Wortenia Senki (LN) - Volume 3 - Chapter Aft

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I doubt there are many newcomers left at his point, but hello to all first-time readers. And welcome back to those who’ve read volumes 1 and 2. This is Ryota Hori, the author. 

So once again, for the sake of those who start reading from the afterword, let’s go over the contents of volume 3, and my rationale behind writing it. 

First, the somewhat well-established main concept—the fundamental question of how one can win against an enemy with a major numerical advantage, within a tight timeframe. 

Most strategy books, including but not limited to The Art of War, will tell you that having greater numbers than the enemy is the first step to victory. 

There is strength in numbers. This can be called a universal truth that applies everywhere in the world. 

But every now and then, fiction will show us that the opposite result can be much more interesting. For example, Japanese history gives us the Battle of Okehazama. 

The Oda clan’s army of several thousand clashed against the tens of thousands led by the Imagawa clan, a battle which still grips the hearts of the Japanese people to this day. Another example is the battle of Thermopylae, held between the forces of ancient Greece and the Persians, which became the inspiration for the movie 300, which still rouses the emotions of those interested in history. 

I’m sure any of you who are aware of these stories know that while the Oda clan defeated the armies of Imagawa and went on to become a powerful force, the latter story ended with the Spartans being wiped out. 

Both stories had conflicting endings, but in my eyes, both stand as proof to how the image of an underdog facing overwhelming odds has a way of exciting our hearts. As is often the case with history, it’s hard to draw the line between what is fact and what is fiction... 

And so, volume 3’s concept stresses the struggle of the underdog against a stronger opponent. 

But, perhaps contrary to this author’s feelings, our young protagonist isn’t one to show any signs of distress or crisis, staying composed at all times... Still, I think it wouldn’t be all that interesting to write the same things other people have, so you can certainly see that part as this series’ distinctive flavor, if you will. 

Now, the other selling point volume 3 has to offer is the introduction of ninjas, at long last. When you say Japan, you naturally think of ninjas. But for how major of a feature they tend to be, they’re also something of a dangerous element to feature, as they become quite hackneyed if done poorly. 

The question of how to implement them in an otherworld story without generating a strong negative reaction is where an author’s skills are put to the test.

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to all the people who have helped bring this book to completion, and to all of you, the readers who have picked it up. 

I’ve finally managed to match the number of books I released through my previous publisher, and I believe I’ve even gone a bit beyond where I got there in terms of the story. 

For a time, I thought this work might end up going unfinished, but we’re regularly publishing new volumes. The credit for that goes not only to me as the author, but to you the readers, for refusing to abandon this work. 

I will do my utmost to make sure volume 4 is delivered to you as soon as possible, so please continue to support Record of Wortenia War! 

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