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Two Teachers, The Fated Special Exam – part 4

6pm in the evening. Before long, the sun will leave and the night will arrive. If not for the special exam’s explanation, it should have been a laid-back day.

It feels like it’s been a frightening and heavy day filled with information.

It would be easy if I could end the day like this, but I can’t.

It’s because the suddenly announced Unanimity Special Exam will start tomorrow.


As I waited after returning to my room, Yousuke showed himself.

“Come in.”

Come to think of it, this isn’t the first time I invited Yousuke into my room like this, is it.


Before long Kei arrived at my door.

“It’s kinda fresh or, novel for us to gather like this isn’t it?”

“Might be.”

I don’t tell them the reason we’re gathering. Yousuke might have guessed though.

“I thought we should prepare for tomorrow’s special test.”

“Prepare? Don’t we just need to agree for this test?”

“Indeed, just hearing the gist it doesn’t seem like a difficult test. The special tests up until now have had very difficult rules.”

Yousuke, who had taken a bit of a thinking pose, continued explaining to Kei as he thought.

“However, I think this test probably won’t be straightforward, like the difficult tests we’ve had in the past. If you think about it according to the rules, it would just be a simple test that will increase our class points just by achieving unanimity. It’s not that difficult to unite the class.”

(TN: Yousuke was redundant in the raws too.)

“I think so too.”

“In other words, isn’t the hard part the high chance that a divisive motion will come?”

It’s as he thinks. The students in the class all have their own ways of thinking. But we could succeed in uniting them with regards to matters in which they can be somewhat flexible for the sake of the class.

It may have been a different story if were first years who had just enrolled, but as second years we’ve already been able to deepen our bonds of camaraderie. Nevertheless, even if we fail to vote unanimously for the first time, they can afford to give us time to discuss over and over again.

Though it’s understandable that just from having this much allowance in the test, one would underestimate it like Kei.

“But come on, what kind of motion would be difficult to agree on?”

“I can’t fully read through it… that’s true…”

what kind of motion would trouble our classmates? It seemed that Yousuke didn’t think of anything right away either. I tried talking about one easily understandable motion.

“From now until graduation, you can no longer eat anything aside of bread or rice. Choose.”

“Eh, what are those choices~”

“It’s a bit funny when you hear bread and rice, but this is a difficult choice.”

“For me it’s definitely bread. I absolutely wouldn’t be able to bear living without all the bread products until graduation.”

“I’d pick rice… because I can go a week eating bread only about once.”

“If I had to I’d also pick rice. Then, it seems that even the three of us hold separate opinions don’t we? If the whole class was to vote on this it wouldn’t be easy. Would you obey if 30 people wanted rice?”

“Impossible. Because it’s forbidden until graduation right? I’d keep voting for bread.”

There will be students who will suffer afterwards if they give in to the majority, so there will also be students who will resist like Kei.

“For a more realistic comparison, suppose that all of the special exams in the future will favor only either 『academic ability』 or 『physical ability.』 What would happen if such a motion appeared?”

Hearing that, Yousuke and Kei exchanged glances.

“Students with good athletic abilities like Sudou would definitely pick physical ability. Students like Keisei who are bad at exercise would need a unanimous vote for academic ability no matter what.”

Of course, since he’s been focusing on his studies Sudou can now concede this, but if it’s physical ability then he would be valued more. Students who can’t study at all can’t compromise like Sudou can.

“If we can’t agree on a motion then we can force it right? In other words, depending on the situation we’ll have to be resolved to pick no choice and lose 300 class points?”

“I wonder… Difficult motions will of course come, but losing 300 class points could very well be the same as losing our ticket to Class A. Clearing it will probably be the priority.

“This might be, like a hard special exam…”

“Is that why you called us here?”

“Yeah. Naturally, our classmates’ solidarity should be stengthened for the next special exam. We could unite once or twice, but in the long run we’ll likely start fighting. When that time comes, the ones who stand at the center of the class, Kei and Yousuke, must skillfully push the vote into one side or the other.”

“Yeah. But if it’s about that then shouldn’t Horikita-san also be included in this talk? Since she’s shouldering the role closest to being leader this time as well.”

What Yousuke pointed out was obvious. It would be best if not I, but Horikita would lead these two in controlling the class. However, at this stage she cannot throw away my support.

“I’ll support Horikita from the shadows this time. What happens here will be purely confidential.”

“Why? Well, I personally don’t really want to follow Horikita-san’s instructions though.”

“Both of you has the power to read the atmosphere more than other less skilled students. But I’d like you two to learn to adapt to the situation from now on. If you can grasp what Horikita thinks and wants to do, our class will become considerably stronger.”

“Can’t you do that? That would solve it right?”

“I won’t always be able to move. We should also prepare for unforeseen circumstances.”

“Unforeseen circumstances?”

“Suddenly getting ill, or getting expelled without prior notice are both possible aren’t they?”

“That’s… well… getting expelled is a little you know, but suddenly getting ill actually could happen huh.”

It’s not as if they’ll always be able to follow me for as long as they like.

If we don’t expect a situation like that, we can’t expect our class to rise.

“Anyway I get it. We should follow Horikita-san well and smoothly move the special exam along, right.”

“And roughly decide her intentions from some of her instructions, such that nobody but Kei and Yousuke will know.”

Since we can move around and discuss as we like during the intervals, there’s no problem with whispering in and of itself. But depending on the situation, it will also be necessary to perform orders while understanding them.

After I roughly had the two memorize some patterns, I looked at Yousuke.

“Lastly, I want to give Yousuke a warning. There’s no need for this if we can naturally finish the five motions, but if you can’t see us clearing the special exam even with two or less hours remaining, you might use a more forceful method.”

So that Yousuke wouldn’t act rashly if that time comes, I made to prepare him while I still could.


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