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Part 4 
On the way from the corridor to the entrance. 
The person who greeted me as I was looking at the black screen before the phone turned on was a student of Class 2-B, Ishizaki Daichi, who had a smile floating on his face. Did he encounter some good news? 
“I contacted you through your cell phone, but there was no response, so I came straight to you. 
“Sorry about that, my phone happened to run out of battery.” 
“Forget it, it’s fine, just do me a favour and give me some time, alright?” 
“Is that supposed to be a threat?” 
“Wha, that’s an interesting joke. Does a guy who can intimidate you really exist in this school?” 
Ishizaki responded to my joke with his own. 
“Are you busy after this?” 
“No, I’m just about to go back.” 
“Really? Then there’s no problem. Come.” 
With a smile that didn’t give me any chance to speak, Ishizaki beckoned with his hand and strode forward. 
If I watched him go like this, I’d lose track of him in the blink of an eye. 
If he were going to make trouble here, it would only attract everyone’s attention. 
Since I had time, I decided to follow Ishizaki from behind. 
But as I turned around the corner, a big wall that shouldn’t have been here appeared suddenly before my eyes. 
No, it wasn’t a wall. It was Ishizaki’s classmate, Yamada Albert. 
He was wearing sunglasses, and he put his right hand, which had an air of intimidation about it, on my shoulder. 
“… Hey.” 
I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, so I just answered him with the same word. What on earth just happened? 
The intimidation which I thought was a joke actually had a touch of reality in it. 
“Hi, Ayanokouji-kun.” 
Next to the wall-sized Albert, the figure of Hiyori appeared. 
“What a rare combination.” 
“Maybe so.” 
I thought Ryuuen would be here too, but that didn’t seem to be the case. 
“What are you doing here, let’s go.” 
“Go? Go where?” 
“Well…yeah, I haven’t thought about that yet.” 
Ishizaki rubbed his left index finger under his nose, laughing sheepishly. 
“I have a bad feeling about this, so could you let me go?” 
I felt like the developments here wouldn’t be any good, so I asked to leave. 
“You’re free, right? I won’t let you go back.” 
“Won’t let me go back… what are you doing?” 

Albert, who was standing behind me, grabbed me with his immense strength, and wrung me firmly. Then, Hiyori also pulled my arm into her chest. Together the two of them captured me. 
“Sorry, Ayanokouji-kun, but you can’t run away.” 
In the end, this could totally be called intimidation. 
…Could this kind of joke stop before it went too far? 
Anyway, it looked like these three were going to take me away from here. 
“We stand out here a lot. We should move, Ishizaki-kun?” 
“Yeah. So, where to?” 
“Hmm, then… how about Ishizaki-kun’s room?” 
Hiyori suggested casually. 
“Huh? My….my room? No, no, that’s a bit…! Never, never!” 
When Ishizaki heard that his room had been suggested, he refused, flustered. 
“What’s wrong? Are there any inconveniences?” 
“That, that’s because, there are various reasons. Even if you asked me, you said that so out of the blue…” 
“We wouldn’t mind if your room is a bit messy, right?” 
Albert, who was asked for his consent, turned his face. 
…Japanese, isn’t it good that he understood? 
He surely needed to use it in exams and lessons, but I wanted to hear him speak Japanese once. 
“Yeah, yeah. Not just a little bit, it’s extremely messy! There’s nowhere to put your foot! Aiya, what a huge shame!” 
“Don’t worry. If you need it, I’ll help you clean up.” 
“Nononono! Tissues and stuff, I can’t let a girl clean them up!” 
He couldn’t help but blurt out those messy things. 
“Tissues…? What does that mean?” 
Hiyori tilted her head incredulously. What was that all about? 
“Anyway my room is a bit…! Yes, that’s right, let’s go to Albert’s room!” 
Ishizaki changed the topic in a panic. 
“Right, isn’t Albert’s room great? Right? Right?” 
Ishizaki suggested, as if he was running away from something. 
So he understood Japanese, after all. Albert showed his agreement with a brief response. 
After that, he started moving while carrying me. 
“But…Am I going to just be carried away like this?” 
“It’s okay. Yamada-kun is very strong.” 
No, that wasn’t the problem. 
It just felt like we’ve become unusually conspicuous. 
“No problem. In a way, it’s also a kind of dissemination.” 
After saying that, Hiyori, gently smiling, as usual, walked over like a leader. 
“I see, as expected of Shiina! Great idea, great idea!” 
What did you want to do by taking me away? 
With that question in mind, I was taken to the dormitory.


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