Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 28

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Volume 11: Chapter 28 – Monster Race’s Structure

I smiled wryly. “Ah! The inheritance hasn’t started? Can I decide not to continue receiving it?! The modifying of my body was already beyond what I can handle. If I continue the inheritance, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to withstand it.”

Mi Jia Lie laughed. “It won’t be. Didn’t I say that the most risky part had already passed? You’ve already suffered the pain from receiving the inheritance. I’m also not from the Monster race, so why would I make you suffer again? Let’s chat for a while before the inheritance, if not, there won’t be any other chances.”

My mood dampened as I knew that once the inheritance had completed, the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lie, would completely disappear from this world. He had sacrificed more than what I could for our world’s and the God realm’s peace and harmony.

Mi Jia Lie sighed. “Child, don’t be upset for me. This is my choice and something I needed to do as the protector of the God’s realm, it’s my duty. After you obtain my inheritance, in addition to your current powers, not only will you have all of my previous powers, but you’ll reach a realm even beyond mine. In the God’s realm, excluding Lord God King, my power was third in strength. Even though the Monster King is powerful, the power he will possess in this world won’t be too much since his original body is still sealed in the God’s realm. He will definitely have remained a lot of his power in the God realm so that he wouldn’t be eliminated by Lord God King. Therefore, after receiving my inheritance, you’ll have a larger possibility in eliminating him from the world with your friends that possess divine instruments.”

“The main function of the Ice God’s mask is to maintain a clear consciousness. Perhaps, you’ll think that its function is not useful, but let me tell you this. The Ice God’s mask is similar to the Holy Sword, a first grade divine instrument. Its power is only slightly lower than the Holy Sword. It can help you to replenish the powers in your body so that you can use them more efficiently. Moreover, it can also maintain your consciousness at critical moments to allow you to make the most accurate decisions.”

I nodded. “Radiant God, can I call you that?”

Mi Jia Lie nodded.

I asked, “When you initially told me that the inheritance will be dangerous, did that refer to the modification of my body?”

Mi Jia Lie nodded. “That’s correct. The modifying of your body was the key step. You’ll only be able to withstand my powers after completely modifying your body. I changed your body as you came here and discovered that your body had a few powers that had already been fused, which made me extremely happy because the fusion of my powers is necessary. Since you had fused the powers with the Holy Sword as their center, it made my job much easier and also allowed me to insert more powers in your body. You’ve to know that when battling with the Monster race, the more powers you possess, the greater the chances of you winning. The inheritance that will occur shortly will be extremely safe. You can rest assured. I will finally able to accomplish the God King’s task.”

Mi Jia Lie’s voice had a tinge of sadness in it. I knew that he was reluctant to leave this world so I couldn’t bear to ask him, “Is there really no way to leave your will here after inheriting your powers to me?”

Mi Jia Lie shook his head. “That’s right, once I pass the God’s inheritance to you, all of my powers and will will be fused within your consciousness. Actually, if you think outside of the box, you’ll understand that your inheritance doesn’t mean my death. It means that I’ve obtained a new life through your body. You’ll have my powers and my previous memories, in order to become the next Radiant God and the next battle angel, Mi Jia Lie. Alright, we don’t have much time left. Modifying your body has taken up a lot of time. When you woke up just now, my will had discovered that the Monster King is in the final stage of awakening. You must accept my inheritance as soon as possible. I’ll first explain to you the internal compositions of the Monster race before you undergo the inheritance.”

Mi Jia Lie remained silent for a while before saying, “If they didn’t possess strong powers of infiltration and destruction, then the Monster race can be said to be a powerful race like our God race. The leader of the Monster race is the Monster King. His power is even beyond that of the God King. Otherwise, we won’t have let him live until now. Even though I previously said that we eliminated majority of the Monster race, some of the Monster race’s minds had been snatched up by the Monster King. Once he reappears in the world, he’ll definitely release those powerful foes to gain a new lives through human bodies. The most terrifying helpers of the Monster King are the three Great Monsters, Dark Monster—Jia Si Ke Li Duo, Witch Monster—-Ha Er Yue Di, and Blood Monster—-Ka An Da Er Jia. With the combination of their powers, they wouldn’t be inferior to my power.” Mi Jia Lie sighed as though he was reminiscing about his past.

“Once the three of them resurrect, they’ll bring catastrophe to the Human race. With the Monster King and the three Great Monsters, it will be difficult for you to deal with them. The only way for you to resist against them is that even when the three Great Monsters completely resurrected, they don’t possess all of the powers that they had previously. They were severely injured by us after all. I believe that if they were to use a human body as their host for resurrection, they could at most keep about 30% of their previous powers. That is to say after you receive my inheritance, you should be able to deal with those three Great Monsters.”

I added, “I’ve already met with the Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo that you had mentioned and fought against him, but he escaped at the last moment.”

Mi Jia Lie was shocked. “You met with Jia Si Ke Li Duo? Quickly tell me what happened with him.”

I told him how I initially met with Jia Si Ke Li Duo that possessed Demon King Satan’s body and how we defeated him.

After hearing my narration, Mi Jia Lie suddenly laughed for a long time before saying, “It seems that my prediction was right. Jia Si Ke Li Duo should be the first Great Monster that the Monster King resurrected. With you and your friends’ power to be able to defeat him at that time, it has proven my hypothesis. He should only have had about 20% of his powers at that time and even if he recovered all of his powers, 30% of his previous powers would be as good as it could get. In this case, the chances for you eliminating the Monster King has increased drastically.”

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