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After swimming to the point of exhaustion, I left the pool and went back to my room. When I arrived, three excited guys were waiting in front of my door.

“You’re late, Ayanokouji! Hurry up and let us in!” Sudou, his patience gone, kicked my door. That would only annoy my neighbors and draw the dorm manager’s attention.

“Hurry up, Ayanokouji!”

I opened the door. A bunch of guys unable to contain their arousal pushed it from behind. Ike held the memory card he’d recovered from the RC car. On that memory card were images of the girls changing—or so the guys thought, anyway. 

Pushing ahead of me, they turned on my computer without permission.

“I-If there are some incredible pictures, let me copy them.”

“Wait, guys. First, I need to confirm somethin’. You guys don’t got any right to see Suzune’s naked body.”

“Calm down, you two. We’re all in this together. Heh heh heh!”

They no longer paid any mind to me, impatiently waiting for the computer to turn on. Since it’d been an exhausting day, I sat down on my bed.

“If you could give that back to me after checking the contents, it would be a big help,” I told them.

“The hell, Ayanokouji? What are you trying to be all mature for? You want to see, too, right?”

“If you want to turn back, now’s the time,” I warned them.

“Ah, I get it. Well, if you’re going to act like a good little boy, you definitely shouldn’t look. Heh. Or maybe I’m just not going to show you,” said Ike. He stood in front of the computer screen, arms outstretched as if to block it from view.

“Ain’t no guy alive who’s not excited about seeing a naked woman. Be honest,” said Sudou, already relaxing, as if this were his room. I didn’t really feel any need to go to such lengths to look at a naked woman, however. It wasn’t worth risking expulsion, at the very least.

“Huh?! Wh-why-why is nothing there?!” screamed Ike.

The computer loaded the data from the Professor’s memory card—only there wasn’t any data saved on it. The RC car had never recorded properly.

“N-nothing. The data…”

“Wait, that can’t be true. I-I mean, it was recording, right? Right?”

The three clicked on the folder, opening it over and over in a panic. There was no data, though. Karuizawa had taken out the real memory card, and replaced it with an empty one. No matter how hard the guys looked, they couldn’t find a file that didn’t exist. 

“Why isn’t it there?!” shouted Ike.

And with that, an act of sabotage annihilated the ambitions of those three idiots.


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