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Horikita Suzune SS: A Brief Farewell 

“Well then, I’ll be leaving.” 

I told Ayanokouji-kun as I began to take my leave, while adjusting my hat which shielded me from the sun. 

It seems he would be staying at the starting line since he just saw me off. 

I had to perform well as someone who was going solo these next two weeks. 

The same could be said about Ayanokouji-kun, but I probably didn’t need to worry about him. 

“…no need to worry, huh?” 

Without even realising, my thought patterns had inadvertently settled on this option 

As soon as I had heard the rules for this special exam, I had immediately realised just how difficult it would be to fight solo. 

For him though, there weren’t any reasons for concern 

I took a swift glance at him. 

He was still watching me with a slightly puzzled expression on his face 

After watching him score the highest possible marks in that math test and how he had handled Housen, I had realised he was much more than he let on. Was that why? 

It was probably a factor, but that wasn’t the complete story by far 

That’s because I’ve been watching him from up close this entire year. More than anyone else. 

He never panicked and remained calm no matter what. He was a person who would always find the right answer and win regardless of the situation he was in. . 

He had flaws obviously. He couldn’t achieve certain goals without revealing some extent of his true abilities. Not to mention, he wasn’t particularly good at communicating either. 

But he would shield those weaknesses by using others. 

I stopped looking back and took a strong step forward 

A new invisible feeling was growing. 

It probably wasn’t ‘jealousy’ nor was it ‘admiration’. 

I wanted to become someone who could stand shoulder to shoulder with him, I believe. Probably. 

But his style was fundamentally different from mine. 

Even if I tried to mimic him, it wouldn’t do me any good. 

I wanted to become someone who could cover his back, a partner he could rely on… 

“As if… I guess that wasn’t like me.” 

I had somehow just ended up thinking that way. 

“First priority is to fight in the best way only I knew possible” 

That’s because the battle on this uninhabited island was by no means going to be easy. 


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