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Unavoidable Path – part 3

The same day. Each class, no, the whole school has started to move for the sports festival in proper.

There was also a sports festival last year, but since a part of the competition has already been revealed, the students have made time to use the ground and the gymnasium, which was on lunch break, to start practicing just like their performances.

Especially for teams consisting of more than two, people will probably want to spare as much time as possible for practice.

When I scouted the gymnasium, many energetic voices echoed here and there.

For the first through the third years, it seemed that a section that they could use at their own leisure in which they could practice fairly was properly prepared. Today, the second years seemed to be practicing volleyball and ping-pong.

Anyway, the first thing that caught my eye was that many people were participating from a certain class.

And they were terribly zealous. They raised their voices, saying it’s not like that or it’s not like this, proactively discussing the skills for their competition.

“You can see how serious A-Class is.”


I went to this place today with Yousuke. He spoke quietly, analyzing the students.

“A simple sports competition between classes isn’t A-Class’ strong point after all.”

“Yeah. Many students are physically neither bad nor good, but on the middle-ground. Only a few students can take the rewards from the top rankings.”

It’s exactly because they know that they’re at a disadvantage overall that they’ve coordinated to be the first to work hard in raising their ability. As they practice, they probably intend to aim for competitions where they know they can save up points by experience in the test.

I can’t confirm their key person, but without a doubt it’s most likely Sakayanagi’s orders.

There were also students from Ichinose and Ryuuen’s classes, but they seemed to still be fumbling. On the other hand, no one from Horikita’s class was here. I thought that one or two might have shown their faces, but even supposing that they came here, they probably weren’t able to do anything in this environment but stand stock still at the corner.

“We still haven’t gotten through the unanimity special exam. Even if we tried to tackle practice as we are now, it wouldn’t be easy.”

“Indeed, there are still reasons to be nervous. But it’s not all bad.”

I told Yousuke about how Sudou and Onodera joined hands to aim for number one in the second year boy and girl categories. Though just for a second, his cheeks slackened at the small good news.

“If they keep taking first place in the individual competitions and in the pair competitions, they should definitely be able to take it.”

“Those two have a good chance of doing it.”

A lot of hopes were pinned on them. The class couldn’t go without their power to win.

Even if they’re just cobbled together, we want them to cooperate temporarily as soon as possible.

“Now that you say, Sudou-kun told me that he wanted to see me after school today, before club. Did you have something to do with that?”

“I haven’t done anything. Sudou himself must have thought about it and decided to ask you a favor, right?”

“It’s probably related to Shinohara-san.”

“Sudou can’t leave things as they are either.”

“But what about Mii-chan?”

“I think I’ll try her.”

“Kiyotaka-kun will?”

When I told him to abandon her and to leave it to someone more appropriate, Yousuke showed reluctance. The reason he’s so particular about her even among all this strife is probably because he strongly feels, more than other students, that it’s 『his fault.』 Of course, Yousuke did nothing wrong.

As I observed, I judged that only Mii-chan needed a bit more help.

One of the reasons was the fact that I can’t use Yousuke as a key.


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