Zhanxian - Chapter 753

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The advancement of the body refining technique directly stimulated Yang Chen’s spiritual cultivation, and the increase in physical strength brought about a sudden increase in internal physical pressure. The originally smooth spiritual power of the physical strength was suddenly blocked by the pressure in the meridians, as if it stopped for a while, and then triggered a more crazy rebound.

Boom, the meridians seemed to be filled with explosives, they were suddenly detonated, and then shrank suddenly under the strong pressure of the meridians.

It was just between entering and exiting that Yang Chen’s spiritual power was suddenly compressed and condensed once, and the spiritual power of the Great Yin Yang Five Elements directly caused a small-scale qualitative change, and the spiritual power full in the meridians suddenly seemed to be half empty. The spiritual power outside seemed to be suddenly attracted by a strong suction force, rushing towards Yang Chen’s body frantically.

The changes in the surrounding spiritual power made the busy girls outside startled for a moment, and then they all immediately understood that this was a breakthrough for their husband. Everyone looked at each other and saw the joy in each other’s eyes.

Yang Chen’s cultivation has always been an untouchable corner of the girls’ hearts. Although they know that although Yang Chen’s cultivation level is low, his combat power may not be inferior to anyone else, but this cannot be said to outsiders. Now those boring guys like to use this point to attack Yang Chen.

This is why all the girls can’t tolerate others saying those words about Yang Chen. But Yang Chen didn’t have any convincing performances to refute this statement. There is no other way, each of Yang Chen’s wives and concubines has a higher level of cultivation than Yang Chen, this was an indisputable fact.

After so many years of double cultivating with Yang Chen, the girls of course know that Yang Chen is also cultivating the five elements, and everyone has been surprised from the beginning to now fully accepting it. Yang Chen’s Five Elements concurrent cultivation has such a realm, and his true strength can only be imagined. The problem is, no one can publicize this kind of secret in the outside world, right?

Now Yang Chen has finally broken through. Before that, he was in the middle Yuanying stage, and now he is at least in the late stage. Counting Yang Chen’s cultivation time, he has reached the late Yuanying stage in about five hundred and fifty years, which is the performance of a genius in any sect. In particular, Yang Chen was also a cultivator of the five elements, which shocked the girls even more.

The shock in Yang Chen’s heart was no less than anyone else’s. With just a small improvement in the Yellow Turban Warriors Body Refining Technique, Yang Chen felt that his cultivation had directly surpassed the middle Yuanying stage, and the late Yuanying stage and entered the peak Yuanying stage.

The spiritual power in his body was surging, as if it can trigger the arrival of a tribulation in the next moment. His spiritual awareness, which has not been improved for a long time, has broken through the ninth grade human Immortal realm in one fell swoop, and entered the peak of the tenth grade. It is only one step away from entering the first grade earth immortal realm.

The sea of ​​consciousness began to surge again, and it began to expand crazily. It expanded more than twice before stopping. To Yang Chen’s surprise, just after the sea of ​​consciousness expanded, it suddenly shrank and condensed, returning to its original size. Then it expanded again, then shrunk again, and so on three times. After the expansion, it did not change, and remained at the size of 5,000 mu.

After confirming that everything had stopped and there was no change, Yang Chen stopped digging and jumped out.

“Husband, how could you do that?” When Yang Chen came out of the huge pit where the yellow springs jade was dug and came to his wives and concubines, all the women present looked at Yang Chen in astonishment.

Tao Junqi, who was refining pure yin true fire, couldn’t even control the work in her hand, and scrapped one directly. If it weren’t for Tao Junqi’s quick reaction to absorb and control the escaping pure yin true fire in time, maybe Yang Chen’s family would have to bear at least one semi-finished pure yin true fire bombardment.

“What’s wrong?” Yang Chen looked at his women inexplicably, their eyes were so surprised, as if there was something on him that shocked them. Subconsciously asked, then lowered his head and began to look at his body.

Before that, he had been digging the yellow springs jade, resisting the fifth grade inner sensing pill, and didn’t care about the changes in his body. Now when he looked down, Yang Chen was startled. His body shape actually began to become very muscular again, with knotted muscles and high bulges, his body immediately became huge.

The original clothes had obviously been torn, and now they hung on his body like a pile of rags, barely covering some vital points. Fortunately, they are all his wives and concubines in front of him, and they are all from his own family, and everything has been seen by Yang Chen’s wife, otherwise, Yang Chen would be rude.

Everyone knows that Yang Chen was cultivating some kind of body refining technique, and it is normal for his body shape to change. What surprised the girls was that Yang Chen’s change in body shape directly tore apart the robe on his body, yet Yang Chen didn’t notice it.

One must know that all the clothes on Yang Chen’s body are magic weapons carefully refined by Gao Yue. Everyone now knows very clearly that Gao Yue’s crafting level is a rare master level in the mortal world, but her light was covered by Yang Chen, and her reputation is not obvious. Yang Chen’s clothes, any one of them, is a high-grade magic weapon for protection.

Such a magic weapon was easily destroyed by Yang Chen, what kind of strength is needed? Others can’t imagine what kind of body refining technique Yang Chen is cultivating now, which can have such a powerful effect.

It was Gao Yue who reacted quickly, and immediately took out a few top-quality materials, visually measured Yang Chen’s body shape, and quickly made a simple robe for Yang Chen that could cover his body, and put it on for him to avoid his embarrassment.

This was not the first time that this kind of situation has happened. It happened once when Yang Chen first started cultivating the Yellow Turban Warrior Body Refining Technique, and the change this time is not so unacceptable.

Yang Chen didn’t expect that there would be such a change in the middle of the realm of breakthrough force, but after thinking about it for a while, he seemed to understand in his heart that this kind of situation might happen several times in the future.

Every time one breaks through a small realm, it will cause a surge in strength. Obviously, the body must adapt to such a change in strength, and it will naturally become strong. And with the deepening of the body refining technique, after the body is condensed, it will slowly return to its original body shape. There will be such a reincarnation once in every great realm in the future.

There was another surprise for the girls. Yang Chen’s cultivation had surpassed the late Yuanying stage in one step, and reached the peak Yuanying stage, surpassing Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue in one fell swoop. Although the three girls cultivated diligently for ten years, and now they have reached the peak of the late Yuanying stage, and are about to face a breakthrough, they were still overtaken by Yang Chen.

This time, if anyone dared to say that Yang Chen was weak, all the girls could fight them directly. Although no one has ever dared to say this in front of any of the women.

“Congratulations, husband. Congratulations, husband. Congratulations!” After everyone was surprised, they congratulated Yang Chen in unison, and the whole family was filled with joyful laughter.


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