Chapter 80 Chapter 80: Reaching level thirty Feng Xiao’s game time had already passed three hours, so he did

Chapter 79 Chapter 79: Beauty ranking “Young master, you’re back!”  Shui Ruo Ruo in a pink

Chapter 78 Chapter 78: Most trash Job Ximen Kuang was like an angry wolf, as he threw everything that he could see

Chapter 77 Chapter 77: Emperor Sword Purple Sun Feng Xiao could feel that his body was slowly losing all sensation

Chapter 76 Chapter 76: Sword God The azure clothed man was silent . “His speed makes me think of a person, t

Chapter 75 Chapter 75: Shock “All of you can scatter, it’s already safe . ”  Nalan Yi Shuo

Chapter 74 Chapter 74: Killing without a single drop of blood “Big brother Feng, you’re out . ”&

Chapter 73 Chapter 73: Becoming famous in a single fight (Part 2) “Boss!  Boss! Calling boss!”&ld

Chapter 72 Chapter 72: Becoming famous in a single fight (Part 1) Receiving the Xuanyuan Family’s Family Hea

Chapter 71 Chapter 70-71: Asura’s might (Part 2) “Old sixth, quickly contact young master and second b

Chapter 70 Chapter 70-71: Asura’s might (Part 2) “Old sixth, quickly contact young master and second b

Chapter 69 Chapter 69: Asura’s might (Part 1) A sharp sound and a shocked cry attracted everyone’s att

Chapter 1325: 1325 Chapter 1325 More than Half a Year LaterCity of Generosity, Bayam, in a rented apartment lit up with g

Chapter 3108: 3108 Chapter 3108 Finale 7“What is this all about?” Jun Wu Xie asked suspiciously . The man replied

Chapter 414: 414 Chapter 414 Really SomethingIf it wasn’t for the difficult dealings between the Zhu Family and Qin Famil

Chapter 415: 415 Chapter 415 The Elder And the YoungShanghai, a magical city . Since 1840, when China went into i

Chapter 416: 416 Chapter 416 What?If Qin Sheng didn’t tell, Zhu Qingwen had no idea of the close relationship between Xue

Chapter 413: 413 Chapter 413 Official Rank?For years, Jiang Xianbang had been leading a wandering life all over the world

Chapter 518: 518 Chapter 518 You Care About Me, Don’t You?Xiao Yunyun had thought that Young Master Zhong was an aggressi

Chapter 519: 519 Chapter 519 I Will Give Myself to You, Okay? (1)As a doctor, Xiao Yunyun didn’t panic for too long . Oc

Chapter 729: 729 “Exaggerate? Heh . ” Feng Xun gloated . “That’s because you haven’t met my sister! You’ll be stunned on

Chapter 728 Feng Wu said, “…Actually, I can protect myself . ”  Lady Northern Feng rolled her eyes at Feng Wu .

Chapter 727 The first thing Lady Northern Feng did after she left the imperial palace was to summon Feng Wu .  “

Chapter 726 “Your Majesty, I’m not! There’s nothing between me and Jun Linyuan! Nothing!” Feng Wu shouted at the top of h

Chapter 725 Feng Wu was conflicted .  “Are you hesitating?” Emperor Wu stared at Feng Wu .  What happened to “a

Chapter 724 Her legs were asleep? So many people had knelt before the emperor, and surely the girl couldn’t be the only o

Chapter 723 The chief steward didn’t know what to say . He couldn’t even look at the girl and had to smile wryly to hims

Chapter 799: 799 Since they were unable to reach a consensus, the officer could only bring those angry-looking women back

Chapter 798 Just as Su Tai expected, there was a jam .  This was the shortest road to the southern base . An ar

Chapter 797 Chapter 797: Hunting at Dawn (13) Because those people got killed and the women and children had nowhere to g

Chapter 796 Maybe they really lost a child so everyone was looking for him .  But, Ming Shu managed to walk in j

Chapter 795 The cars stopped at the empty field in the village .  There were four military cars altogether . On

Chapter 32 Chapter 32  Doctors pushed the stretcher into the operating room. Xiao Yi sat outside, his whole p

Chapter 31 Chapter 31  Luzhou wore his wig and costume. Xiao Yi was standing at the back, staring with a fool

Chapter 370 Chapter 370 . Penance (1) One thing Seol Jihu noticed while walking on the Path of the Soul was that

Chapter 369 Chapter 369 . The Awaiting One (3) What Seol Jihu saw when he first opened his eyes was a boulder . A

Chapter 368 Chapter 368 . The Awaiting One (2) When Seol Jihu regained his consciousness, he realized he was comf

Chapter 734 Chapter 734: Dawn of Terror (1) In the sky, the golden sunlight finally tore the last dark sky curtain

Chapter 2094: 2094 Chapter 2094 The Cruel Truth FortyBOOM! BOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Zhi! Zhi! Zhi! Zhi! Zhi! Zhi! Zh

Chapter 949: 949 Pseudo-emperor!  This was probably something no one expected .  Who would have thought that th