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I crossed the boundary line and arrived in 12, but no signal came from my wristwatch.

I normally would have thought that this might be a calculation error from my GPS, but this time that doesn’t seem likely.

If that were the case then in order to compensate for the calculation error from the wristwatch, I would need to go to the very center of the area. Of course, in these past 2 weeks that sort of thing hasn’t happened even once. Because 12’s center area is at the tip of the island, I’ll have to go there anyway. Had Ichinose not come to me, I would have been made to step foot in here without knowing anything.

I slowly walked along an unescapable path.

Before I had walked for 10 minutes, a deep forest had gradually sucked out the light, and before me I was able to confirm the blue sky and sea stretching out.

Even after coming here my wristwatch hasn’t had any reaction at all.

Instead, I saw two adults standing on a small beach in front of me.

One of them was someone I remembered well, Acting Director Tsukishiro.

He seemed like something of a judge.

And the other one was the homeroom teacher of 1 -D, Shiba-sensei.

It was a bizarre pair, but it looks like that’s somehow how it is.

“You’ve adopted quite a forceful method, Acting Director Tsukishiro.”

While I was walking, that voice rang out.

“Nothing at all had been working you see. This is a choice I can barely afford to make.”

I once again looked back on the 14 days of this special test. Tsukishiro luring me to 12 as a final trap had become obvious.

But it’s not as if I didn’t fall for it at all.

In this northeastern vicinity, there are no designated areas or tasks so no other students should come. But at the same time, I could have ignored my designated area and aimed to complete tasks. Or I could have moved with someone like Nanase who had the same table as me.

Tsukishiro setting up a final stage here then leaving it to chance is unlikely.

That means that since yesterday, me coming here was ||decided.||

Nanase losing to me then moving separately after that. Choosing to move alone in order to hide myself around 11th place to aim for the higher ranks.

Even the timing of the 1st years’ attack.

It wouldn’t be mistaken to see it all as Tsukishiro’s plan from the start.

“So then what will happen to me after this?”

A small ship at the edge of my vision was anchored with its engine running, swayed by the waves.

In other words they had prepared to leave at any time.

“If possible I would like you to follow our directions and board this ship with us.”

“We could settle this peacefully as Ayanokouji Kiyotaka’s voluntary retirement.” Shiba-sensei added that.

“Do you think I will obediently choose to come onto that boat?”

“Indeed. Were you obedient, there would’ve been no need to go out of our way to this uninhabited island.”

“Anyway, it’s not like Shiba-sensei had any ties to this school. So he was one of your people, Acting Director Tsukishiro.”

Him having had no prior contact with this school could also mean that he was assigned to monitor Amasawa-san. It seemed that there was no more need for that and he no longer felt like hiding it.

I would probably look suspicious being in the northeast where nothing was, but Ichinose and Nagumo were also here. If they were to function as camouflage then they were functioning well.

No, regardless, it would be good to take this as the one monitoring us having been on Tsukishiro’s side anyway.

But I can’t see any visible danger from him.

“It would have been easy to suppress you here had we used any weapons, but unfortunately you are a commodity. It is my duty to recover you safely, so -I have judged that I need to use my fists.”

Tsukishiro stood on a sandy beach and laughed invincibly while easily raising his hands.

Here in my last moment, I had to clash fists with Tsukishiro.

He’s not Nanase. I definitely can’t just keep dodging his attacks, and it probably wouldn’t work.

“You mean I have to accept in order to avoid expulsion.”

“That’s how it is.”

“If possible could you please pardon me? I won’t say that settling things through violence is bad, but I am a student of this school. Based on normal rules this would be a ||violation.||

“That may be the case. However Ayanokouji-kun, even within the White Room you are a model with especially good results. If everyone had to fight you within rules then no one would be your enemy right? Don’t you think that competing with other people in this school is foolish? Or are you delighted at feeling like the King of the Mountain?”

“If that were true, then it would be a betrayal to that man’s hopes... no, a degeneration wouldn’t it?”

“No no, that’s not true. The White Room’s dearest wish is to control Japan, and even the whole world. If you, a success, felt that way, then in the future how much more delighted would you feel from controlling the world?”

From a small school in Japan, the conversation suddenly changed to world domination.

No matter who heard such a fantasy, they would only laugh in contempt.

Tsukishiro before my eyes probably doubts how realistic that is himself.

He’s just following orders and plainly carrying out his duties.

“Well, if I were to say what I really think, I didn’t believe this school was so significant.”

“That’s true. For you this school is only past the level of toddlers.”

“I’m only talking about the curriculum. I can finally see the direction of the things I should do and want to do in this school. I think I’ll enjoy myself plenty until I graduate. Besides, there are many excellent people outside the White Room.”

Rather than that, this place was a treasury of human resources the White Room could never bring forth.

“I don’t mean to put down any students from the Advanced Nurturing High School. Those with surpassing excellence you talk about can usually be found all throughout the world. Sometimes there are those who surpass you in sports or academics. However the important ones aren’t those, but the ones who bring out excellent results from every situation and are able to lead many people.”

Acting Director Tsukishiro quickly turned his eyes to Shiba-sensei.

“How is Nagumo-kun and Ichinose-san?”

“I believe Nagumo-kun has stopped moving and Ichinose-san is already far away.”

Me stopping Nagumo and Ichinose was of course, also part of his calculations.

“Then as for the unexpected presence, it seems that Amasawa-san has stopped their movements.”

Unexpected presence? There are neither tasks nor designations here.

Someone was coming here aside of Ichinose and Nagumo?

If an unrelated student could appear in this place, it would be an inconvenience for Tsukishiro.

It seems that irregular was stopped by Amasawa-san.

“Which means she has stopped using her courtesy.”

“It didn’t seem to me like you and Amasawa-san were aligned though.”

“To put it simply she’s a IT traitor J Though she was the person selected to return you it seems she had no intention of doing so from the start.”

As if to say that the pointless talks were over, Tsukishiro took a step forward.

It wasn’t my plan to let time waste either.

We both approached each other little by little.

Then the remaining distance between us was 5 or 6 meters.

So that I wouldn’t be able to escape, Shiba-sensei slowly goes behind me.

“You won’t say that 2-on-l is unfair, won’t you? Even if it’s temporary you are the White Room’s Magnum Opus. I am even feeling a little nervous.”

Though he said that, Tsukishiro had overwhelming leeway.

I intuited that though he could have fought me well 1-on-l, he chose to fight me 2-on-1.

Without an inch of pride, he took a solid form.

I move my line of sight and face it towards the boat at the shore.

There was only one sailor watching us; the pilot.

In other words even if he came running, I only had to take care of 3 enemies.

“Don’t worry. The ones to fight you will just be me and him.”

The opponent isn’t simple enough that I could accept his words without question.

With what he said earlier, though he’s empty-handed I can’t throw away the possibility that he may be hiding a weapon.

It wasn’t just an adult holding an unknown power. Two agents were circling me with the possibility of having weapons and reinforcements. I was going to fight looking out for other variables than that.

Ordinarily this multitasking should have seared itself into the brain, but I had no disorder in my mind.

Unreasonable and disadvantaged fights have been repeatedly thrusted upon me since I was a small child.

It was as necessary and normal as a human being needing to breathe in order to stay alive.

“You don’t think you’ll lose at all. That is what your face is saying.”

“Is that what it looks like to you?”

A visible result is nowhere to be seen.

I’ll have to seize the future or else it won’t open.

Surrounding me from behind and from the front, my opponents were still observing me.

Usually I would want to take first blood and strike first, but it’s not a good plan for me to start.

The ones at my front and back aren’t students but people from the school.

If only I raise my hand against them, I would be disadvantaged outside of this fight.

“Even though you know it’d be more effective, sure enough you’re not making the first move. That’s just like you.”

Tsukishiro, knowing a little bit about the education direction of the White Room, analyzes.

“Well then - without reservation, let’s start, Shiba-sensei.”

At the same time he called his name, the two adults started walking towards me in sync.

Calmly and quietly, as they advanced like Shogi pieces in an endgame, the distance between us shrunk.

Shiba-sensei erased his presence and foosteps from behind me at the same time.

The distance towards Tsukishiro in front of me was now 7 steps, 6 steps, 5 steps, 4 steps-.

I avoided both of Shiba-sensei’s hands that had tried to grab my face from my back by crouching slightly.

As I thought the first strike would be from the back.

While I was dodging that, from my front Tsukishiro extended his arms and tried to catch me in the same way as Shiba-sensei. I dodged that with a roll on the beach, got up and ran at the same time and escaped their pursuit.

A sea breeze blew as a cloud of sand danced. The two adults didn’t hurry to pursue me, but quietly looked here.

The opponents were also observing me.

They had no data. They were trying to measure my ability through my moves.

My foot sank into the sand. If this was how it was going to be maybe I should have thrown away my shoes in advance.

Below the sun hotly shining down them, the two once again started walking to close the distance.

Facing my face and body towards them, I moved backwards only as much as they moved forward. I faced my back to the sea, escaped and preserved a footing away from the soft sand and avoided being surrounded at the same time.

“There’s a theory but it’s doubtful if this could be called the correct answer, Ayanokouji-kun.”

They could no longer take my back, but instead my escape route narrowed.

I was at a position where if I descended any further, my feet would be touched by the waves. Tsukishiro and Shiba closed in on that position.

Sure enough, their extended arms were trying to catch me.

It seems that they still don’t have any intention to damage me with strikes.

“Your escape was done skillfully.”

Both of them quickened their pace. The gap through which I could escape was being stolen.

I put down one foot until it almost touched the water and ran without waiting.

“Oh? Have you given up on trying to protect your back with the sea?”

If the opponent was confused then I could also slip through easily.

While I was thinking such a thing Shiba and Tsukishiro kicked the sand and approached me.

2-on-l. If I’m caught by either of them it’s game over at that instant.

Four arms continue to take turns reaching for me. If I show a slight gap it’ll be finished.

I ran and tried to take distance, but without lagging behind the both of them started to chase me.

If I keep on escaping at a place like this it’ll just keep whittling down on my stamina.

It’s obvious that they were aiming to tire me out with heat and place.

I stopped running away, sprung my body to its limits and took a firm step forward with my left leg into the sand. It went to Shiba at my back.


Towards the unexpected trajectory of my movements, Shiba’s movements stiffened.

While making a feint with my left hand I aimed for his abdomen with my right hand, but Shiba, sensing danger, preserved the distance.

Proof that they would choose to dodge over catching me.

“Oh dear - against both of us, you’re putting on a splendid fight Ayanokouji-kun.”

I tried to switch to a counter-attack while avoiding both of them, but I was unable to get a clean hit.

“But a human’s stamina has limits. You should start running out of breath soon.”

“You’re hard to fight, Acting Director Tsukishiro.”

“Others often dislike me for my actions, but it is my job.”

Without considering dirtiness or cleanliness, a way of fighting that aimed to to catch me and bring me back.

But I wasn’t wasting stamina for no reason.

The thing I gained coming to this point. The difference between Tsukishiro and Shiba’s martial ability was small but it was there.

If Tsukishiro was a 4 Shiba was a 6. I understood that Shiba’s movements were sharper.

My perception told me that Tsukishiro was one step higher though...

Anyway, my balance of wariness slowly changes from 5:5.

I thought he was entrusting my back to Shiba who was slightly weaker than him, but it was the opposite.

They were aiming for my back.

With this I want to aim for the weaker Tsukishiro, but his strength is still off the charts.

This was someone on another level. Not someone I could easily strike down.

On the other hand, if he notices that I’ve finished analyzing him, Tsukishiro might focus on his guard.

Before they notice I’ve realized their power difference, bring Shiba down in one hit.

To put it simply, guarantee one strike while they’re mislead.

Right now, when the opponent still doesn’t intend to hit me, is my chance.

If I’m lucky then I will be able to damage them one-sidedly.

And then after Shiba is incapacitated, deal with Tsukishiro without a moment’s delay.

The thoughts that happened in one second. At the same speed both parties were coming to attack me.

But the fists that should have been trying to catch me were now gripped strongly. They switched to striking.

I was seen through-.

They saw through my intention to exchange damage. If they hit me like this both of them would get me.

If that’s the case then with that, I’ll need a stronger attack-

I tried to put aside the thought of damaging Shiba at my back, but something unexpected happened. I felt cold in my neck and was forced to intercept his counterattack.

Not counting how many times I had made to avoid him, I ran away from Tsukishiro.

A small, dry sound came to my ears at the last second from the fist Shiba swung. If I had tried to exchange damage with him, I might have not been able to move now. There was no mistake. Shiba’s strike carried power on the same level as mine.

No, even more...

I was looking at Tsukishiro, who should have been inferior to Shiba through my side. But he was 2 steps faster than I expected.

“...As I thought I can’t be negligent with you, Acting Director Tsukishiro.”

I dodged his attack that came right away and broke into a cold sweat in the middle of this fight, which felt as if it had gone on for years.

Had I not trusted my intuition, what would have happened?

Not only could I have taken the hit by Shiba, I might have also been defenseless against Tsukishiro’s attack.

Tsukishiro was 4, Shiba was 6. That reading was a trick. Fake information created by the enemy.

He was intentionally saving his power. His attack screamed that warning.

“You tried to eliminate him from there, but your reaction speed isn’t on the level of a normal person eh?”

If. The fact that I avoided that possibility was fortunate.

How unnatural it would be if Tsukishiro before me was weaker than Shiba.

Only that point helped me get my guard up just then.

These two were both too cautious to risk anything to the end, but if they had something to gain then they would take the risk without hesitation.

The situation is a bit to my disadvantage, huh-.

Even if I tried to crush one of them in advance, timing my dodge perfectly

then hitting them is also difficult. It’s unthinkable that their combination was made in a day.

“Are you done analyzing? Ayanokouji-kun.”

Still two minutes have passed since the fight started.

I’ve already tried various patterns, but none of them resulted in a decisive hit.

“Fighting purely like children clashing our strength together is an easy thing to do. But in order for us adults to not lose we can’t hesitate to take anything but the best plan. Even if it were dirty or something you would never want to see.”

Tsukishiro is also reading 99% of my thoughts. Accurately and without confusion, he would fight without letting his own thoughts be read through. No, should I say that even while letting his own thoughts be read, he wouldn’t show the truth? Anyway, with this situation I won’t be able to land a decisive hit. At this rate, if I’m to be whittled down anyway, it looks like I should take my own proper risks.

“Acting Director Tsukishiro.”

The one who smashed this disadvantageous standstill and hadn’t spoken many words until now was Shiba.

Right after his name was called, it seemed that Tsukishiro also noticed something strange.

Something no one had expected here.

“At a place as secluded as this, what is Acting Director Tsukishiro and a homeroom teacher doing with a student? Could you please tell me?”

An uninvited visitor.

“You are-”

“She’s Kiryuuin Fuuka from Class 3-B.”

Why is she here? The only one designated to come to this area should be me.

“You don’t seem to be lost. Was there something you needed?”

Loosening his fighting stance for a while, Tsukishiro asks in his usual tone of voice.

“The truth is I’ve been watching things from behind a big tree for a while now, but I couldn’t see situation. So I came rushing here.”

Of course, it’s not like Tsukishiro and Shiba’s GPS signals were invisible.

“This might be why I came. It seems that I’ve had an accident on my wristwatch.”

So Kiryuuin said wihle laughing. She showed us her wristwatch whose cover had been broken into small parts.

“Gentlemen from the school are in front of me so I would like you to hear me out. There’s no problem is there? Even though my wristwatch was broken, that just means the point tracking function is off. Where I go is up to me.”

“Of course there is no problem. But the wristwatch accidents in this test never stop.”

Tsukishiro didn’t seem to panic at the irregular presence in this place.

Normally being seen by another student was a signal to leave.

But sure enough Tsukishiro, understanding that this is the last fight, wouldn’t leave.

He would just write Kiryuuin’s name on the elimination list.

“Ayanokouji, was this unnecessary?”

If she saw a strange fight between a student and a teacher, there would be no meaning in keeping up appearances.

Rather than that, this accident was an effective move.

“That depends on what happens after this. Can I take this as you giving me a hand?”

Tsukishiro’s strength is considerable. His fighting style derived from all the experience and skill he has accumulated made him, even in my past memories, someone I could call a top class enemy.

“Of course. I don’t know what’s happening, but as an upperclassman it’s natural to protect your underclassmen right?”

Saying that, Kiryuuin stood at my side and laughed.

“But why did you come here?”

“Yesterday you looked like you were running from 1 st years. I felt interested and thought I’d ask you for the full story, but since you were escaping I had to do that.”

So she deliberately destroyed her wristwatch so she could come to where I was without being discovered.

“I’m glad I let my curiosity get the better of me. In the end I got to see something really interesting.”

Well, it’s true that normally this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.

“Shiba-sensei, I trust you to deal with her.”

“As far as I can see the Acting Director and Shiba-sensei seem unbelievably strong. I don’t know how useful I can be but it probably won’t be for long.”

Saying that, Kiryuuin stood directly at my side and raised her fists happily.

“If you can take even one or maybe two seconds from my time then I welcome you.”

“Please. I can hold out against you for at least one or two minutes. But Ayanokouji, can’t you look more seemly?”

“Seemly, is it?”

“Your loose face won’t help either. Put up your hands and try looking like you’re about to fight.”

I didn’t think that she would say something like this here, of all places.

But I was pushed by Kiryuuin’s strange pressure and couldn’t help but try taking a pose like that. It somewhat looks like a drama fight scene.

“...How is it?”

“Fufu, you’re clumsy at things like this. Well, it’s fine. I say you’re barely at the lowest level.”

Kiryuuin smiled broadly and took a fighting pose again.

“Any experience hitting people?”

“I’m a lady you know. Of course I don’t have any.”

“...Are you serious?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve thought before that I wanna try it once.”

We both took our distance and went to our distinct 1-on-1 fights.

“Let’s finish this, Acting Director Tsukishiro.”

“If it’s just you then I can win - is that your judgement?”

Tsukishiro took a stance with his usual smile, giving off neither the feeling of having leeway nor a feeling of urgency.

“Then would you show me? Your true power in a 1-on-l fight.”

I meet the enemy blocking the way in front of me as an equal.

If I don’t do that then the one who will have their feet be swept up will be me.

But with that I will have to settle this in one minute. Before Kiryuuin is suppressed by Shiba.

I soundlessly avoid Tsukishiro’s attack and drive my left fist into his cheek.


I kept jabbing with tempo. They were sharp punches.

Since I’m only focusing my awareness on making them land, each of them doesn’t have much power.

However, as I kept landing them Tsukishiro’s smile thinned.

I was aiming for his fighting spirit. Even if it’s just a little damage, an effect occurs on the human body.

That is ||tears.||

For all humans, a hit to the fighting spirit will induce tears.

Tears would come out before the pain, and the vital field of vision is taken away.

Whether it’s an adult or a child, young or old had nothing to do with it. It was the human body.

When Tsukishiro’s field of vision became worse, I struck at his chin with an uppercut.

Tsukishiro looking up probably bit his tongue. He spat out a little blood.

“When will it end?”

Tsukishiro wiped the blood hanging from his lips and laughed ominously.

“I will acknowledge you even though you’re a child in your second year of high school. You are without a doubt the greatest masterpiece.”

Even among all the opponents I have joined fists with until now, Tsukishiro is without a doubt a top-class elite.

Even though 1 judged that 1 could win against him 1 -on-1 I can agree to that plenty.

“In the first place 1 do not like rough things, but it’s so fun that it can’t be helped.”

Laughing as if something was funny, Tsukishiro again takes a stance.

But instead of coming at me right away, Tsukishiro slowly retreats.

I could take this as him buying time until Shiba suppresses Kiryuuin, but...

Never losing my cool, I quietly looked for the path to victory.

Tsukishiro looked at the sand beneath my feet. Though it was only for a second.

Without minding that I stepped forward and put power into my right hand.

“You are completely, superb—!”

Trying to torture him, 1 hit Tsukishiro with a body blow.

I just about put a satisfactory amount of power into that direct hit. But Tsukishiro’s smile still didn’t disappear.

Even while he was collapsing, Tsukishiro took sand with his left hand and swung it towards me.

And with his free hand, he plunged into the sand as if there was a deep hole that had opened in it and raised it up.

Even if uppercut-like swing with his right hand hit me directly, with his body in that state it wouldn’t inflict much damage. However, I didn’t take that right hand directly. 1 brushed Tsukishiro’s hand aside, took his right hand immediately and stopped it.


Here for the first time, Tsukishiro’s smile disappeared.

Before my eyes was the stun gun Tsukishiro had been holding in his right hand.

“How did you know?”

“I didn’t know until the last moment. But despite not showing any gaps for even an instant, your vision dropped to where 1 was standing as if to verify something. Then I felt unsettled. If you were really aiming to steal my vision with sand then you didn’t have to go out of your way to look at the ground.”

When he took sand in his left hand and threw it here, my mind was ahead.

“Besides, I felt that you deliberately taking my attacks head on was unnatural.”

Since our strength was about equal, we both needed to change the flow of the situation.

“If I could, I didn’t want to take this kind of risk... that was my intention, but your strength was enough to fluster me.”

He let the power go from his right hand and allowed the stun gun to fall from his head to the sandy beach.

“Well then, what will you do from here? I’ve taken quite some damage...”

Before our eyes, Shiba had constrained Kiryuuin from behind. She was being made to give up.

Then, I raised Acting Director Tsukishiro’s hand and sent a signal somewhere. When I did that the captain of the anchored small boat seemed to be holding something and was trying to alight. It's obvious that it was their last trump card in the 1-in-10000 chance they lost. But that went for us too.

“It’s a shame but you’re out of time, Acting Director Tsukishiro.”

The small boat suddenly stopped preparing to land and started its engine.

Leaving the Acting Director behind, they rapidly departed.

That’s probaly because they saw another small boaton the sea.

“...I’m surprised. How did you call a boat? Even though I obviously did some preparations in advance. So that in the off-chance you did try, you wouldn’t be able to get help from the school. And I thought you wanted to avoid being known.”

“It’s simple. If you look at the boat well enough you’ll see it, won’t you?”

Looking closely at the deck of the boat, Mashima-sensei and Chabashira-sensei’s figures could be seen. That’s what Tsukishiro guessed as well.

“If someone reported that a student from Class 2-A and Class 2-D collapsed at 12 and was in a serious condition, what would happen? It wouldn’t be covered up so easily. The fact that their homeroom teachers would be included in the relief crew that would come rushing towards them is something I’ve been able to verify from previous cases. I knew that Mashima-sensei and Chabashira-sensei would come as soon as possible.”

To put it simply, the school had decided that the homeroom teachers, who would be recognizable at first glance, were most suitable.

If they heard Class 2-A or Class 2-D, even if they didn’t want to go they would have to.

If an emergency alert rang there would be no time to verify all of the GPS signals one by one. If they received information that their wristwatch was broken, they would come even without a GPS signal to look.

“If all the students’ GPS signals were checked, would the situation change so they wouldn’t have come?”

“No. Now one student from both 2-A and 2-D are on the map without wristwatch signals. Wouldn’t that increase the credibility instead?”

“You were aiming to buy time and wait for this outcome from the beginning.

That’s why when you realized you were disadvantaged at the start you focused on running away right?”

“Your half-baked threat against Ichinose failed. If you’re gonna do something you need to do it thoroughly.”

As a result, before Tsukishiro came here he gave Sakayanagi and I a chance to be given help.

“But still, I have a holy position you know? You can’t do anything dangerous.”

Tsukishiro said something that 1 didn’t know was a joke or real, and laughed.

“Haven’t wristwatches grasping your location backfired a lot in this test?”

Like Tsukishiro who had resigned, Shiba immediately let go of Kiryuuin’s hands.

**.. .Fuu. You saved me Ayanokouji. It’s like 1 couldn’t make a dent, so much it was funny.”

Then as if to wrest her body she knelt on one knee.

I had been looking at her and Shiba’s fight on the side. Even though it was a defensive-only fight, she endured well.

Her acknowledging the obvious superiority of her opponent and focusing on just rest without pushing herself was impressive.

If Shiba of all people had joined in my flawless fight with Tsukishiro, I don’t know how it would have turned out. Before long the ship landed, and Mashima and Chabashira came down.

The transceiver Sakayanagi gave me was useful to the very last second.

“So you’re acknowledging this as my win.”

“Right now I can’t not acknowledge it, can I?”

With this situation, Tsukishiro shouldn’t be able to turn me over from here.

The fact that only I was designated to this area, if investigated would definitely be found faulty.

“Your points toed a thin line but, well, it should probably be barely safe.

Since I’ve become an official, if you dropped to the lowest 5 groups then complaints would definitely come.”

“No need to worry. I’ve been watching the safety line myself.”

“An unfounded worry eh. Well then, for now I will leave this place.”

“For now? I would like you to pardon any effects of my violent deeds. I think it at least goes against the school’s ideals. Though according to the rules I should welcome any attempts to test my physical strength.”

Without erasing his smile. Acting Director Tsukishiro looks at Mashima-sensei and Chabashira disembarking.

“Please listen to my last question, Acting Director Tsukishiro. Were you really trying to have me expelled? You indeed put me in harsh conditions, but if I were in your place I would have used more reliable methods.”

It’s unthinkable that the man in front of me would be foolish enough to not think of that.

“You overestimate me. I followed my superiors’ orders and tried to expel you with all of my strength. But the result is that it didn’t work and I have collapsed in front of you.”

One thing I understood was that sure enough, the man named Tsukishiro still hadn’t shown me his limit.

It’s unclear whether his words just now were a lie or not, but I should take this as him having other goals.

“Can I ask you to say something from me to Amasawa-san?”

“Let’s hear it.”

“Because she was continuously disobeying orders, Amasawa Ichika has been marked as a failure. She no longer has anywhere to return to. Whether you’ll continue staying in this school or disappear, do what you want.”

Truth? Falsehood? I couldn’t see that from Tsukishiro.

Though he acknowledged his defeat, he didn’t seem shaken.

If Amasawa was really thrown away by the White Room, then it can’t end there.

One thing is certain.

That is, that everything regarding the White Room hasn’t been settled with this.

There’s still something more. That’s what I’m made to think.

“Please show me your struggle to the end.”

Tsukishiro slowly stands up, resignedly raises his hands and approaches Mashima.

“Nothing has happened here. Ayanokouji-kun and I were just having a discussion.”

“Do you think it’ll end with that?”

“Whether it ends with this or not is just a matter of choice. I don’t intend to go against you, a teacher. Rather 1 would like you to be thankful that I’m not going to resist.”

I look at Mashima-sensei and nod to say that it’s alright.

“Then shall we leave? The students’ special exam hasn’t ended yet.”

I verify that the adults are boarding the ship and look at Kiryuuin’s direction.

Perhaps she was tired from being Shiba’s oponent. She was sitting on the sandy beach with one knee up and looking at the sea.

“You were great, Ayanokouji.”

“No, Kiryuuin-senpai was also amazing with Shiba-sensei as the opponent.”

“After seeing how you fight I can’t take that even as a compliment. Aah, don’t worry. I’m not talking about you like I’m uninvolved. But now I want to hear all about this.”

Being seen was outside of my expectations but it’s fortunate that it was Kiryuuin.

“I have a bit of a messy home life. That’s all.”

Standing up and lightly patting the sand that was on her butt, Kiryuuin starts walking to the forest.

By the time Kiryuun and I left 12 and arrived at 13, Nagumo’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

Though they’re not a replacement for him, I coincidentally met some students.

The two looked in my direction and were surprised when they saw my face.

“What a rare group, Horikita. You’re walking together with Ibuki. Is it going to rain mochi today?”

“...You, were okay?”


“Um, nevermind. I thought you were fighting someone.”

This time Kiryuuin and I made eye contact and denied that at the same time.

“No? There’s no one here.”

“Then, what are you doing here?”

“I was really tired from these past two weeks. I was resting at a private beach while staring at the sea.”

“You have quite the leeway. Though since it’s you you had probably already saved the bare minimum of points.”

Why Kiryuuin-senpai? Is what she said with her eyes.

“I saw a student slacking off and brought him back. We need to do this seriously until the end.”

Saying that, Kiryuuin-senpai lightly hit my back and started walking.

“See you later at the boat after the test ends.”

Horikita stood at my side and made sure of something with a small voice.

“You were really okay...?”


“Come on... though it’s just what I’ve heard for some reason. Besides, that small paper.”


“No, it was nothing. Please don’t mind it. There are lots of things I still don’t understand, so I’ll think about it myself then I’ll tell you about it.”

Though I was concerned from not knowing what it was, I don’t want to prolong what happened at 12. I can’t tell anyone what happened with Tsukishiro after all.

“Anyway, why are you and Ibuki-san here? There’s no task in this area is there?”

Ibuki-san tried to say something but Horikita-san stopped her.

“Ibuki-san challenged me to a competition, so we both checked each others’ points. Your GPS signal was at a strange place so I just wanted to check the situation.”

“I’ll let you off with a draw.”

“...How did you reach that conclusion? I clearly won didn’t I?”

“It was a mistake. A mistake.”

“Whether or not it was a mistake, since I have at least one point more than you its my win.”

I don’t quite understand, but after this test Horikita and Ibuki-san got a bit closer... I think?

And then, not long after, the uninhabited island test ended.


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