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The area around the boundary between 12 and 13 was a rocky place. There were

some thickets taller than my knee.

“Guess I’ll do it here.”

I brought down the backpack I was carrying and hid it in a thicket.

As long as I don’t know what lies ahead, the luggage on my back would just be a nuisance. I decided to include my tablet and everything in it. If I am to return to the seashore then I should be able to come back to this rocky place without getting lost.

The place Ichinose mentioned that Tsukishiro was preparing to make me disappear in, huh.

Those with my same table were probably directed to go to a completely different area. Using up 1 point for a GPS search to verify that right now is something I want to avoid.

Besides, when I learned that Ichinose was involved, I lost the choice to not come here. If I did that, Tsukishiro wouldn’t go easy on Ichinose’s class. It’s to an extent where I can’t read how far he would go as revenge.

It was the time when I finished my preparations and started walking towards 12.

“Yo Ayanokouji. What a coincidence.”

Nagumo held his tablet and looked my way as if he was seeing something deeply interesting.

Seeing that this is where I have been placed, anyone else being around this area was unnatural.

Could it be that aside from the prize money, this man was also involved with Tsukishiro?

No, for Tsukishiro carrying a title like Student Council President wouldn't hold much meaning.

Him being here doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s connected to him, but I should be careful.

“Why is Student Council President Nagumo in a place like this?”

Even after a short scan of the surroundings, I didn’t see a single person who seemed to be part of Nagumo’s group.

“Don’t worry. Right now only you and I are in this place.”

Maybe he even used a GPS search. Nagumo said that and tried to clear up my caution.

“There are no tasks to be found here, but where did you come from?”

The direction Nagumo appeard from was southeast.

“I was playing on the beaches at 14. The uninhabited island activity is almost done after all.”

To think that he was playing while almost all of the students were collecting points in a frenzy on this final day.

“Is this the king’s leeway?”

Without answering the question, Nagumo laughed.

“Even if that were the case, I’m saying that line back at you. Why did you come to this place with no tasks or designations? Did you meet Honami?”

Her name coming out here isn’t something to be surprised about. Even if he didn't see her directly, her proximity would be obvious if he had used a GPS search.

“Is it a problem if I did?”

“No? There’s a lot of things I should say about you two being together even at a time like this, but right now you’re here alone. In other words, you were looking for something else. What’s there to see in 12?”

Just when I decided to answer his question, Nagumo continued by changing the subject.

“The exam is done isn’t it? I just thought that I would let you know. There’s not many places in the school where I, the Student Council President, can talk with you alone after all.”

“That is indeed true.”

I was just a simple student avoiding others.

The other party was the Student Council President, intimidating enough to make a crying child stop crying. There was a mismatch.

But it’s unthinkable that he would carry his feet all the way here just for small talk.

“It seems you know that the 1st years attacked me.”

“Looks like I was right on the money.”

If someone had me expelled they would be given 20,000,000 points.

Though Tsukishiro is the ringleader, Nagumo’s involvement in it is an unmistakable fact.

Depending on what kind of man Nagumo is, it wouldn’t be strange for him to regularly use a GPS search in order to monitor the situation.

If one were to see my movements along with the 1st years yesterday, an attack would have been evident.

On the same level as me, no, Nagumo was monitoring the whole special exam situation on a level above me.

Him appearing so easily here meant nothing but him getting a grasp on my actions.

“Don’t think ill of me because of the prize money okay? It wasn’t my idea in the first place.”

“It was Acting Director Tsukishiro’s right?”

“If you understand that much then this discussion won’t take long. All of the money would originate from Acting Director Tsukishiro. I just lent him my

name as the Student Council President.”

Whether or not he really felt that way, if he was directed to do so from the Acting Director, even Nagumo wouldn’t be able to go against him.

“I understand that you’ve accepted his instructions as the Acting Director.

But if it were the Student Council President Nagumo that I knew, he might’ve rejected it, I thought.”

“When he told me about the prize money, if it were anyone but you I probably wouldn’t have accepted it. But the one he named was none other than you. The only man who won Horikita-senpai over.”

As I thought, Nagumo was looking through me at Horikita Manabu who was behind me.

“Answer, Ayanokouji. What do you intend to do past this point?”

Him being concerned about someone as insignificant as me was simple.

But Nagumo wouldn’t have been pulled along by such a thing.

I want to treasure the time I have as long as I don’t know what awaits me ahead.

“It has nothing to do with you President Nagumo. Shouldn’t you be concentrating on the end of the special exam without paying attention to me?

Kouenji should be closing in on you. If you don’t return, you will also miss out on arrival rewards. You also won’t be able to participate in any tasks.”

The situation could still be turned around.

“Don’t mind that. In this final day, I have perfectly suppressed Kouenji.”

Saying that, Nagumo took out a transceiver from his pocket.

Even if he were separate it would be enough as long as he could give instructions, is what he was saying.

“I’m concerned about what you might’ve come here to do, but if you won’t answer then I’ll change the question. Just try showing me whether or not you have the power Horikita-senpai pinned his hopes on. Your true self.”

Was that the biggest reason he came here?

“Could it be that you’re telling me to clash fists with the President here?”

“I wouldn’t mind clashing fists, but I personally prefer more proper ways to fight. After this uninhabited island exam ends, there should be opportunities to fight regardless of our years. So I will be your opponent there.”

A direct invitation from the Student Council President.

“You understand from this uninhabited island exam right? A fight between the President and I wouldn’t be settled.”

Presently Nagumo took 1st place and 2nd in this exam. He had been

preserving them until now.

With Kouenji there’s still a chance to turn it around, but it would definitely

be a hard fight nonetheless.

“You are one. We are seven. It would be stranger if it were settled.”

“Your fight with Kouenji would be settled wouldn’t it? Though he’s a weird guy he definitely strong. Compared to that I haven’t entered the top 10 even once.”

If he wanted a strong enemy I pointed him to Kouenji.

“Well, he is indeed above my expectations. He is, after all, the only one who made me attack him in this test.”

Even while acknowledging Kouenji in some places, he shrugged his shoulders as if he was astonished.

The fact that Nagumo has a transceiver on him signals his attack on Kouenji right now.

“Using all of the 3rd years to deprive him of arrival rewards and monopolize tasks is a feat only the President could pull off after all.”

Different from the 1st and 2nd year students, almost all of the 3rd years are under Nagumo’s rule.

If he thought to suppress Kouenji, he would be able to if he mobilized all of the 3rd years.

No matter how strong and fast he is or how good he is at tasks, it would be useless.

Groups from all over would cut him off at the root.

In effect the only points Kouenji would be able to gain would be arrival bonuses from simple movements.

While that happens the gap between him and Nagumo would continue growing.

“Sure enough you’ve seen through that much huh. When did you notice?”

“I thought it was suspicious around the time of the beach flags. Vice president Kiriyama was deliberately making time for something. I thought it was reserved for the Student Councli President.”

But since I arrived before him, they had no choice but fill up that last entry.

Nagumo was leisurely playing while waiting for Kiriyama’s task to finish.

“I thought Vice President Kiriyama was just opposing me, but it seems that’s somehow not the case.”

“For the sake of graduating from A class, that guy is joining hands with me even though he hates me.”

“Which means that aside of that abnormal Kouenji, a regular students wouldn’t raise a hand nor a foot against you.”

In reply to my answer, Nagumo laughed as if he found something funny.

“That’s not what you really think right? You don’t think that I’m an amazing human being at all.”


I tried to deny it, but Nagumo stopped me with his hand.

“You’re probably thinking that I’m only winning by using all the 3rd years for labor, but that’s not true. I will now show you my supernatural power.”

“Supernatural power, is it.”

“I will tell you your group’s ranking at the end of the 12th day.”

The only publicized rankings were the top and bottom 10. Removing those

20 groups from the whole 157 groups, that leaves 137. Of course the only one

who knows my exact ranking is me.

Before the date changed, my last ranking was 16th place.

“Your ranking was... 11th place right?”

Nagumo said that so confidently yet he was slightly off the mark.

But I can’t laugh about him being wrong. At the 12th day I repeatedly used GPS searches in response to the 1st years’ attack. If I hadn’t spent those extra points, I would have actually been at 11th place.

To grasp the rankings of all the groups is impossible considering the rules.

In other words, what Nagumo said has a suitable basis to it.

“Was I a bit off? But you are about 15th or 16th place right?”

“That’s right. I’m impressed at your accuracy.”

When I honestly acknowledged it, Nagumo quietly accepted that fact with an I know right.

“I was just messing around when I said supernatural powers, but if you were really an elite who was hiding his true power, there would’ve been no ranking for you to take but that.”

It seems that the man named Nagumo had always been more excellent than I had thought.

“In order to not stand out you would take a ranking a bit below the top 10, constantly at a position removed from the higher ranks right? If you had collided with me or Kouenji and your rank dropped, you would have been able to climb back up.”

I had been moving with the intention to not stand out and hide myself until the end of the 12th day.

The top ranks would get tired and slow in their accumulation of points at the last day. Depending on the situation, I had prepared to be able to pile up points in one breath and aim for the winners’ podium. No, I had intended to prepare.

“Have you noticed? That it’s been impossible from the beginning.”

From the beginning Nagumo was making sure that the plan I had made would have been ineffective.

“The 10th place has always been the 3rd year Kuronaga you know? I asked him to guard the top 10. To suppress the people who would’ve tried to save up points where we couldn’t see and reverse the situation.”

In trying to get enough points to open up the 10th and 9th places, I was having a hard time day in and day out.

That was also part of Nagumo’s plan.

Forcefully eliminate the enemies they couldn’t see and choke out only the enemies they could see.

“I’ve always been doubtful of whether or not you were actually strong, but with this it’s obvious. You have gained the right to be crushed by me. Rejoice.”

“Was the Student Council President going out of his way to take command in fighting Kouenji on the last day also part of your plan?”

“When I thought of how many points I wanted to save, it would’ve been 400 or 500 points. But that carries somewhat of a problem. Besides, that wouldn’t be interesting wouldn’t it? I thought I would give the 2nd and 1st year students hope that they could win. Besides, if I had lost in a close fight, I might’ve had to see that Kouenji’s annoying face.”

As the strongest group, Nagumo was fighting along these past 2 weeks with composure.

And then he would sink Kouenji on the last day and show off his presence as the 1st place.

If Nagumo got serious, he could know the points of all of the groups he was paying attention to. He would’ve been able to know about the arrival rewards they’d gotten and the results of tasks they had participated in through the GPS search and his comrades’ eyes. Even now on the final day, when points were unclear, there’s no mistaking that Nagumo accurately grasped how many points Kouenji was holding.

Which means he could stage a dramatic victory with a 1 -point difference.

“Well, I don’t care about Kouenji anymore. I care about what I’ll do in this school in the end. That’s knocking you down, Ayanokouji.”

Nagumo, who was always chasing the shadow of Horikita Manabu, was now trying to see him in me.

He probably wants to settle this completely with no stones left unturned.

“It’s a shame, but the leader of class 2-D is Horikita. Assuming that there will be a special exam where we fight with 3rd years, I will not fight with President Nagumo.”

“So I have no choice but to pull you into the front stage then? Along with the prize money.”

He’s not adverse to making absolutely everything about that matter clear as day huh.

“I’m sorry but I will be hurrying on ahead. Please continue this talk next time.”

“Do you think I will let you go so easily? I don’t intend to let you go until we duke it out you know?”

As if he intended to come to me, Nagumo comes forth.

If something is awaiting me ahead, Nagumo would be involved. The enemy is Tsukishiro. The worst case scenario, Nagumo, with the rights of his name,

making me lose everything I had built up and forcing me into expulsion, is possible.

Even if I try to persuade him with words, he wouldn’t answer in kind. Of course, I can’t lie and promise him something in the future either.

I stopped my feet and turned around a little bit.

“So you wanna fight me—”

As he misunderstood and livened up, I pressed his stomach with power and without warning.

He probably didn’t expect to be attacked by his underclassman. Without any resistance, Nagumo fell to the ground on his ass. The tablet he was carrying and the transceiver in his pocket spilled over.


It looked like he didn’t understand that something had happened to his own body.

Before his understanding catches up, I’ll do what’s necessary.

“Student Council President Nagumo. I still have a high opinion of you. With power different from Student Council President Horikita, you stood splendidly at the top of this school. Practically speaking, in this special exam you didn’t just keep a high rank with room to spare. Even if I said that you were completely in control, it wouldn’t be exaggerated.”

He was still quiet. Before he felt anger I continued speaking.

“It’s just that there are places you shouldn’t set foot in. Please withdraw from here.”

“Ha... don’t mess around with me Ayanokouji. Are you giving me an order?”

“Precisely, because you are an upperclassman I should respect, I don’t intend to go easy on you here.”

“Ah? What kind of bigshot are you?”

I prepared all the killing intent I had and looked Nagumo in the eye.


“Do you not understand that I told you to withdraw?”

As if to avoid acknowledging that fear was instilled in him, Nagumo stood up with power.

“That’s enough. No one has fucked with me this much. You’re the first, Ayanokouji...”

At that time, a transmission started in the transceiver that had fallen by Nagumo’s side.

“It went well Nagumo, with this Kouenji has been blocked from his 3rd consecutive task. Please give the next orders.”

The voice of some joyful 3rd year could be heard.

It seems that their plan to suppress Kouenji was coming along well.

Without making to answer that voice at all, Nagumo glared at me.

“Oy Nagumo, if you don’t give orders our company won’t be able to move.

Don’t we have to keep attacking Kouenji until the test ends in order for him to fall to 2nd place for sure?”

“Is it okay for you not to answer?”

Even from the conversation I could hear, I could tell that this was important for Nagumo.

Nagumo silently took the transceiver and offed the battery with the knob.

“The important thing for me isn’t Kouenji.”

Without even trying to pick up soil, Nagumo approached me.

“It’s to fight you until you can no longer stand at all. That’s my last assignment as the President.”

Pride, was it? He stirred himself up as the President and shook off his intimidation.


Without hesitation I drove a fist into Nagumo’s solar plexus.

“A, yano...ko!”

Not being able to breathe for an instant, Nagumo temporarily lost consciousness and collapsed.

I caught him and put him at a hidden spot, leaning against a tree.

There shouldn’t be anyone here except people who imprudently don’t listen.

As if it detected something abnormal, Nagumo’s wristwatch rang an alert which echoed on for 5 seconds.

It will likely take longer for him to wake up. 20 or 30 minutes.

Anyway, Nagumo can no longer involve himself with what will happen here. Though of course, I won’t be able to avoid problems arising from this after this uninhabited island test ends. Even that is a small thing right now.

Because if I don’t settle my problem with Tsukishiro as I should, the padi ahead will not open.


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