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Epilogue and the Results are in

After a long, long 2 weeks, the uninhabited island test ended.

On the last day, injured people seemed to have come from groups who tried to force themselves to do things, but it was over. At the starting area, staff members welcomed the students as if to reward them.

And when the world started to be dyed red past 6pm, the signal was given that all of the student participants had returned and boarded the ships.

The fact that the results would be displayed within the ships was announced prior. But this time, as if to account for the possibility that many students would be expelled, the low groups would be informed in advance.

From when the ships were boarded until bedtime, we would probably know the truth before long.

It seemed that they couldn’t allow it to become like a public execution before the students’ eyes.

The lowest 5 groups would be called in prior and verify beforehand if they could save themselves or not.

Which meant that the students who could afford to defend themselves from expulsion could pay the price and be saved.

Those who lacked private points or couldn’t spend it for any reason even though they had it would be expelled in this point in time, pack their bags and board the smaller ships.

After a few days 1 took a shower to cleanse myself and let the dirt fall. Then I wandered around the ship.

This would originally be a time to contact one’s friends or lover through a phone, but the school was still watching over the phones. So that couldn’t be tolerated.

1 passed by a few people from D-class and we lightly exchanged words of appreciation. While I was doing that, 1 had carried my feet all the way to the deck. There I saw an interesting pair.

They were talking opposite to each other.

Since they weren’t especialy trying to hide, I recognized one of them right away.

His face was covered in wounds. They told the story of an intense fight with Housen during the test.

“Though we were interrupted, you haven’t forgotten your promise to me have you? And the money.”

Housen, who mentioned something about a promise, glanced only once at me and returned to the ship.

“Of course Ryuuen-kun. When the time comes please say it whenever you wish.”

Towards such a Ryuuen’s back, Sakayanagi laughed happily.


“Yes. The 1st years’ battle potential was unclear after all. I made use of Ryuuen as a skilled mercenary, but he wasn’t the type to cooperate so easily.

So if he asks for something, I would hear him out and give him one request.

I see. So that’s why he appeared to block Housen.

“By the way do you know the result of their fight?”

“I wonder. Ryuuen-kun and Housen-kun both returned to the starting area with wounds all over them. Though I do know that after they were treated they were declared retired.”

In other words, though the result of their fight is unclear it ended with both of them retiring.

But it shouldn’t have been simple to make that guy move. In the uninhabited island test he was focusing only on winning.

“Again - are you glad that you’ve promised him so easily?”

“Yes. I don’t know when he will avail of it, and... that promise seems like it will wrap around his own neck in the near future.”

Sakayanagi saying that had pupils that seemed as harmless as a child’s.

A harmless date. Only the fact that her promise wasn’t that light was for certain.

“I’m very happy that you’re safe. I received your instructions. Was there no problem with the timing with which we erased the GPS?”

“Your timing was perfect. I’ll definitely return the favor.”

“What I want whether now or later is just one thing. It’s to have a serious match with Ayanokouji-kun that no one will interrupt.”

“That’s a very difficult proposal.”

“I realize that. Right now you want to spend your days peacefully if you can.

I understand completely that you cannot stand out carelessly. There’s no need to be impatient. After all we still have about one and a half years of school activities left.”

Somewhere along the way to graduation, if an opportunity to have a match appears then that would be enough, Sakayanagi said.

“It’s already 6pm. Time for the announcement of the results.”


Which groups really won and which groups lost?

We’ll see soon enough.

When dinnertime arrived at 7pm, the members of D-Class naturally gathered and started eating in the same place. It would be a matter of course to call this a matter of course. Yesterday and today, the list of the lowest groups were invisible. In order to know which groups were in a bad condition there was nothing to do but to hear it directly.

“Firstly... I’m very glad for the fact that we were able to finish the test without one of us Class 2-D groups missing. And all of us D Class students being here is an important sign that we were able to avoid expulsion. I’m so glad.”

Looking over his classmates, Yousuke spoke only from his heart.

I wasn’t able to meet Yousuke even once in the uninhabited island, so I was a bit worried. But it seemed that his head was full of worries for his comrades instead of himself.

Indeed, the fact that he is in this place means that Ruka and Airi are also safe.

I quickly made to see the states of the other 2nd year classes as well.

It doesn’t seem that there’s anyone particularly missing.

Many students were smacking their lips from the luxurious food after those two weeks. But it’s not as if it’s all fun and games.

The faculty members started to gathered. When 8pm arrived, the microphone was turned on.

“Please temporarily stop your meals and talks.”

Drawn by such an announcement from the Class 3-A teacher, Sasaki, the students looked at him.

“Firstly, good work regarding the Uninhabited Island Special Exam.

Although a total of 13 people retired you were able to pass the two weeks, without any group withdrawing. Us faculty are also surprised.”

The first was congratulations.

“I believe there are classes that have already noticed that they have missing classmates. But as we have explained beforehand, we will penalize the bottom five groups with expulsion. Groups with multiple people will be represented with the name of one of their members. Class 3-D Mutou, Class 3-D Kawakami, Class 3-C Katumata, Class 3-C Shinonome, and Class 3-B Mikitani. With these 5 groups, a total of 15 people.”

The 1st and 2nd years stirred from Sasaki-sensei’s announcement.

Indeed, these groups were definitely in the low rankings just before the end of the 12th day. But all of the expellees being from the 3rd year was a bit unexpected.

Because I thought that Nagumo would save them.

And factoring in the disturbances, 1 thought that 1st and 2nd years would fall.

But the result was that five 3-people 3rd year groups were expelled.

“Because none of these groups were able to save themselves, all 15 people have been expelled.”

Based on this outcome, had they privately decided to let those five 3rd year groups expelled?

Thinking that, I looked at the 3rd years’ faces but somehow it seems that that’s not the case.

They seemed afraid. As if they had been made an example of.

I tried searching for Nagumo, but his side profile I saw for an instant didn’t seem different from usual. But perhaps at the very last second, his quarrel with me affected this result.

Power went into the large screen and a white screen was reflected. At that time one more person appeared.

“Now, from here we will announce the top three of the Uninhabited Island Special Exam’s results.”

It was Acting Director Tsukishiro. He wasn’t showing any signs that he had fought with me at all. Same as when he declared the start, he was calmly moving things along.

“3rd place - Class 2-A Sakayanagi Arisu’s group. 261 points.”

A second year’s name suddenly appeared within the top three.

The only seven-man group within the second years. They brought out their advantages to the fullest, firmly piled up points and slowly raised their rank. It looks like they slipped into 3rd place.

On the last day Ichinose was separated from them for half the time, but that didn’t seem to have a big effect.

In terms of points Ryuuen and Katsuragi’s group also fought hard, but Ryuuen’s retirement on the thirteenth day affected them. Because Katsuragi was left on his own he got less arrival points and less tasks he could participate in. He likely had a tough two days of wishing for security because he also had to avoid retiring.

The twofold multiplication on the last day probably also worked against him.

On the other hand, Sakayanagi carried things firmly. The students who moved to stop the first years were all from outside Sakayanagi’s group. The tablet she used was also from another group. She didn’t bear a huge risk. She dealt with a strong opponent well by using Ryuuen.

Ryuuen himself should have been able to predict that his fight with Housen would be dangerous.

Did he move because of his ties with him from middle school? Or did the ||promise|| have something to do with it?

Assuming the latter, then that would imply that it was more tempting than even the rewards he would have gotten for getting third place. But Kiriyama’s group losing speed at the last second was out of my expectations.

Then the 2nd place.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this would decide everything.

At the end of the 12th day I only confirmed that Kouenji and Nagumo were ahead of the rest.

Even if their points dropped to some extent, the points held by 3rd place weren’t outside of expectations.

Would it be Nagumo, who lead the third years, or Kouenji, who moved alone showing an unstoppable force?

“2nd place - Class 3-A Nagumo Miyabi’s group. 325 points.”

When Acting Director Tsukishiro read that out loud, far from cheers, voices like screams were raised.

Without a moment’s delay, he announced the winner.

“First place - Class 2-D Kouenji Rokusuke. 327 points.”

The instant his name was called, all of the students focused their gazes and attention on him and Kouenji bathed in them.

Without seeming to even celebrate his win, anyone could see that he was just calmly sitting down.

As if overturning the test was just a small incident for him.

Still, Kouenji had achieved 1st place under the harsh conditions of being a solo group.

He gained the 300 class points, 1,000,000 private points, and 1 protection point the 1st place would receive.

“He really did it. Kouenji-kun.”

Kouenji moved his gaze towards Horikita asking, you know what this means right?

With this Horikita can’t answer with anything but a nod.

Completely according to his promise, Kouenji secured justification until graduation.

It even meant that we would allow him to live his school life even further as he wanted to after this.

“Goodness... I can’t honestly be happy. But I can’t be exasperated either...”

“Isn’t it fine to be happy now? Him gaining 300 class points is decisive for us to ascend to Class A. We’ve secured our escape out of D-Class for the 2nd time after all.”

Besides, Kouenji had always been doing as he liked in the first place. He hadn’t been controlled or anything even now.

“Yeah, that’s true. With this we’ve come closer to the top in one breath. B Class or C Class, it wouldn’t be strange if we replaced either of them.”

“As long as we don’t make a careless mistake in our daily lives and drop tremendously.”

Everyday actions and problematic actions slightly subtract from our class points after all.

“...Please don’t say something so unpleasant.”

But what I’m rethinking is the big meaning in that 2-point difference.

I remember Nagumo’s figure having gone out of his way to come to me.

His comrades’ voice I could hear from his transceiver.

If at that time, Nagumo had answered his transceiver, I feel that the 1 st and 2nd places would be exchanged.

And there would be a difference in which groups were expelled, wouldn’t there?

Though it’s not an answer I can gain from thinking.

For the time being, the curtains have safely closed on this long special exam.

Not one person was missing from the 2nd years. We had gotten through summer.

Amsawa Ichika was also determined to be from the White Room.

I don’t know why, but at least for now she is allying herself with me instead of Tsukishiro.

Was it a premeditated plan, or was Amasawa-san betraying the White Room her own actions? In the current situation I don’t have any grounds on which to decide this. But the information I gained definitely wasn’t small.

Despite that there are still several mysteries left.

Perhaps, this summer break might not end smoothly at this rate.


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