Yama Rising - Chapter 1263

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The entire world’s resources were being dedicated to the construction of the eight space fortresses, and all of the precious materials of all nations had been made available for use to those projects. All of the scholars and skilled personnel across the world were also taking part in the projects, working on solutions to all of the difficult issues that would potentially arise along the way. The Cathayan Underworld and the new continent had also made all of their space exploration knowledge publicly available, and Mictlantecutli and Mictetikasiwa returned to their posts as rulers of the new continent. In the span of no more than two days, the entire world had been stirred up into a frenzy.

Never had this world ever been so united.

Far away in Antarctica, the Celtic Underworld and the Russian Underworld had already begun constructing the three major military bases there. Death Goddess Catherine had arrived in Antarctica in person to establish the defensive arrays and set up all of the defensive infrastructure, all of which referenced the most advanced blueprints that the four pillars had to offer. At the moment, not only were these blueprints accessible without patent fees, there was no transaction required to obtain them at all!

The four military bases spread throughout the Alkebulan Underworlds had also attracted countless skilled construction workers.

Around the world’s gate of the Australis Underworld, the Red Moon Federation, the Star Cluster Alliance, the Indonesian Underworld, the Maluku Islands, and the Atlantic island chain had all begun construction on small military bases. At the same time, the two major military bases in the Strait of Tsushima and the Indonesian Underworld had opened up.

From south to north, from east to west, countless major construction projects had commenced. At the same time, taxation rates were raised by 1%, but there were very few complaints from the Yin spirits.

Prior to the adjustment in taxation, the entire world had already published a 100-page document detailing all of the defensive construction projects that were set to begin. Furthermore, that was only an overall plan, and there was an even more in-depth document that spanned several hundred pages, detailing all of the exact projects to be undertaken in all of the alliances. With all of these massive projects going on at once, the netherworldly citizens of the underworld naturally had to make a contribution.

The times were rapidly changing, and there was no option other than to adapt with the ever-changing situation.

At a time like this, the entire world had to come together in a single, unified front as any internal conflict would lead to certain destruction.

The underworld had never been so harmonious and cohesive.

A week later, the Cathayan Underworld officially announced the opening of the nation and the withdrawal of the Array of the Nine Gods. In the blink of an eye, investments from the top 10 consortiums and all of the major corporations across the world came flying in. It was also on this day that all of the Cathayan Underworld’s 180 coastal ports, including the ones in the province of Nippon, were divided up into eight clusters of ports, and countless merchant ships traveling to Asia quickly flocked to those ports.

A year later, the top 10 consortiums and some of the wealthiest individuals announced the establishment of the Starfire Trust Fund, which offered low-interest loans to all military base construction projects across the world. At the same time, the top 10 consortiums announced that they would construct a military base in the Greenland Underworld, as well as participate fully in the space fortress development project.

Three years later, worldwide conscription commenced, and countless Yin spirits answered the call, thereby significantly strengthening the world’s military forces.

Time passed by one year after another, and the entire underworld was steadily preparing for the upcoming war. Countless conferences were being held every single day, and huge numbers of new weapons were being released each year. With the entire world working together, many difficult problems in the field of Yin runology that had stumped all researchers in the past had been overcome.

New Hell’s Legacy: During the 38th year of the third coming of Hell, Vice-president Li Chun of the Sword Coral Research Institute restored the siege weapon, the City Vanquishing Crossbow, and made improvements upon it.

New Hell’s Legacy: During the 42nd year of the third coming of Hell, President Lu Ban of the Yin Mountains Research Institute developed a brand new siege weapon, the Sunstrike Carriage, using the polymerization effect of Yin runes in the ninth circle, and its power is comparable with that of missiles of the mortal realm.

During that same year, President Aristotle of the Argosian Underworld’s round table used Yin runes in the ninth circle to develop a brand new defensive array, which was named Styx. The power of Styx is around 20% of that of the Array of the Nine Gods, and a joint decision was made by all of the leaders of the eight alliances to send out all death gods aside from ruler death gods to begin establishing Styx arrays on the planar wall right beneath Limbo.

The vast project was named the Heavenly Wall project, and it was estimated to take as long as 60 years to complete. However, not a single death god refused to accept the task.

Initially, everyone had been quite disgruntled by the abrupt stripping of their jurisdictive power, but the power of their nations was growing by the day with the influx of all types of knowledge, resources, and technologies from other nations. As a result, they had already cast aside their discontent.

In any case, there was no going back, so what was the point in fighting against the inevitable?

New Hell’s Legacy: During the 43rd year of the third coming of Hell, Archimedes and the round table joined the presidents of the Cathayan Underworld’s top two state-run research institutes to hold a five-year-long Yin runology seminar, during which they taught the entire world everything they knew. The seminar became a grand event of the scientific world that was later dubbed the World Technology Advancement Summit.

New Hell’s Legacy: During the 51st year of the third coming of Hell, the Celtic Underworld became the last underworld to successfully perform a Death God detonation. From that point onward, all of the underworlds had been equipped with Death Gods.

New Hell’s Legacy: During the 60th year of the third coming of Hell, the internet was finally developed, and the leaders of the eight alliances came together at the Mahabodhi Temple to announce this breakthrough. The 10 years after that were projected to be the beginning of the information, and internet technology disseminated across the world as quickly as possible.

At this point, the mortal realm had already developed 10G and was on the cusp of achieving brain controlled technology.

The unit of "G" described a type of flow rate and speed. The incredible thing about 5G wasn’t how fast its download speed was. Instead, what was remarkable was the degree of human-computer interaction that could be reached under a 5G environment.

An example of this was voice controlled cars.

Back in 2020, this was nothing more than a distant dream, but by 2025, when 5G had become available to the entire world, researchers were able to tap into the potential for this type of technology.

Another example was hologram technology, which was commonly deployed in gaming chambers and gaming helmets. The technology had been successfully developed during the 7G age in the mortal realm, and it had already become prevalent by the 8G age, but in the same time period, the underworld had only just developed internet technology.

In the past, suitable routes and materials had proven very difficult to find, and Yin energy had severely hampered the transmission of internet signals. However, this year, Bill Gates, who had already entered the underworld at this point, made another breakthrough, producing internet technology that was both cheap and practical after over 10 years of development.

New Hell’s Legacy: During the 61st year of the third coming of Hell, a worldwide internet network was constructed, and interactions between the mortal realm and the underworld reached a peak.

During the same year, the top 10 consortiums founded the Blue Star Corporation, which included the majority of network engineers, thereby forcibly seizing this lucrative sector from the jaws of the eight alliances.

With extremely alluring salaries and benefits on offer, the consortiums and wealthy individuals of the world were able to make their wealth talk. Hiring advertisements for the Blue Star Corporation were being broadcast day and night. So long as one could move, there was always a job that they could do in the Blue Star Corporation!

What was all of this manpower required for? It was for laying down networks and constructing base stations! Manpower was required for everything! There was a period of time where Qin Ye was even hoping that some major natural disasters would occur in the mortal realm to claim more lives, thereby providing the underworld with more labor resources.

That same year, the total number of Death Gods in the world reached 43, including those in the world’s gate.

New Hell’s Legacy: During the 60th year of the third coming of Hell, the entire underworld entered the information age. Even though the underworld was still lagging far behind the mortal realm, they needed time to digest this new technology. The mortal realm had already reached 11G, while the underworld had also reached 8G.

New Hell’s Legacy: During the 61st year of the third coming of Hell, the Cathayan Underworld successfully launched the first planar satellite by the name of Kuafu. The satellite orbited the underworld in the gap between the underworld and Limbo, and it was entirely constructed from the S-grade material, Fusang Wood. The entire satellite was engraved with special Yin runes from the 10th circle, and it brought satellite images of the plane to all of the underworld’s netherworldly citizens for the first time.

The following year, the four pillars launched several more planar satellites.

Two years later, all of the eight alliances had launched planar satellites of their own.

Five years later, a total of 23 planar satellites were orbiting the underworld.

The entire underworld was constantly and comprehensively displayed to all of the netherworldly citizens without any blind spots.

A special website by the name of Heavenly Eye was set up to complement these satellites by the eight alliances. Images of all parts of the underworld could be viewed at any time of the day, and this would ensure that the eight alliances would be able to constantly monitor every part of the world once the interplanar war commenced.

New Hell’s Legacy: During the 68th year of the third coming of Hell, the Cathayan Underworld’s Jade Rabbit was launched during a worldwide live stream, and the entire underworld celebrated the historic event.

This was a monumental moment that told everyone that they were capable of retaliation in the upcoming interplanar war. Furthermore, the front line was going to be moved out of the plane, so the underworld wouldn’t be ravaged by the war!

Of course, the Jade Rabbit alone wasn’t enough.

A month later, the new continent’s Tecutli and Tikasiwa were launched at once, and excitement and anticipation for the upcoming war reached a peak as a result.

A week later, the Starfire Trust Fund established the Airspace Corporation, which specialized in constructing space shuttles to be enclosed in space fortresses.

That same year, the total number of Death Gods in the underworld reached 53, including those in the world’s gate.

New Hell’s Legacy: During the 91st year of the third coming of Hell, abnormal phenomena were already beginning to take place in the world. Countless cloud vortexes had appeared in the sky, but there was nothing inside them. Even normal netherworldly citizens could sense a burst of unprecedentedly formidable Yin energy approaching from outside of the plane, and it was already very close.

Also during that same year, the armies of the eight alliances finally gathered in the Australis Underworld after 60 years of development.

The massive army filled the entire surface of the sea. Countless warships had gathered, and the Golden Fleet, and the Naga Fleet, and the enormous Kraken formed the centerpieces of this fearsome naval behemoth of 50 million troops!

At the moment, the underworld had a total of a billion troops, all of which were distributed across all of the major military bases, and this army of 50 million was specifically dedicated to reinforcing the world’s gate.

This place was definitely going to be the core of the underworld’s retaliation efforts.

Qin Ye was standing at the bow of the ship, and his robes were flapping incessantly amid the Yin wind. His gaze passed over the dark surface of the sea, looking out at the vast continent beyond.

It was the Australis Underworld.

The restrictions around the entire continent had already been removed, and Qin Ye could clearly see the tall world’s gate. It was like an eternal plaque that was grabbing everyone’s attention.

We’re finally here...

Qin Ye heaved an internal sigh as he looked up at the cloud vortexes in the sky, then at the black fortress up ahead, and countless emotions welled up in his heart.

In Clear Creek County, he met Granny Meng and obtained two fragments of King Yanluo’s Seal. At the time, he had been so frightened by Dong Zhuo’s forces that he had fled all the way to the City of Salvation, where he underwent an evolution.

There, he met the Harken, and thus began his journey to rebuild Hell. It was also there that he met Cao Youdao. So many things had happened there, and so many people had been encountered there.

At the City of Salvation, he became an Anitya Hellguards and attacked Reflection Palace. Thankfully, with the help of the Yang Clan’s warriors, he was somehow able to capture Reflection Palace, thereby establishing a foothold in the Cathayan Underworld.

From there onward, he was able to slowly develop his forces, opening up a pathway between the City of Salvation and Reflection Palace as he slowly accumulated power.

After that came the grand script of death in the Daehan Underworld and the Russian Underworld incident. Only after he met Zhao Yun, who devoured the soul of Genghis Khan by chance, did he dare to finally make himself known to the world.

Then came the conference in Nara, the energy resource race...

In the beginning, he had to cower and hide like a scurrying rat, but now, even though he had opened up the nation to the entire world, no one dared to plot against him.

He had truly become powerful and risen up as a force to be reckoned with.

Just like in the mortal realm, Cathay had started from the bottom before rising to the top, step by step. As the ruler of the Cathayan Underworld, he had led his nation from essentially nothing to a world-leading powerhouse, and he couldn’t not feel proud of himself.

Every night, when he looked at the thriving cities that he had created with his own hands, his heart would be filled with satisfaction.

Every conference, when he saw all of the death gods treating him with reverence and respect, he would be overcome by a sense of achievement.

He cast his gaze toward the sea, where four figures were approaching him, and they were led by none other than the second King Yanluo.

He was followed by a refined elderly man riding atop an ox. The man was wearing a Taoist robe, and he was stroking his own beard as he smiled at Qin Ye from afar. The Yin energy fluctuations he was giving off were extremely formidable, and Qin Ye could sense that this man was at the same cultivation rank as himself!

This man was one of the three saints, Lao Tzu, and just like Qin Ye, he was only half a step away from transcending beyond the Yama-King level.

Standing next to him was a middle-aged man in an azure robe. The middle-aged man also had a smile on his face, as well as a pair of eyes that looked as if they had seen everything there was to be seen in this world.

It was Mencius!

The man on the right was a bald figure wearing a white robe, and his disposition didn’t lose out at all compared with the two figures beside him.

It was Confucius!

This was a welcoming party comprised of the three saints, an honor that had been afforded to very few people in history.

Standing directly across from Qin Ye was the smiling second King Yanluo. To Qin Ye’s surprise, he wasn’t wearing his usual camouflage attire. Instead, he was wearing a golden dragon robe just like Qin Ye’s.

Qin Ye couldn’t repress the wide smile that soon appeared on his face.

He knew the second King Yanluo extremely well.

Even though he appeared to be quite calm and placid, he was an extremely proud character, so it was quite remarkable that he was willing to come out with the three saints to greet anyone.

With that in mind, he transformed into a gust of Yin wind and arrived in front of the three saints.

The three saints cupped their fists in respectful salutes as they extended slight bows. "We’ve heard much about you, Yanluo Qin, but it seems that even the great stories we’ve heard about you fail to do you justice. Please come with us, Yanluo Qin. As the commander of the reinforcement army, you deserve a welcome of the highest caliber. Once you step through the world’s gate, you will reach the site of the final showdown."

Qin Ye nodded in response. The four of them were all extremely powerful beings, and it didn’t take them long at all to arrive in front of the world’s gate.

"I truly didn’t think that you would be able to lead the Cathayan Underworld on such a meteoric resurgence in such a short period of time," Lao Tzu said. "We were already prepared for the possibility that the Cathayan Underworld wouldn’t be able to make it to the world’s gate, and the fact that you are acting as the commander of the reinforcements is a huge surprise to all of us."

Confucius smiled as he said, "We were all taken aback when we first learned that Granny Meng had chosen you. Of course, we could understand her decision. At the time, Hell was going to require a very long time to develop, so it made sense that she would choose someone who had consumed this Taisui fungus. However, what we failed to anticipate was that Hell would rise from the ashes again so soon. To think that in less than 100 years, you’ve already risen to a position where you’re leading the world’s army to this place."

"You may not be the founder of the Cathayan Underworld, but having recovered Mongolia and conquered the Nipponese Underworld, your achievements are no lesser than those of the first King Yanluo," Mencius chimed in. "It’s all thanks to your efforts that the Cathayan Underworld was able to continue its heritage and complete its resurgence."

The second King Yanluo gently cleared his throat in protest, but the three saints didn’t even take a single glance at him. "Now then, are you prepared for the final battle, Yanluo Qin?"

If they could overcome this hurdle, then they would be stepping into a brand new chapter of space exploration.

If they couldn’t overcome this obstacle, then the underworld would fall, and they would be eternally enslaved.

"Of course," Qin Ye said as a serious look appeared on his face. "I came here for the sole purpose of joining this war! This is a war that we have to win! Losing is not an option!"

"Good!" The four of them exchanged a smiling glance with one another, following which four bursts of Yin energy surged into the gate. Immediately thereafter, pillars of red light erupted out of the eyes of the lion’s head carved onto the gate, and a burst of violent rumbling rang out.

After waiting for several centuries, the world’s gate was finally opened again.

The gate slowly swung open to reveal the scene that laid beyond it, and Qin Ye’s robes were flapping wildly in the fierce wind as he narrowed his eyes slightly.

Come! This is our era! It’s time to overcome these challenges and create a glorious new era!

He turned around to take one final glance at the thousands of warships behind him, then turned back forward to face the horizon, where a brilliant future seemed to be beckoning to him.

He took a deep breath as a faint smile appeared on his face.

The end.

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