very short time he had suddenly already arrived at the lakeside! 

Abruptly, the youngster stopped in his track and looked to the surrounding, “So friggin crazy!” he exclaimed .

“What on earth had happened here! Did I get sidetracked and reached hell instead, huh?” and the valiant looking youngster scratched his long hair . His nostril rose and fell for a bit before he spit onto the ground and walked to the edge of the stage . There, he stopped his steps and shook his head .

“This one must have been the wife of Sword God, the Head of Fragrant Lake School that… ah, if I remember correctly that new School had just been established today . But why the hell is the wife of Sword God instead fell dead like this…? Eh, where the hell is the Sword God anyway? And that is… ah! The Demon Shadow, Brahmana Wingaraja… The Two Golden Nunchaku… my oh my… there are so many famous figures falling dead here…”

The youngster took a deep breath and once again shook his head when he saw the dead body of Angelic Ten Fingers laid lifeless next to a girl in red clothing that had her face ruined and her stomach innards ripped out!

“So fuckin’ crazy! Who the hell did all of this? Had all the devils from hell descended from the sky and went wonky here?”

Green Scorpion Goddess’ eyes gazed sharply at the youngster . She was 100% certain when she saw the weird conduct and the whistling sound from the youngster that he was one with a high level of martial arts . However, his attitude and manner of speaking showed as if he was a person with a rather twisted sanity! And what offended Green Scorpion Goddess’ heart the most was that the young man acted as if he didn’t see her presence there along with her disciples!

“Crazy brat, who the hell are you!” asked Green Scorpion Goddess in a snap . The young man turned his head around . He looked as if he was surprised when he saw the face of Green Scorpion Goddess, also the faces of her three disciples . His eyes then gazed at the Shadowless Assassin and Deadly Feet who were still kneeling before Green Scorpion Goddess .

“Eh… looking at your posture, you surely are a young lady . But looking at your face… Hmm…” the young man shook his head .

“I’m the one asking questions! Who the hell are you!” Green Scorpion Goddess laughed up at the sky .

“Crazy man, you better leave this place quickly! I feel disgusted just looking at you!”

“Oh… Of course you guys are free to talk, but don’t you mock my face too much! You better first look into the water surface on that lake! I dare bet that you’ll feel even worse when you saw your own faces there, compared to when you are looking at my face!” after his last word dropped, the youngster chuckled .

Abruptly his chuckle was cut short as at that moment Black Scorpion had jumped forward with a roar .

“Crazy brat, you dared insult my master! Now accept your death!”

“Black Scorpion, hold your hand!” shouted Green Scorpion Goddess . Black Scorpion immediately stopped in confusion . She knew full well the mannerism of her master . If someone insulted her, that person would be reaping his demise right then and there . But this time, even with such a deliberate insult in front of her disciples, her master didn’t even move to attack, instead stopping her from killing that youngster!

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