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Part 5 
Across the distance you could see a little, the two completed tents standing side by side. While talking together with the other girls, Shinohara held up a gourd-shaped war fan. Both of the tents were exclusive to the girls. In other words, the boys, now, were simply sleeping outdoors so that they could become stronger with this experience. 
I feel that the majority of our classmates have never slept outdoors before. Luckily, it is summer and although there is no wind blowing, make no mistake there are still some hardships to endure. Sometimes it is troublesome as bugs are targeting our hands and feet and when it gets dark the visibility around is quite bad. Especially in the grass under our feet, mysterious bugs are jumping and flying around creating an ominous feeling. 
Being a child of the city, all this seemed repulsive to me. Spending a whole week on this bed, already seems impossible. But from understanding Ike’s views of point consumption, it is different and requires the utmost resistance and the ability of a person to take action. 
When the bugs from the ground came to bed, then we changed the sheets. We were even discussing if we should cut down some branches from the trees around. We should really figure out what to do, instead of absurdly praying for something to happen. 
Hirata, after finishing the tent for the girls, came towards us while wiping the sweat off from his forehead. 
“Ehm… Ayanokouji, if it is ok, could I talk to you for a minute?” 
With this low profile behaviour and an almost apologetic look, he continued talking to me. 
“Coming out to meet me with the flashlight at night is quite eerie. We may agree or not how we use or not use points, but, apart from that, I believe that it is necessary to make sure that we have light at night-time. However, that cannot be done just with Ayanokouji’s persistence.” 
Certainly I wanted to avoid having no light at all in the night. It was a pain if you had to go to the toilet at night-time. I wanted to hear what we should have done about it. After thinking about it a little, Hirata said. 
“In this area, we can make a bonfire. We can look for branches and pick them up from the trees around us” 
We have many guys here, we can rely on them into undertaking such a task. 
“Well, then, let’s go find the right ones to help.” 
“Thank you! Ah, but do not go alone, it is dangerous, it would be better if you take someone else with you.” 
As we reached to that conclusion, I had to search for a partner. Standing still on that spot, gazing up at the sky I found Horikita. As she caught me looking at her, she started walking towards me. 
“You are usually uncooperative, but now you are really easy-going, granting his favour.” 
“I only heard about his request to you, anyway one way or another Hirata can save himself from this somehow. The details are not a part of our work. Just the working part.” 
A part of the students will voluntary mobilize and work in order to help the class. The position of the caste system in the class will change depending on whether or not you can make a successful move in such times. 
“He is comparatively at the centre of the class, so that is why he can’t accept to rely on you.” 
“For good or for worse, D class relies on Hirata and Karuizawa. With the exception of these two members, if we unify the strength of other people, it is nonexistent and imcompetent” 
Standing beside me Horikita expressed clearly the situation of the class about its ability and talent but, some other abilities like generosity and dignity, we are lacking of them to the point that it could be fatal for us. It is true, even for myself, I do not think that I possess these two important abilities. 
Already causing a stir, Kushida said that she was overexerting herself since she couldn’t afford to bear the brunt of following troubles around. Even now, somewhere, she was doing something with strenuous effort. 
“What if you would become Hirata’s assistant? Moreover, for the class’ sake, you’d rather do it for yourself.” 
“Me, his assistant? Don’t joke with this! If that is the case, then I’d rather have the skill of a mongoose” 
“The skill of a mongoose?…” 
No matter what I am going to say now, it feels kind of offensive for Hirata, no, it is definitely offensive. 
“It is just a joke! How he is different or not from a mongoose, well, that’s another story. This time, there is nothing on which I can become stronger. I have to think if there is a clear goal. Not only about myself, but to think on how to use the points. To what degree can we use the points or how exactly. I still don’t have an answer for that.” 

Talking quietly, we went our separate ways and I found myself close to the tent that was just being set up. For the time being I am searching for an easy-going partner to go together for branches. Looking for one into the guys circle I head for the riverbank and I see Sudou gazing up at the sky. I wonder if it was him who followed Ike previously, or perhaps he had become a guy to rely on after all. He might actually take action and do something in order to help a friend in need. 
“Hey, Sudou… We need to make a bonfire, so we have to pick up some branches, will you help me?” 
“Ehhh… What’s up with that? If it is a troublesome task, I think I’ll pass”. 
He told me that without making a move to get up at all. But, not being in the mood to search for another partner, I persisted further. 
“It may be troublesome, but we are going to gather around here close to the camp.” 
“That is exactly what a troublesome task is, I am sorry, but I prefer to swim in the water. Standing up, he took the bag that was placed beside me and head for the water. 
“Well… If that’s the case.” 
As I was denied, earlier I noticed a couple of girls chatting close to the tent with Yamauchi, so I decided to ask him. 
“We need branches so that we can have a bonfire, I will go and pick up a few, but, could someone come and help me?” 
“Eh… I smell trouble… Look, Kanji’s team and I found a good spot, right? Our minds are occupied right now, so I am really tired. Sorry but, I’ll pass. Let me rest.” 
Being dumped like that, I didn’t feel like having to answer him in a strong manner. It is too bothersome. As things are going, my chances about ending up with a companion that I can rely on and actually talk to, is close to zero. Horikita is not in the right “condition” for me to ask her a favour. Kushida will be all out on the girls’ team, anyway. 
“In the end…. I am alone.” 
Just in time that I made the decision to head towards the woods all alone, just like she was peeking at my situation, Sakura appeared. 
“Erm… Is it ok if I go with you? 
It was like she had overheard my conversation that I had earlier and understood my situation. 
“Eh?.. I am thankful, but are you sure it’s alright with you? Because you look tired, maybe it would be better for you to rest.” 
Sakura just earlier had accompanied me in a search in the woods. So, she must be tired already and she should not force herself further. 
“I will be alright. But if I am left here… well… It feels a bit discomforting.” 
While saying that, she turned her back to the girls of our class. I feel like Sakura’s situation resembles my own. Having to live in a community, as a part of a team made us feel bitter. 
“Well, then let’s go.” 
Since Kouenji is not with us, we can take it easy and I match my pace with Sakura’s. 
As soon as we were ready to enter the woods, I heard a voice behind us calling us to halt and someone rushed immediately towards us. 
“I thought that I could help, too!” 
Yamauchi appeared in front of us even before we had time to decide, however, I feel like his idea of coming together with us is rather odd. 
“Eh?… Is it ok?” 
“Hey, come on, now. When in trouble, it is the time for a friend to come to the rescue, right? Sakura? 
“Eh? Ye… yes.” 
Looking like she is shrinking, Sakura hid behind my back and bowed her head in agreement. Yamauchi did not make any actual conversation with her, but it is a good chance for Sakura to increase her circle of friends.


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