Zhan Long - Chapter 1060

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"Those who are not dead, rise up and continue to fight!" I looked at Han Yuan.

He stood up and smiled, "General, the wall is badly damaged!"

"I see it. Kill this giant, we can't let him continue destroying the walls."


Han Yuan glanced at the Royal Army troops, "Men, give me another blade!"

In the crowd, a Lieutenant tossed out a shining blade. Han Yuan grabbed it and smiled, "Bright and cold, good blade!"


On the walls, the Royal Army archers fired their arrows. The Dark Moon Elves with Ling Luo as their leader were really strong. Along with the Heavy Flame Archers firing, the giant's eyes were covered in arrows. It had lost its sight and couldn't even close its eyes. But it was like an injured beast that waved his axe around, leaving deep holes on the walls. If he continued, Fan Shu City would definitely fall today!

Luckily, the NPC generals were strong. Along with Zhan Long members attacking, the giant's health fell and it was at 10% in a blink of an eye.

However, during this period of time, our attention was attracted over. The Swirling Abyss City Russian players took the chance to push dozens of chariots over. The Swirling Abyss City soldiers fell onto the walls and started slashing about.

What was worse was that the Royal Army's failure to defend allowed players to climb up. All of a sudden, the Russian players were 50% of the people on the walls!


Li Mu pulled his horse reins and said, "Furnace God Cavalry, charge. Clear them out. Let the people in the city help to defend, we are about to lose the south!"

One Second Hero, Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan etc charged along with Li Mu. If they didn't charge now, the south wall would be lost.

The frost giant fell and at the same time it dropped some equipment. I flew down and picked it all up before handing it to Yue Qing Qian. We were lucky and there was one one star god weapon and two Divine Tier equipment. The god equipment was a bracers that was given to an Assassin while the others were rolled.


I looked towards the east wall and it was in a bad state too. A part of it was cleared out and many Swirling Abyss City NPC players climbed up. There was also a giant axe mark which was 5 meters long.

"Long Xing!" I looked down.

Long Xing was gathering Royal Army troops. He looked at me, "Yes General?"

"Gather workers to fix the walls!"


Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest etc Zhan Long players defended the breach while the workers tossed stone up to fix it. This rough way helped to make up for the hall. Han Yuan led the soldiers to move a few Dragon Crystal Cannons up. In the distance, after half an hour, Li Mu and Wang Jian led the Furnace God Cavalry to get the south wall back.

The wall was covered in dense corpses.

We suffered heavy losses to defend the city but the enemy definitely suffered two times more losses than us.

I walked around and saw the Swirling Abyss City soldiers climb up like bugs. The Royal Army cannons continued to fire and mushroom clouds exploded on the plains. One cannon left one hole but it was unable to stop their attacks.

Brown Eyes were already furious and didn't want to waste too much time here. Which was why he wanted to take the city down right away.

I rode the horse but Butterfly was already tossed down with Blade Spin. Players on the wall fell. Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan etc defended with their shields while Dong Cheng Yue used Aisha's Staff to gain country war points. She had killed too many people this time.

I walked at the front and passed the south wall. Xia Ye and a bunch of Royal Army cavalry guarded me until I reached the west. I noticed that this wasn't any battle. Violent Thunder Army corpses laid all around. A general was slicing about and pulled his sword out from the chest of the enemy. He retreated and was hit by three arrows on his shoulder.

"General Ouyang Di!" Xia Ye exclaimed.

This was Violent Thunder Army's general Ouyang Di and he was just a Demon Harvest Tier Boss, he wasn't even at Deity Tier. In such a battlefield, there was such a high chance of him dying. After all, not every army's bosses had strength like Han Yuan and Xiao Lie. Ouyang Di panted and smiled, "Greetings Marshal Li!"

I looked at him and also the corpses around, "All of you are really doing so much for Fan Shu City!"

Ouyang Di was determined, "Fan Shu City will never fall. If we can die for Fan Shu City, that is our honor!"

"Great!" Xia Ye patted his shoulder, "Good brother!"

Ouyang Di looked at someone and pointed, "Marshal Li... General Xu Yan... He has died!"

I was stunned, "Xu Yan died?"


I walked forwards and saw that Xu Yan was resting on the walls and an arm was gone. His blood was black and there were 7 arrows on him. The fatal one was the one on his neck. The once arrogant Violent Thunder Army General lost his job due to Floating Clouds. For him to die on the battlefield was the most approapriate thing?

One definitely made wrong choicse in life but if one could get back onto one's own path, one was worthy of forgiveness.

I sighed, "After the battle, if the empire has not fallen, give him a good burial. He has died with honor for the empire, he is worthy of us doing that."

Ouyang Di's eyes were filled with respect, "Yes Marshal Li!"


After looking around, my heart started to feel cold. These three cities were attacking so fiercely and Fan Shu City was badly damaged. Fortunately there were many of us defending and after one batch died, more can take over. Moreover, those who lost a level didn't go online. Most of them gathered in Tian Ling City and were waiting to head back. It took them just an hour to get from Tian Ling City to Fan Shu City but the three main cities needed 10 hours to get over. Even with Valella crystal, that thing was too precious and there weren't many. Moreover in a country war, a few thousand people teleporting wouldn't do much.

I took a look and 50% of the Violent Thunder Army and Fire Axe troops were killed. Royal Army also lost 30% of our numbers. The three main cities attacking us really made us pay a price.

My only hope was Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword winning in the east. Whether or not they won or lost, if we had more of them, we could head out to battle and take them down. Just these 5 million players alone was not enough.


This lasted for 7 hours and the numbers of people here in Fan Shu City was changing drastically--

Tian Ling City: 4718821

Moon City: 3122839

Iron Skull City: 19283737

Swirling Abyss City: 4717232


There were just too many people from there moreover more and more reinforcements arrived. We lost 8 million but we could kill 203 times of our number. Just Iron Skull City alone lost 10 million to us but this didn't affect the big picture. Fan Shu City was still surrounded and their next attacking would definitely be worse.

At that moment, a report came from afar--

17:02: Nine Heavens City: Fang Ge Que led the Heaven Planning Hall team to attack Nine Heavens City. Yan Zhao Warrior led Prague to kill the reinforcements and wiped out 2 million people.

17:44: Drunk Maple gathered 20 million to head to Nine Heavens City. They are at Waterfront City's border and are about to strike Nine Heavens City

16:01: Flaming Cloud City: Lin Wan Er sent out 5 million troops southwest of Waterfront City and could attack the city at any moment.


The situation was getting worse for us and each step was lice thin ice. No one knew what was next and no one knew how long Fan Shu City could last for.

Based on the news from Tian Ling City, Fang Ge Que was determined to take now Nine Heavens City. The players that revived in Tian Ling City were mostly summoned over to Nine Heavens City. Fang Ge Que's words were, "No matter how many times they revive, we have to break them down and grab their throne!"

Demon Mountain had an agreement with me but with it broken like that, the agreement was useless. Nine Heavens City and Tian Ling City was in war.

But with Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior, Jian Feng Han, Simple etc listening to his orders, Fang Ge Que did have a chance to take down Nine Heavens City within three days. If he did, Fang Ge Que's position would rise. A true god should do what others couldn't.

But, what I was surprised was that Purple Wind Flute hadn't used the 200 thousand troops. If she did, that would cause a huge problem for the Heaven Planning Hall players.

Forget it, what I should be thinking about was how to defend Fan Shu City!

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