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The First Gift

I secretly went to Keyaki Mall that night just as it was about to close. 
"Umm.....I wonder which one's popular......". 
The chocolate shop. I loitered around inside it. Since it's already late at night, there aren't any other students in the shop. 
"As I thought, it's gone...". 
There should have been a Valentine's Special corner at this shop but since Valentine's Day is already over, it would seem the corner has been removed. 
But still, this shop has plenty of chocolate in stock. 
A large variety of chocolates, of different colors and types. The price range goes from several hundred yen up to several thousand yen. The lack of symmetry there is astounding. 
Even though they cater mainly to students, they must have sold quite a lot considering the date. 
"Are you perhaps looking for Valentine's chocolate?". 
When I felt lost, a clerk from the shop called out to me. 
"Ahh, yes. I was could you tell?". 
"It's written all over your face. That you want to give some to the boy you like". 
"Ehh! That's, umm, that's not the case! But I owe him a lot or maybe I should say he saved thanks, I was thinking I'd give him some chocolate......". 

I've never given anyone anything before in the first place. The first gift since I was born. 
It's strange how it ended up being Valentine's chocolate. 
"Which one would you recommend?". 
"Shouldn't you just go with the one you prefer? It's all about intuition. Intuition". 
Intuition, hmm? That might be the case. 
Rather than have someone else decide for me, it's obvious the best present would be one I personally think is best. 
"Alright then, I'll have this one". 
"Thank you. Would you like to attach a message card to this? Something like 'I love you' perhaps?". 
"No need, no need!". 
If I handed him the present with a message like that attached, he'll surely be confused. 
In the first place, I don't even see him that way. That's right. I'm just thanking him. 
I'll give him the chocolate I purchased, that's what I thought. 


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