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Thank you for reading volume 0.

This is Kinugasa Shougo. My favorite food is ochazuke, my favorite drink is black tea, and my hobby is watching baseball.

I've been itching to get a dog or a cat, but when my family members vote on which one they want, the vote is always split into 2 to 2, so I wasn’t able to get either one until now.

My recent problem is that when I heat up frozen pasta in the microwave for a little longer because I want it to be hot, I often end up eating the noodles dry and crunchy. Even after adjusting repeatedly, I still got the same result. Was it my fault as the user of the microwave, or was it the microwave’s fault? It must be the latter.

--Well, enough useless talk, let's move on to the topic of Volume 0.

How did you like this special volume about the past, which was regarded as forbidden in the past Youjitsu's publications?

The setting of the White Room existed in 2015 when the story of Youjitsu started, but I had no idea at the time that I would dig deeper into it and write it down in a single volume.

As a writer, I am very happy to have been able to make this happen, even if in a special way.

It was quite difficult to write this book without disturbing the pace of publication, but I hope that as many people as possible will be pleased with it.

In fact, along with the White Room volume, there is another blank year volume which had not been released to the public existing in material form.

This is the story of Ayanokouji Kiyotaka's life from the end of Volume 0 to the beginning of Year 1 Volume 1.

At this stage, I have no plans at all to publish this material in book form, but I am beginning to think that it would be interesting to do so if I ever have the opportunity to do so in the future.

Well then, ladies and gentlemen, this is a short farewell.

I will see you again in the postscript of the next volume. See you soon!

RoyalMTLs Afterword

Hi again everyone, Cast here. Can’t believe we were finally able to finish this volume after all the complications of Volume 0 being a physically book this time around. Anyways, this was an extremely lengthy and difficult process for the entire team so want to give a big shout to the editors and Japanese proofreaders. They put in a crazy amount of effort to make sure that the quality and accuracy of this volume was the best it could be. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the entire RoyalMTLs community who have remained patient throughout the translation process and also to the people that helped in funding the project. This book took roughly around a month to translate so I’m glad we finally made it here, thanks to the support of the entire Classroom of the Elite fanbase.

The next volume (Year 2 Volume 9) will be coming out around the end of February, and I’m confident in saying that it will not take as much time as this one has, while also providing the best possible quality.

As always, a big shout out to Kinugasa (the author) for writing this novel in the first place, please do support him by buying one of the official copies of Classroom of The Elite somewhere down the line.

Consider joining our ever-growing discord server for potential early releases and events, as well as our website for all of the other volumes we have translated!


Also follow our new socials on Twitter and Instagram for updates and information.

Hope you enjoyed Volume 0 and well see you again for Year 2 Volume 9!

Cast#5942 – Translator


PrinceYG#9999 – Scanner

“Thank you for reading from RoyalMTLs <3.”

Groumpf#0841 – Volume Buyer

“Thanks to all the hardworking translators we love you all.”

Ice#6557 – OCR Provider

“Read Re: Zero; also, feel free to check out my Twitter: @LoremIpsumVerb”

Alya#7028 – Illustrator 

“Follow me on twitter @Alya_l16”

DoSomething#5700 – Senior Editor

“Papayanagi is a Chad.”

Akuma#5279 – Senior Editor

“Hope you enjoyed the volume.”

Grimmfx24#0843 – Senior Editor

“Tomatoes are a fruit.”

Seinu#7854 – Japanese Proof-reader

“Fisher got trolled.”

Bell#9877 – Japanese Proof-reader

“Shout out to Kiryuuin clan, Arisu clan is mid.”

Bonenode#5060 – Japanese Proof-reader

“Thanks for having me, team. Also, Atsuomi Ayanokouji is the Top G of Japan fr fr”

GPMS#6352 – Japanese Proof-reader

“Hope you enjoyed the volume.”

PuddingTC#7480 – Japanese Proof-reader

“Hi, this is Pudding. Hope you enjoyed reading volume 0. This is the first volume I participated in for Royal MTL. I don't have much time, so I only helped with certain lines that others had trouble with. Be sure to thank the others for their effort!”

Maaaaaa#8973 – Japanese Proof-reader


Sqone#4901 – Japanese Proof-reader

“I can’t believe Kinugasa made something readable after writing such an awful series as cote.”

SithLibra#7208 – Japanese Proof-reader

Eru Chitanda Supremacy. Thanks!

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