Wortenia Senki (LN) - Volume 4 - Chapter Aft

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I doubt there are many new readers left, but I’d like to greet everyone who picked up Record of Wortenia War with this volume. And to all returning readers from volumes 1-3, it’s a pleasure to see you again. 

This is Ryota Hori, the author. 

To those of you who start reading from the afterword, here’s a short explanation regarding volume 4’s content and why I chose to write it in this particular manner. Firstly, the basic concept was the climactic conclusion to Helena’s revenge. The moment the years-long grudge of a woman who had her family murdered finally reaches its breaking point. 

And in the meantime, our protagonist finally obtains his own territory. However, this land is rife with problems, making it something of an unorthodox case. In Record of Wortenia War , the protagonist is fundamentally strong, and so these kinds of limitations are necessary in order to keep the story balanced, but... 

At long last, the series is approaching the titular “Wortenia war,” and so this is something of a relief for me, as the author. Volume 4 is also where the series starts making large departures from the web novel. But if I could be allowed to make a few excuses, this entire plotline was supposed to show up around chapter 6 of the web novel. There was foreshadowing for it in previous volumes, so observant readers may have picked up on what’s to come. 

But in terms of the work’s chronology, I figured the preface would do for the time being and decided to move things along a little faster. 

Lastly, I would like to offer my utmost gratitude to everyone who helped in the publishing of this novel, as well as to all the readers that decided to pick it up. We are now well beyond the point the previous publication reached, and the sales haven’t diminished. 

Nowadays, we live in an age where they say books don’t sell. My fellow authors say that given the current state of the industry, this is quite an achievement, and as the author, I would very much like to see the series be successful. 

But, author’s wishes aside, all of this is only possible thanks to the readers’ passionate support. I will do my best to bring you the next volume as soon as possible, so do continue supporting Record of Wortenia War . 

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