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Chapter 5.1

Youkoso v1c5 part 1

Third period, history . Chiyabashira-sensei’s class . She walked in as the bell signaling the start of class rang . The student’s attitudes didn’t change, though .

“Everyone, be quiet— Today’s class will be more serious . ”

“What do you mean~ Sae-chan-sensei~”

She was already given a nickname by the class .

“It’s the end of the month . We will have a short test . Pass these to the back . ”

She handed out papers to the first row . Eventually, the test reached my desk . The test had several questions from each of the 5 major topics .

“Eh~ I didn’t hear anything~ . I don’t wanna take it~”

“Calm down . This test is only for future reference . It will not be reflected on your report card . There’s no risk, so be at ease . However, cheating is naturally prohibited . ”

There was a slightly strange phrase included in her words . Normally, grades are reflected only in the report card . However, Chiyabashira-sensei’s words are a bit different . It looks like she’s implying that these grades won’t be reported on our report card, but will be reported in some other way . Well… maybe I’m worrying too much . Since it won’t be included in the report card, there’s nothing to be cautious about . [1]

Once the test started, I looked through the questions . 20 questions, 4 per section, and 5 points per question for a total of a 100 points . However, the questions were extraordinarily easily, and so it felt anticlimactic .

The questions on this test are about 2 levels below the entrance exam questions . Everything here is too simple .

I thought that, but about 3 questions on the test were harder than the others . The last math problem probably can’t be solved without using complicated formulas .

“No… Why are these problems so hard…”

These are clearly not for first year high school students . The last three questions are of a different nature; it wouldn’t be surprising if they were put on by mistake .

Why are they measuring our ability with this test?

Well, I’ll just solve these problems the same way I did on the entrance exam .

Chiyabashira-sensei was monitoring the students as she walked around the classroom . I glanced at Horikita, watching her steadily fill in the answers to the questions . Looks like she’ll get perfect marks .

I kept looking at the test until the final bell sounded .  [2]

In this section, he recognizes that the teacher uses the particle には instead of に to say, “the test will not be reflected on your report card” . The usage of the には particle instead of the に particle indicates that whereas the test isn’t reflected on the report card, it might be included in some other record . The text is ambiguous as to whose test paper he actually keeps looking at .


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