Zhanxian - Chapter 752

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The person Yang Xi hates the most is Yang Chen. Although Li Liheng never regarded him as a human being, but Li Liheng came from a famous family and was born with a noble status. In Yang Xi’s eyes, it is only natural that he is not in his eyes.

But what kind of thing is Yang Chen, the son of a small tenant in the Yang Family Village, the one who can make Yang Chen’s whole family die with a single word from Old Master Yang, who dares to climb on his head and beat him down? Although Yang Chen never seemed to pay attention to Yang Xi after his rebirth, this kind of ignorance seemed to make Young Master Yang Xi even more angry.

In Yang Xi’s mind, Yang Chen must be killed. Yang Chen seemed to have sensed something recently. He hid in Langya Well with his wives and concubines, thinking that he could avoid his schemes by doing so? What beautiful thing do you want? If Yang Xi can make him happy in Langya Well, then he will be the number one dog of the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

At least one high-ranking master and three Dacheng stage masters entered Langya Well with the task of killing Yang Chen as soon as possible. Yang Xi even specially ordered that he didn’t even need to do anything to Yang Chen’s family in the early stage, and when Yang Chen thought everything was under his control, he would suddenly kill him. This kind of extinction of all hope when a person is at his happiest is what Yang Xi thinks is the most ruthless torture to Yang Chen.

Even if Yang Chen couldn’t be killed in Langya Well, Yang Xi still had arrangements for him. As long as Li Liheng’s death is forced on Yang Chen’s head, not to mention a little Yang Chen, even ten or a hundred Yang Chens will not be able to resist the monstrous anger of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

For the young sect master Li Liheng, Yang Xi actually didn’t want to kill him. As the young sect master’s number one dog, Yang Xi was very comfortable pretending to be a tiger, but Li Liheng had to be killed. There is no other way, the image of the Young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect must be upright, without any blemishes or blemishes. In order to protect himself, Yang Xi also had to strike first before Li Liheng did it.

Now Li Liheng hasn’t finished cultivating the Free Demon Heart Sutra, and he still needs Yang Xi, a bastard, to hunt down beautiful female cultivators for him, and Yang Lan to help him manage these cauldrons, Yang Xi and Yang Lan’s brothers and sisters are still somewhat useful.

But this kind of need is not always needed. One day when Li Liheng’s self-motivated and free demon heart sutras are mastered, and Yang Xi and Yang Lan’s brothers and sisters are no longer needed, it will be their death date. No matter whether it is the Greatest Heaven Sect or Li Liheng, they will not tolerate two people who know that Li Liheng has practiced the Free Demon Heart Sutra to live, especially when so many cultivators have been harmed during the cultivation.

Since Li Liheng must die, then his death must be valuable. It would be best for his death to be on Yang Chen’s head. It can not only make Yang Xi and Yang Lan brothers and sisters live better, but also make Yang Chen’s death more miserable, killing two birds with one stone.

Yang Xi already had a comprehensive plan. If Yang Chen could not be killed in Langya Well, then he could use a small flaw in the Free Demon Heart Sutra to kill Li Liheng. The Free Demon Heart Sutra was originally found by Yang Xi for Li Liheng from the scripture pavilion of the sect, and Li Liheng was not the only one who cultivated it.

In fact, Yang Xi himself also has a space magic weapon similar to a cave, and there are also a group of female cultivators who have been captured. These cauldrons were secretly left behind by Yang Xi when he hunted them for Li Liheng. The wild goose has to pluck the feathers, so it’s not too much for Yang Xi to keep some, right?

It was Yang Xi who discovered the small flaw in the Free Demon Heart Sutra. As a dao sect disciple, it was not surprising to find a small flaw in the Free Demon Heart Sutra. It’s just that this small defect is hidden very deeply, and can only be discovered when cultivated at the early Jiedan stage, but it is impossible for Li Liheng to have this opportunity. He was already at the peak Jiedan stage when he started cultivating.

Although the defect is small, if it is used well, it can be fatal. As long as a small introduction, Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness can suddenly skyrocket and become uncontrollable, leading to his death. Regarding the problem of the spiritual awareness, in order to solve the problem, Li Liheng took countless pills from Yang Chen back then, and as long as Li Liheng died, Yang Chen would not be able to explain himself.

The only thing Yang Xi has to do now is to wait, to wait for the formation to be completely completed and ready for use. He just don’t know if I can see Yang Chen’s head first, or wait until Li Liheng dies.

When Li Liheng was smug and arrogant, Yang Chen was completely unaware of these things that happened at the Greatest Heaven Sect. For a whole ten years, he continued to cultivate his body refining technique under the blessing of the fifth grade inner sensing pills, and at the same time digging the yellow springs jade with his bare hands. Ten years of such self-abuse cultivation has finally paid off.

Originally, Yang Chen thought that it was impossible for him to advance in the yellow turban warrior body refining technique, but this time, with the help of the fifth grade inner sensing pills, he finally reached the brink of breakthrough.

After ten years of painful cultivation, it seems that Yang Chen has gotten used to the pain that comes from his body. No matter how hard a stone is, it is as soft as tofu under the body tempered by the yellow turban warrior body refining technique and under the physical strength raised to the level of sea pouring strength. Although Yang Chen dug the yellow springs jade with his bare hands, he had to be careful all the time, for fear of accidentally crushing a piece of it into powder.

To use an inconspicuous metaphor, what Yang Chen is doing now is like manipulating the largest crane in the 21st world to carefully pick up a small piece of Japanese soft tofu. It is extremely delicate and precise. This is not counting the pain that emanates from the body all the time, disturbing Yang Chen at any time.

Being in such a state for a long time, even Zhang Fei, who is very nervous, has become a skillful hand who can embroider lightly.

At the beginning, he didn’t know how many top-quality yellow springs jade was destroyed. What Yang Chen accidentally held in his hand was stone powder. In ten years, Yang Chen has already lifted weights like light, and such a situation will never happen again.

That’s right, it’s a description like lifting weights like light. Under the magnified senses of thousands of times, the body can still lift heavy weights as lightly as it feels the unparalleled pain. The innermost kind of willpower to resist pain is directly induced by the improved yellow turban warrior body refining technique.

It was very natural, Yang Chen broke through the initial stage of the sea pouring strength without a sound, and entered the middle stage of the sea pouring strength. There is no special vision, no opportunity for sudden epiphany, everything happens naturally.

Don’t underestimate the improvement of this mere small realm, it means that Yang Chen’s physical strength is at least twice as strong as before, and this is not considered physical toughness. An ordinary flying sword, even under Shi Shanshan’s control, would not be able to pierce Yang Chen’s skin.


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