Chapter 1589: 1589 Nie Tian in his soul form clutched the Spirit Scepter, cast a glance at Grand Monarch Soul Breaker, an

Chapter 1709: 1709 The place appeared to be a Buddhist Temple . The area wasn’t small . There was even a small gate to e

Chapter 1710: 1710 The interior was very simple; there was a small door that separated the rectangular room into two sect

Chapter 1889: 1889 Chapter 1889: Danger! Nowhere to Run!Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr Even before the m

Chapter 1289: 1289 Chapter 1289: Perish in SilenceAs they were having a conversation, the Northern Exalt was analyzing th

Chapter 1512: 1512 Translated by XephiZEdited by AelryinthA few Lamias noticed that Mo Fan was setting up his Domain, and

Chapter 1513: 1513 Translated by XephiZEdited by AelryinthThe group waited in New Suez for around five days . Surprising

Chapter 1173: 1173 Subway Line 0, ID Card, Wan Peng, Shangjing Survivor Alliance…Several keywords were connected together

Chapter 1172: 1172 Subway Line 0 . Before he came to Shangjing, Jiang Chen had never heard of this term . However, when

Chapter 1680: 1680 “Nine Yin Magic Mirror! My Nine Yin Magic Mirror!!!” Shi Ming stood up and yelled in excitement . Shi

Chapter 65 [The Zero’s Judgment]Boss and co move quickly . The operation was carried out the following evening . L

Chapter 64 [Heavy Judgment]Tameiki-san is a gourmet . Even in this city, Slaceid, there are several shops that she visit

Chapter 63 [The Day’s Judgment]Today is the day when the postponed school tournament will finally take place . Howe

Chapter 354 354 Bear-san, Goes Around for Greetings Part 1 (Day 3)When I woke up in the morning, my body screamed in pain

Chapter 1422: 1422 All at once, Li Xiongtu wanted to faint . What does he mean by that?On the one hand, he wanted to chas

Chapter 1421: 1421 Li Wubo was delighted . He was so happy that he went on to spout loud arrogant talk incessantly at Li

Chapter 623: 623 Chapter 623: Transition 2Dak! Dak! Da!Inside the halls of the Yu-dong castle . Luke and King Biryu, who

Extra Chapter: Trials and Tribulations of the Bow Hero  My name is Itsuki Kawasumi.  I was walking home from my prep school, upset, because the results of my last test were always the same. I got another E.  Whenever I felt bad after class like that, I would relax at home by play

Epilogue: A Disquieting Place  We didn’t find the heroes, but we eventually made our way to the town  where they were last seen. Eclair and the old lady were off searching for the heroes on their own. Rishia had wanted to go with them, but she was a bookish girl, so I  figu

Chapter Sixteen: The Country Above the Spirit Tortoise  “Mr. Iwatani, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your efforts in this latest battle.”  I went back to the meeting tent of the coalition army after the battle. The queen and foreign generals there all offered wo

Chapter Fifteen: The Spirit Tortoise  “It’s so big once you get up close.”  The enormous tortoise was before us, advancing step by step.  When its feet hit the ground, earthquakes occurred. I felt it rattling my bones.  “It sure is.”  &ld

Chapter Fourteen: What it Means to be a Hero  “The Spirit Tortoise is moving towards heavily-populated areas. The  queen has requested your return to Melromarc.” “What?” If it was powerful enough that it needed to be sealed away, then it  couldn’t be

Chapter Thirteen: Game Knowledge Bares its Fangs  “Those idiots!”  It was our third night in the village.  The other heroes had come on the second night to deliver their report.  The report from the shadows that had been trailing them came on noon of the third d

Chapter Twelve: Getting Ahead of the Enemy  “So those are the monsters we found.”  When I got back to the castle, the queen called for all the heroes to come together.  Just as I expected, the other heroes had also come across monsters with strange shells on their bac

Chapter Eleven: ——’s Familiar  Filo was a fast runner, so it only took us a day and a half.  We arrived at the village to find it mostly overgrown.  “This was my fault.”  “You don’t think...”  We cut back the shrubs as w

Chapter Ten: Kigurumi  Before we set to work on what we’d been tasked with, I decided to stop by the weapon shop to see what sort of progress the old guy was making.  I asked Eclair and the old lady to wait for me in the carriage. The old lady’s son kept watch outside. 

Chapter Nine: What it Means to Train  On the fourth day of training, Ren didn’t show up.  I went looking for him, and when I found him he made his irritation clear, saying that if we had enough time to waste on impossible things, we should spend it looking for stronger weapons. I

Chapter Eight: Life-Force Water   We ended up training until nightfall.  When the sun went down, we teleported back to the castle and were finally free to do what we wanted.  “Man, I’m really tired.”  “I know. That was more taxing than I’d expec

Chapter Seven: Impossible Training?  “Is that really what you’re thinking?”  After we finished breakfast, the old lady began to tell us more about her fighting style. She had started acting as our combat advisor in earnest.  Just as we were about start the train

Chapter Six: Hengen Muso Style  The next morning.  “Shield Hero, the queen would like to meet with you.”  I was still asleep in the castle chamber when someone knocked on the door and delivered the message.  “Erm...”  I stumbled over to the doo

Chapter Five: Battle Advisors  “Fehhhh!”  “Wh . . . What the hell? You were lying about being the Shield Hero, weren’t you?!”  Rishia’s gasp was still echoing throughout the castle courtyard. Keel was glaring angrily at Raphtalia and I. Then Ri

Chapter Four: Custom Order  The offshore storms finally calmed down. The heroes and royal soldiers all prepared to leave the islands.  The activation event was going to continue for a few more days, but we had leveled all that we could, and we’d accumulated more drop items than w

Chapter Three: Framed Again Night fell. I had dinner and a bath and then went out on the terrace to cool off.  I looked out at the ocean and relished the cool night air. Had the storms finally subsided?  I caught sight of Filo out in the water. She’d wanted to go swimming after

Chapter 1480: 1480 Chapter 1480, True Alchemy Enlightenment ScriptureTranslator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGunEditor and Proof

Chapter 1888: 1888 Chapter 1888: The Power of the Ifrit! (IV)Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr Shock! Endle

Chapter 1115 Chapter 1115: Assimilating the FaceTwisting and distorting, the face struggled to escape, but Yang Qi’

Chapter 1114 hapter 1114: The CoffinRUMBLE!With some experience under his belt, Yang Qi was no longer afraid . He quickl

Chapter 278 Chapter 278: Kang Chul-In’s First LoveOne summer night 12 years ago, on a playground . . .  &ldq

Chapter 95 My Ranch Chapter 95“Strong, so strong, really too strong!” Seeing Jiang Hai completely ignori

Chapter 961: 961 Chapter 961 [Taking advantage of seniority]That star is formed from sword qi . Its might is out of the