Chapter 1946: The Person Behind the ScenesTranslator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus TalesTranslated by XephiZEdited by AelryinthMo Fan pondered for a moment before going inside the house.Xinxia was helping ease Mu Bai’s pain.Xinxia told Mo Fan that Mu Bai was still conscious, and could still he

Chapter 1947: Posture Unlocked!Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus TalesTranslated by XephiZEdited by Aelryinth“Ling!~”Little Flame Belle snuck out of the Contracted Space after waking up from sleep while Mo Fan and Xinxia were having a heavy conversation. She flew straight into Xin

Chapter 2794 HumiliationRoars of tigers and wails of wolves kept reverberating in the mountain. Wang Di Mountain was covered up with mists, and danger was everywhere. Beasts and monsters were widespread in the mountain range.However, as long as they did not encounter any very formidable beasts, it w

Chapter 727 Etermity (4)“All For One is made up of a senate, a privy council, and a secondary parliament. The members of the parliament are well connected with nobles from many countries. In fact, some of them are nobles too, such as Arreck, Seifer, and Yoakam. There are countless lower-ranki

Chapter 1561: Little friend Shuhang, you might as well protect the fellow daoist that is transcending their tribulationBlood mist coming from the east, demonic qi covering the sun, and yin qi soaring into the sky—these signs were all good omens for demonic cultivators who were transcending their tri

Chapter 2946: Exhausting the Essence Blood (Four)The Wind Venerable sat with his legs crossed. The fetal membrane of the world that seemed to be obscured by mist hovered a meter above his head. Jian Chen, Shen Jian, and Sacredfeather sat thirty meters away from the Wind Venerable, staring straight a

Chapter 2947: Disciples of the Sword Saint“I was careless. I thought I completely understood the power of the ancestral artifact already, but I didn’t think I’d still underestimate it. The power of the ancestral artifact is actually even greater than what I imagined. Probably even certain god artifa

Chapter 745 Worship (2 in 1 Chapter)Black Sand’s body gradually lost strength. His grip slacked around the sword’s handle, forcing him to switch hands. He had flipped over and the giant beetle was already right in front of him with its forelimbs raised! No time was spared for Black Sand!Black Sand’s

Chapter 1113: The Days in Which the House Husband Isn’t at Home (3)If it wasn’t because Bai Qingqing and Muir had already become mates, Curtis would have suspected if Muir was intentionally trying to get his Snow killed.Seeing that Bai Qingqing was fine, Curtis carried her and straighten

Chapter 2588: That is just his image!“He pinned me to the bed and kissed me so passionately that I-I… couldn’t help but respond to his advances! I eventually came back to my senses, though, so I pushed him away and told him ‘no’. His expression turned somewhat cold at that, a

Chapter 2130: The Past Life 55Sima Yan’s heart surged with anger as he sneered and looked at Mu Yi.He looked up and said coldly, “Guard, block all of them for me. No one can stop me from taking Maiden Dongfang away today.”‘This Mu Yi still does not understand that I’m s

Chapter 305 – Male Concubines and Mistresses(21)June 15th, the day before Su Wan and Su Rui’s wedding. The princess royal residence had prepared everything as of right now.Festive red lanterns were hung on the vast residence hall.The night was cold like the water but the red palace lanterns sh

Chapter 1942, Terrible Luck“Shit!” Yang Kai couldn’t help cursing as his bad mood only got worse.Since he entered the Starlight Corridor, he seemed to only run into one disaster after another.First, he had met Yin Le Sheng who had attacked and tried to rob him, then he met Senior Brother Kou who had

Chapter 2356: Endless Ocean!Rumble! Stellar Energy surged out of Li Xuantu’s body, Halos of Spacetime rippling out from his feet with a metallic clatter.This wasn’t the group’s first time facing Heaven, but this time, Heaven had the Celestial Palace. This battle was going to be far

Chapter 2357: Giant in the Ocean!Li Xuantu was taken aback at first, but after seeing the six giant pillars, he understood.There was no doubt that the six pillars were the key to everything. If they could comprehend the secrets of the six pillars, they would be able to find a clue linked to the Cele

Chapter 409 – Third Rank Blacksmith Lan XuanyuThe rumbling sounds became extremely intense. Initially, the forging counter only shook, but very soon, the huge sound wave caused the entire forging room to tremble.“Dang!” The twelfth hammer fell. The chunk of metal had shrunk by a third and a layer of

Chapter 2148: The Whereabouts of the Chaos Spatial Domain Lightning PoolOn that night itself, Huang Xiaolong released the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool inside the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace.However, before Huang Xiaolong began refining the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool, Huang Xiaolong act

Chapter 649 The Chu Family OpposedAfter the call with Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan put her mobile phone aside and tapped her fingers on her desk.Outside, Mei Qi knocked on the door.Song Yunxuan said, “Come in.”Hearing Song Yunxuan calling him in, Mei Qi pushed the door open and went in, greeti

At this time in the arena, the battle has heated up. After all, Qi Sanchuan, an old gambler, after mastering a certain rule of dice points, began to make adjustments. With his state weakened, Qi Sanchuan used various defensive tactics to resist Tai Cang's onslaught. Seeing that he has the advantage

Ji Liuhe hurriedly lowered his head, "Big Brother, I'm the one who talks too much." Feng Jiuxiao glanced around and said: "Everyone, as you have heard, the patron saint chose to leave for some reason." "But please believe that the patron saint absolutely attaches great importance to Hongmeng and doe

"Devil! Doesn't show its original form yet!?" Zhou Xuwang suddenly raised his head, revealing a cruel sneer. A pair of human eyes suddenly became colorful, like a kaleidoscope. "It's really no way..." A terrifying dark force swept through the martial arts field! As if purgatory opened the rift, the

Before the words fell, a shock wave of mysterious power suddenly spread in the area where Zhou Hankong was located! In a blink of an eye, the sky was dim and the ground was dark, and the ice and snow swept the entire martial arts ground like a tide roaring! "Run! Quick retreat..." Although there are

Summer is also very surprised! He didn't expect that he could actually break through to ninety-nine stars so quickly! "Actually, when you get the power of the source, you don’t need to do anything. Your body will open the seventy-two bridge on its own, and the power of the source will naturally reac

Both of them are masters of the fourth tier. Although it is impossible to defeat Xibatian and Yaoji, they think that they can delay for a while. As for the other eight people, a few help hold these two people. The others rush in. If you really found something inside. Then they can call in more peopl

"This... this is impossible." Lan Wei kept shaking her head, unwilling to believe everything in front of her. In his own territory, the formation was out of control, and he was imprisoned. Moreover, the Great Array actually shielded this place, and no one could feel it. In other words, no one would

To the north of Yinglong City, tens of thousands of kilometers away, there is a huge city called Chongming City. Chongming City, as the county city of the ethereal demon country, is far more prosperous than Yinglong City can compare. In Chongming City, there is a constant flow of people, and the sho

Chapter 443 - Clan Establishment (7)Even though Yeon-woo had painstakingly searched the Bayluk’s lab on the twenty-eighth floor and scanned through the research notes and experiments, he had no way to truly understand what Bayluk had been doing. All he could guess was that the research was wi

EPILOGUE  IN THE HOLY LAND  Dang, Laplace thought as he ran as fast as his legs could take him, I thought I was gonna die!  Just as they had discussed, he had attempted to break into the holy domain once more, the moment the Walpurgis Council began. He was on his way to the c

CHAPTER 6  THE OCTAGRAM  The moment I consumed Clayman, the red-haired demon lord Guy stood up.  “An impressive feat,” he solemnly intoned. “I hereby recognize your right, from this day forward, to call yourself a demon lord. Does anyone disagree?”&nbs

CHAPTER 5  WALPURGIS  The impossibly ornate door connected right to the meeting hall.  A large, round table was positioned in the center, with twelve evenly spaced chairs surrounding it. Ten demon lords were on the invite list (with Carillon absent), so two of these seats wou

CHAPTER 4  IN THE LAND OF DESTINY  So everything was set. After giving my final instructions to Veldora, I waited for an envoy to direct me to the Council site. I didn’t know where it was, so I’d be going along with Ramiris—who, by the way, also didn’t know.&n

INTERLUDE  THE DEMON LORDS  The demon lord Clayman awaited the appointed hour, a glass of wine in his hand. The Walpurgis Council was tonight, and as a mixture of anger and happiness danced across his face, he thought over a few things.  First, the bad news.  Ignoring

CHAPTER 3  THE EVE OF BATTLE  It turned out to be unusually easy for Clayman to convene a Walpurgis Council.  The use of Carillon’s “betrayal” as the topic was important to him. The way it was explained to the demon lords was basically that Carillon violated

CHAPTER 2  WORD FROM RAMIRIS  Just as the summit was winding down, and I felt it was time to wrap things up:  Bwaaam!!  The doors flew open as someone stormed in.  “I heard all that! Tempest shall fall to ruin!!”  There was a tiny winged gi

CHAPTER 1  BETWEEN MONSTER AND MAN  Clayman was never one to place too much trust in his strength.  He was the demon lord who took over all of Kazalim’s lands. Once Kazalim was defeated at the hands of the demon lord Leon, all the people who served him came to rely upon

PROLOGUE  THE MAGIC-BORN’S RUSE  “Hoo dear, nearly bit it for good back there…”  Laplace was muttering to himself as he appeared before his master. He clearly had the injuries to back that assessment up.  “Tough, huh?” casually rep

Chapter 1403: Jerk!“Who am I? Where am I? This floor… why is it so familiar???”Camilla opened her eyes with a spinning head. She looked around her in a daze before her gaze landed on the floor, and she felt a sudden familiarity.Then, last night’s memories began to flood C

Chapter 1402: A Letter From Wind ForestAfter getting the acknowledgement from the system, Mag simply lay down on the spot and refused to look at that pile of durians no matter how the system coaxed him. Anyway, there was no point for him to learn this skill, as he would never get to use it.After a w

Chapter 1183. Short Series A / Human Success Part 6 「 How long are you going to remain as a cultural entertainer? 」 Yazawa-san told governor Murata. 「 If you intend to be a politician for the rest of your life, then you should turn over a new leaf. As of now, you’re not

Chapter 745 - UpgradingTrawling through the list I see tons of interesting but niche Skills that would be useful but would contribute to Skill bloat that I pass over after a glance. Do I want to have a digging active? Sure, it might sound nice to have Shovel Mandibles to work in tandem with the Dig