Zhanxian - Chapter 598.1

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To temper the state of mind by triggering inner demons with the aura of the Yin fire tribulation and raging wind tribulation was definitely an idea that makes anyone stunned, how much benefit people will get.

It still has the aura of a tribulation, but its power was less than 1% of the real tribulation, it was extremely safe. After triggering the demons, the difficulty of confrontation increases. It can be said that taking a seven emotions and six desires pill was equivalent to a simulation of a tribulation. For those cultivators who are on the brink of a tribulation, but who are not fully confident, this was simply a supreme treasure that was even more timely than the timely rain.

It’s not that no one has thought of such a medicinal pill, but, in the mortal world, let alone the Six Desire Pill that contains the aura of the raging wind tribulation, even the Seven Emotion Pill that only contains the aura of the Yin fire tribulation, no one was able to do it, even the masters of the Dacheng stage are no exception.

Without Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness at the level of the human immortal realm, and without Yang Chen’s means of transcending this world, it would be impossible to achieve this. Without the raw materials, even a Great Lou Golden Immortal couldn’t conjure up a seven emotions and six desires pill out of thin air.

Such medicinal pills are precious materials that can make people break their heads wherever they are placed. The most exciting thing is that the Island Master herself was on the verge of this tribulation, at the peak Yuanying stage, even as the Island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, she still lacks confidence.

Yang Chen sent a seven emotion pill over so easily. The Island Master was already used to seeing big scenes, and she would not feel guilty in front of any earth-shattering character, but faced with this seven emotions pill, the Island Master still couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

These people present were still immersed in shock, all watching dumbly, waiting for the Island Master to make a decision.

No one would suspect that Yang Chen wanted use a poison to murder the Island master. Yang Chen never had the courage to do so, nor did he have the motivation to do so. The only thing that was a little bit doubtful was whether the medicinal pill Yang Chen refined had such a medicinal effect.

It’s not because they doubted Yang Chen’s ability, but it was really too unbelievable for such a thing to be believable. There are still people in the world who can do this.

Yang Chen didn’t care about the unbelievable gazes of the people in front of him, this was human nature and a normal phenomenon. Even if the questioning inner heart pill that was used by the two Dacheng stage masters from the two major sects, did they believe in the efficacy of the medicinal pill previously? The current situation was easy to decipher, as long as the Island Master takes it, they will just know how the medicine works.

Normally, the Island master, who would remain unchanged when Mount Tai collapsed in front of her, was facing a small medicinal pill at this moment, but her hands were shaking a little. She turned her head to look at the surrounding elders, then turned back to look at Yang Chen, then, without hesitation, she swallowed the pill.

When the surrounding elders saw this, they all tacitly stepped back a dozen feet, and then imposed a series of restrictions. This small courtyard of Shi Shanshan was directly requisitioned. The Island master was protected in two central protection circles, the elders also sat down around and watched carefully.

The Island master who took the seven emotions pill, immediately sat down with her knees crossed, assuming a deeply calm posture. This was the most comfortable and easiest position to control the inner demons. Soon, the medicinal effect of the medicinal pill began to kick in, and the Island Master immediately sensed its power.

The surrounding elders were unable to detect the situation of the Island Master. There was no other way, this was completely a pill for inner demons. When inner demons attacked, they were invisible and no one else could notice it.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the Island Master’s face, their eyes fixed on her. There was no other way, who would make another elixir that would be useful to each of them? People are not for themselves, and the world will be destroyed. Even the cultivators are no exception. When their own vital interests are involved, everyone will pay such close attention.

An exaggerated smile appeared on the Island Master’s face, and they didn’t know what she had experienced. The smile went on for a long time, then changed to another angry look.

The surrounding elders watched helplessly as the Island Master kept changing her emotions and expressions in that small circle. What shocked them a little bit was that the Island Master even burst into tears once, which made the elders just couldn’t believe their eyes.

In the hundreds of years since she became the Island master, the Island master has never shown such fragile emotions. It was even a hundred times more difficult to make a person who was infinitely close to the Dacheng stage cry.

The mood of the elders began to get excited. This is the effect that they actually saw. If the Seven Emotions Pill works, then the Six Desires Pill is believed to have the same effect. They don’t dare to say anything else, that wisp of raging wind tribulation aura escaping during the refining process can’t be faked anyway.

Different from the joy and excitement of the other elders, Elder Bei Shuangyu was very conflicted. Speaking of which, Yang Chen’s refining of this Seven Emotions and Six Desires pill should be beneficial to everyone. With the relationship between the Pure Yang Palace and the Green Jade Immortal Island, and the relationship between Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan, this kind of benefit will definitely fall on the Green Jade Immortal Island. This medicinal pill is also of great benefit to Bei Shuangyu. Who doesn’t want to have a better chance of crossing the tribulation?

However, she and Liu Zifang, who participated in suppressing Shi Shanshan, will never get any benefit from this incident. On the contrary, the sect originally only intended to maintain a balance of power and compromise with each other. To make up for Shi Shanshan’s previous deduction, even if it was doubled, it was just some ordinary cultivation materials, and there will be no big loss.

But after the success of the pills, the ending would be very different. The sect needed a pill of seven emotions and six desires, and it was bound to bow to Yang Chen again. Then, in this matter against Shi Shanshan, it was not easy to be kind. Don’t dare to say anything else, Liu Zifang will definitely be punished, and she is an elder who spreads the power, and it is estimated that she can’t escape the joint responsibility of lax restraint.

Yang Chen’s move was simply a draw from the bottom of the pot. In addition to the previous affairs of the face retaining pills, people don’t even need to say a word, and the sect has to find a way to settle Yang Chen’s dissatisfaction. If this is the result, Bei Shuangyu felt absolutely unacceptable.

The contradictory mood made Bei Shuangyu not know how to deal with it herself. She wanted to give up Liu Zifang, but she couldn’t throw away her face. Besides, if she gave up, it would have a huge impact on her in the future. 

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