2080 Fang Yuan“s LuckOver two months had passed in the sovereign immortal aperture, a brand-new Cooking Luck Pot finally presented itself before Fang Yuan.Its whole body was shining in golden light. When observed carefully, a platinum light would occasionally shine inside and outside the pot, giving

625 Qinghe in crisisWhen she heard her master ask about her power, Zhou Yingxue thought for a moment and replied, “I just feel like I’m stronger than before….”“Can you be more specific?” Ren Xiaosu raised an eyebrow. “What kind of metric did you use to figure that? Why don’t we head out to the wilde

Chapter 626 Clues to the SaboteursFor this trip to Luoyang City, Ren Xiaosu brought along Wang Yuchi and the other students. Meanwhile, Wang Fugui and the others stayed behind at Stronghold 61 to continue waiting for Yan Liuyuan and Xiaoyu to arrive.After all, if Yan Liuyuan and Xiaoyu were to find

Chapter 4561: WufeishijiedengerBoom boom boom!Chu Feng and the others disappeared after entering the spirit formation gates, but none of them appeared on the dueling ring.That being said, it was not as if all was calm on the dueling ring.Loud rumbling began sounding in the massive dueling ring, and

Chapter 4562: A Purgatory“Wufeishijiedenger… Who in the world is that?”The name rippled across the crowds of onlookers, and soon, they came to a conclusion. No one knew who this fellow was.But if one thing was for sure, this person was definitely of exceptional capabilities. The

Chapter 281.2: A Visitor in the Middle of the NightBut with the way things were, he really could not care so much.Fei Er has already sacrificed too much for his sake and she has even put herself in such great danger. How could he continue to sit back and not do anything.Even their young daughter was

Chapter 281.3: A Visitor in the Middle of the NightHe would never allow anyone to come to hurt her, even if it was he himself. That just cannot happen.The expression on Qing Ye Li’s face became gloomy for an instant.But….. they have really not met for a very long time!Night gradually descended.Becau

Chapter 1613, PoachingBa He and the others stood in place and looked at each other.Shan Qing Luo seemed to be in a daze as she held the Space Ring in her small hands, feeling Yang Kai’s lingering warmth on it.Sinking her Divine Sense into it, and after seeing what was in the Space Ring, Shan Qing Lu

Half an hour ago. A Native American couple entered at the start of St. Cross Street and began their leisurely pace down the path. The petite woman had her arms hooked around the man’s arm intimately, not fazed by the brush of his elbow against her soft chest. “He went in.” Tsuki

Chapter 777: Sharpen a Sword in Ten YearsTranslator: AL_Squad  Editor: ChrissySince ancient times, the Southern Heaven Region has been a frontier region in the corner of Nine Regions. It was once known as the desert of Immortal Cultivation World, the same as Blue River Regions. There were very few t

1282 X71291“s New NameThe silver spikes that penetrated the Death Claw melted into silver liquid again and spilled to the ground. The mercury-like liquid slowly moved forward, gathered towards the girl’s foot, and rolled back into her body through her pants.Losing its support, the penetrated D

1281 The Program is GenderlessThe third week into Project 071’s temporary suspension and the first weekend since the departure of SS Origin, the good news from the apocalypse made Jiang Chen stop doing the work that was on his hand.Lin Lin told him through the interdimensional communication de

Chapter 539. Go Back to Chen Kingdom (1)Translator: Guy Gone BadZheng Xuan saw that Mo Yi came out of Mo Fei’s room, frowning while asking. “Yiyi, you went to Mo Fei’s room?”Mo Yi nodded, “Yes! I sent the young master some food.”Zheng Xuan frowned, somewhat displeased, and muttered, “Yiy

Chapter 540. Go Back to Chen Kingdom (2)Translator: Guy Gone BadMo Fei blinked and then said, “Headmaster, what’s the situation of Ji family now? Any clue?”The fat headmaster sneered at once, “Ji family has such a big cause, but with no successor. The young generation has few talents. An

Chapter 1248 The Last Moment 4“Shhh —”Xuan Yi gestured at Feng Xun to keep quiet.Feng Xun glared at Xuan Yi anxiously. “Boss Jun has lost his mind!”Xuan Yi shook his head. “For one, even if I let you go over, can you defeat Boss Jun and take Feng Wu away?”Feng Xun shook his head.Xuan Yi said, “For a

Chapter 1265: End Game (5)Very obviously, with his low HP, it would have been an easy task for any of the three opponents to throw a spell and kill him. But all three of them walked right past him.Bamboo felt the insult at once.Gripping his mouse tightly, he went back to the base to recharge.Then he

Chapter 464: Pilgrimage (2)“The people of the Xiao Clan and Sui Clan are here!”“Has it ended? Has it ended?”“It should have. Those incessant cries are really giving me goosebumps. Those were the cries of Inborn experts!”At the beach, the crowd of martial artists stared in shock at the group from Xia

Chapter 408: You Are My QueenThis sort of thing was quite common within the circle. Many newcomers would choose to compromise for long-term cooperation.Smart people would go to these social gatherings, but they have ways to get out and protect themselves.Those who were not as smart would be reluctan

Chapter 1611: Forget It!“Leave Tushan town?” Everyone’s faces darkened upon hearing this. Did they have to flee again?They had been developing in Tushan Town for the past few years and had just laid a solid foundation. Were they going to have to give up everything and start all over?Everyone was awa

Chapter 1604: What Boyfriend?Ye Yuwei put her phone away and reached out to pick up Xi Xi again. “What happens if you crush your brother flat?”Ye Xicheng could not help but sigh in relief when Ye Yuwei grabbed Xi Xi away from him. “Mommy, Xi Xi gained weight again. She shouldn̵

1838 Maybe, This Is a So-Called Genius“Such thick spatial power!”The group of people arrived outside of a barrier. Ye Yuan immediately felt the spatial force that hit him head-on.Du Rufeng nodded and said, “The heart of the void realm is the cornerstone of the void realm, the entir

Chapter 1359: The Text From Three Years AgoJun Xiqing only had experience with Lu Yeming and similarly, Lu Yeming only had experience with her. Theoretically, they were equally experienced but in actual fact, Jun Xiqing was no match for Lu Yeming.He knew everything that he should, even his gaze was

Chapter 1919: Tragic sight (4)From the burst of the flames in the courtyard’s surroundings, it was definitely the activation of a mechanism.Alchemist Guild Headquarters had stored a large quantity of confidential secrets and exquisite levelled medicinal pills so the internal sector was mostly

2386 Battle of Fury!“No fears, no horrors, no worries, and eternal peace!”Faced with the butchering sabers of the battle puppets, the blades and weapons of the Nepenthe believers were all minced apart into sticks. They could also retreat futilely until they fell to the ground, reciting t

Chapter 725: Help (4)“You… Great Master Ye Qing has already decided to help. He will ask the Emperor to intervene in this matter on his account. Right now, it is of most importance to rescue your grandfather.” Luo De had never seen Shen Yanxiao radiating such a murderous aura before. He could not im

Chapter 476: Each of You Must Leave Ten Billion Yuan Before You Leave!Outside the Tang family’s villa.Everyone was dumbfounded. No one had expected menacing Master Yinshi and Sage Xuanfeng to end up like this.Master Yinshi had activated his Yinshi Heavenly Eye in an attempt to defeat Ye Chen, but Ye

Chapter 1006: The Part-Time Expert (22)#Breaking news! Wind He Rising is actually a girl and she cheated fans openly!#This post on Asking Gods’ game bbs had swiftly gone viral.The OP not only talked about the details surrounding Wind He Rising, saying the account was actually played by a girl, but a

Chapter 1958: Away Side Can Still WinFortunately, they didn’t need to restart the Boss if they died. Furthermore, there were also skill points given to two players.Although Lu Li wasn’t one of them, his fiancée was, so he was still very happy.The ones responsible for reviving went to take care of th

Chapter 902: No Right to Break the Great Ultimate Realm’s Defense ArrayStrange Mercury’s nomological escape technique aside, Di Jiu’s nomological escape technique could be considered the fastest escape technique in the entire universe.In just half a day, Di Jiu could sense his Five-Element Flags mor

1236 Feeling sick in transportation arrayThat night, Sima You Yue waited for Shi Chen in her courtyard.When Shi Chen came in, Sima You Yue was having some tea. Placed opposite her was a cup of tea that was freshly brewed.He smiled knowingly and sat across her, sipped on the tea and said, “Boss

461 Step ForwardRoland snickered when he saw the hybrid’s face.A catgirl!Snow-white cat-shaped ears, short snow-white hair, light green, slit cat eyes, and a frightened, delicate face.Betta came running with the stone box and saw the catgirl, who was pressed to the ground by the two Hand of Ma

1122 Ghost Flowers“What a coincidence.” Lao Wang smiled and greeted Pavaro. “You owe me a favor. Just recover for now.”Pavaro nodded his head. Even though Wang Zhong had stepped in to help, the bone demon was still slightly wary. However, Wang Zhong had directly told him that

1205 Choose to Trust Gu NingThey weren’t very familiar with Gu Ning, so they looked at Gu Ning as if they were staring at another woman.After being shocked for a long while, they finally got their mind back.“Wow, I can’t believe my eyes. You look totally different now,” Li Zh

1573 Ancient Realm!The heavens were paramount, and even Saints and Demon Masters had to act according to the will of the heavens. Defying the heavens would mean facing heavenly tribulation, which could obliterate one’s body and soul.What did it matter even if one were at the Genesis Tier? They

1093 Tide from AfarCountless spaceships surrounded a sapphire planet. Colorful lights penetrated the artificial atmosphere and made the sky of this planet as beautiful as the northern lights.This was one of the desolate planets in the army’s territory, it was rebuilt into one of the venues for

2791 Red-Robed ChildHan Sen did not know who the red-robed child was. He saw his body flash with a red light. It was flickering like a police car’s siren. He did not walk forward. He just stopped and looked at him. He wanted to see what sort of power the child wielded.It was wild to be able to

1655 Dragon Breath: Dragon FlameTranslated by XephiZEdited by AelryinthThe two young Wind Flame Lightning Vultures escaped to safety under the protection of the Steel Griffin’s wings. Their intelligence had not fully developed yet. They were not hostile toward humans, and with a little hint fr

The city fell into panic!Heaven City had always been safe, nobody expected these man-eating Heaven Demons to suddenly appear in the city!These Heaven Demons flew into the sky. They used their claws to tear apart Forbidden army soldiers, ate their flesh and drank their blood.They swept across Heaven

A pair of membrane wings spread open. In one sweep, those Totem Maidens hiding in the barrier were bisected.After leaving those corpses behind, Heaven Demon Ancestor flapped its blood-stained wings and flew towards the cluster of Crimson Sol energy outside the city.At the start, the cluster of Crims

Han Li and the others followed Jin Yue to a massive hall at the center of the holy city, and they all took a seat.Following instructions from Jin Yue, several young female servants immediately made their way into the hall, setting down things like spirit tea and spirit fruits onto the tables.Up to t