Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi (LN) - Volume 2 - Chapter Ep

Epilogue: Peddling Preparations 

“The preliminary arrangements are going smoothly,” Father said. “We just need a carriage and the permit. Then we could get going, I think. I’ve been making medicine with the shield skill, but if I’m going to do it without that, then I think I’ll need better tools too.” 
“If you use a skill, then nothing you make will have any personality, right?” I asked. “For making high-quality products, making them by scratch would be a superior choice, I say.” 
We discussed the peddling preparations in the pub after the Siltvelt emissary had left. 
“Was I selling anything else besides medicine?” Father asked. 
“You were. Food, if I’m not mistaken.” 
“Like meat? Vegetables? Preserved foods?” 
“In your village you had plants that grew unusually quickly,” I explained. 
“Wow. I guess there are plants that ripen more quickly in this world. Did I really have stuff like that?” 
“You used the ones from your very own garden.” 
“Do you happen to remember how I got my hands on those plants?” Father asked. 
“Hmmm. As to whether or not I have any idea, I do not know.” 
“Uh . . . so which is it?” 
Back in the first go-around, I had been deceived by the crimson swine and unable to accept that I had lost the battle against the Spirit Tortoise. Afterward, when I went wandering on my own, I was in a village in southwest Melromarc when I heard about how Father had solved an “agricultural disaster” caused by the spear hero—of course, me. In the online game I played, there was some quest about ending a drought, so there must have been some problem with what I had done to end the drought. Every time I had tried to do something in this world using my knowledge of the game I had played, it ended up backfiring. The power-up methods, the Spirit Tortoise, and pretty much everything else too. 
“It’s not that I don’t remember anything at all about it, but not quite enough to try to guess what had happened,” I told Father. 
“Got it. Well, if we have time, we could try to find out.” 
“I suppose so. I get the sense that you had told me in the first go-around that it was dangerous if you used the plants incorrectly.” 
“It doesn’t sound like we’ll be trying to grow them anytime soon.” 
“Fair enough. We need to guarantee we do it right, so let’s forget about the plants for now.” 
The more I thought about it, the more I had a fair idea of what had happened. But regardless, we didn’t have a place to grow plants. Once we got our hands on a secure location for agriculture, we could revisit the idea. 
“So you’re working on building up a supply of medicine to sell, correct?” I asked Father. I figured I could help out by thinking up a product that would be a surefire best-seller! “How about a food cart?” I suggested. “With your marvelous cooking skills, we’d rake in piles of cash, I say!” 
“Huh? My cooking?” Father frowned. “I’m not really confident about my cooking.” 
“Your cooking is exquisite! Peerless!” 
All of a sudden, Keel seemed interested in the conversation and said something to Father. 
“I’ll think about it,” Father said. “If I can increase the quality of products with my shield skill, then that’s not a bad move.” 
Whatever Father did was guaranteed to be a hit. Father seemed like he was enjoying the conversation. 
“It feels wrong, but this is starting to be a little fun,” he said, smiling softly. 
“I am overjoyed that you are having fun, Father,” I proclaimed. 
Father always had a rather sullen expression in the first go-around, I recalled. 
“Trying to figure out what to sell and how to sell it is fun,” he said. “In a game and in real life too.” 
“I know how you feel, Father.” I could remember well the feeling of launching new ventures with my pig companions. Father and I were enveloped in a similar atmosphere of excitement. 
“Once we finish figuring out what to do for peddling, what do you plan to do, Motoyasu?” Father asked. 
“Yuki will be ready to evolve into her angel form soon, so I’m going to buy some materials to make clothes for her, I say.” Previously I had ordered some materials from the monster trainer, if I wasn’t mistaken. So perhaps I’d do the same thing again. At this rate, Yuki would soon be walking around naked if I didn’t get her some clothes. 
“Making clothes?” Father asked. “You can do that? Impressive!” 
“It’s nothing compared to your cooking skills!” 
“I’m definitely not that good at cooking,” Father said. “Maybe we could sell the clothes you make.” 
“If you so desire it, Father. I’ll slay pigs and sew together their skins to make beautiful clothes!” 
“That’s not . . . quite . . .” Father frowned. “Anyways, let’s finish making our preparations.” 
“Naturally, I say!” 
Our arrangements proceeded smoothly and we prepared to start our peddling. 

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