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Chapter 7.3

Youkoso v1c7 part 3

iJust like that, it was after school. Horikita quickly left the classroom and returned to the dorms, like always. Time to put my plan to action. I have to get Kushida on board.

“Are you free?”

I called out to Kushida, who was preparing to go home. At the unexpected voice, she turned her head.

“It’s unusual for Ayanokouji-kun to talk to me. Do you need me to do something?”

“Yea. If it’s fine with you, I want to talk to you outside.”

“I’m going to go hang out with my friends, so I don’t have much time but… sure.”

Without any negative feelings, she followed me with a smile.

Arriving at a corner of a hallway, Kushida waited for me to talk.

“Congratulations, Kushida. You have been selected as an ambassador. Please provide your assistance for the good of the class.”

“E-eto? Sorry, what do you mean?”

I explained to her about the study group we wanted to make to help Sudou.

Of course, I also mentioned the fact that Horikita would be teaching.

“I was thinking you could use this study group to get closer to Horikita.”

“I want to get closer to her… but I’m not worrying about that right now, you know? After all, it’s natural to help out a friend. So I’ll help.”

This girl, she’s too nice… It looks like she wanted to prevent Ike, Sudou, and the others from being expelled.

“Are you really ok with it? If you don’t want to, I don’t want to force you.”

“Ah, sorry. I didn’t pause because I don’t want to help. Rather… I was happy.”

Kushida leaned against the wall and lightly kicked the hallway.

“It’s cruel to kick people out because of bad grades. After everyone became friends at great pains, isn’t it sad that we have to say goodbye? When Hirata-kun decided to start a study group, I felt great admiration. But Horikita-san has been observing her surroundings better than I have. She saw Sudou-kun and his friends, after all. It looks like Horikita-san is starting to see the class as her friends. I’ll do anything to help everyone!”

Holding my hand, Kushida sent me smile. Uwa, she’s way too cute!

But it’s not a situation where I should be happy. Trying to look normal, I pretend to be calm.

“Then, I will rely on you. You are a very big help.”

There’s no one that wouldn’t fall for her after seeing her smile.

“Oh, but can I also ask for a favor? I want to participate in the study group too.”

“Ha? You really want to?”

“Un. I also want to study together with everyone.”

Everything worked out as I wanted it to. If Kushida’s there, the study group would probably be comforted by her presence. However, since Kushida has good grades, she has no reason to be there.

“Well then, when do we start?”

“Planning on starting tomorrow, more or less.”

I added “Horikita is, at least” in my minded.

“Is that so? Then I guess I have to talk to everyone by the end of today. I’ll contact you later, ok?”

“Oh, should I tell you the contact addresses of Sudou and the others?”

“It’s ok~. I already have their contacts. The only ones I don’t have are Horikita-san’s and your contact address…”

I didn’t know that… I mean the second part.

“Are you two already dating?”

“W-where’d that question come from. Horikita and I are friends… no, just neighbors.”

“It’s become a big rumor among the girls, you know? Horikita’s always alone, right? But only Ayanokouji-kun gets along with her. You two also eat together, after all.”

Umu, so the girls that saw us together have started rumors about us, I see.

“It’s too bad, but that kind of sweet story between me and Horikita doesn’t exist.”

“Then there’s no problem, right? Please exchange contact addresses with me.”


With that, I got the contact address of another girl.


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