Chapter 1919: 1919 The speaker was the old man who had just left . He had come charging out again . There were two kinds of Martial Heaven Orders . The first one was used to gather troops in times of danger . It was the one that Ye Lingshan had used in the Yin Yang World to summon the Martial Heaven

Chapter 1918: 1918 Qu Jianying walked out of the Martial Heaven Palace and saw that the sky was covered in experts that had surrounded the Martial Heaven Alliance’s headquarters . They were actually all Netherpassage experts . The pressure of over a thousand of them crashed down on the Martia

Chapter 329 KOF champion Sitting in Ricardo Barbosa's office, Ben took a second to appreciate the space. This was one of the rare spaces in the MMA gym that didn't smell of sweat and old cotton. The walls here were even thick enough to insulate the sound from the men yelling not too far aw

Chapter 328 A cuckold“s revenge Pitch black darkness.That's all Ben could see for several moments before he opened his eyes and recognized the ceiling of the MMA gym, as the hazy ceiling light flashed behind a person's silhouette. He felt something soft underneath his head as he hea

Chapter 327 Witness me *Tap* *Tap* *Tap*The loud smacking of Nick's giant palm hitting the mats resounded throughout the gym like thunder."Stop!" The referee ran in, grabbing Ben and pulling him off Nick's arm before an injury occurred.Everyone around had their mouths open. They

Chapter 326 A champion emerges Having improved to a dominant position, Ben began attacking Nick with submission attempts. Elbow, neck, shoulder, Ben threw every kind of attack. Yet, although Nick was flustered, disadvantaged, and debuffed in personal talent, he was still strong and a top level purpl

Chapter 325 Finals star It was the final match of the purple belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament at Barbosa's MMA gym, and everyone was gazing on at the two competitors at the center of the room. Nick's chest was heaving up and down as he glared at Ben, who'd just insulted him by ment

Chapter 940 Mu Chen rubbed his eyebrows exhaustingly after Mu Xue left . At first, he had only wanted Mu Xue to live a simple and peaceful life, but he later realized that this was just his wish . Mu Xue, who had forgotten those memories, had become worse . Now she only felt that everyone was unwort

Chapter 941 The horses took the pain and neighed loudly . They raised their hooves up high, and started galloping powerfully . Xiao Qi Feng looked at Mu Chen and his wife approaching him . He waved his hand to command his subordinates to fire their arrows . It was very obvious that he wanted the two

Chapter 736: I Want To Fight YouHan Fei’s heart became cold when he heard that. He felt that he would be killed for sure.However, he also confirmed that Xia Xiaochan would be fine.So, the key was to save himself at this moment. He kept calling the Demon Purification Pot in his heart.“Mr. Calabash, t

Chapter 1497: UntitledHe only realized that he had patted her too hard when Jun Linyuan threw a dirty look at him.“Hahaha, Xiao Wu, are you alright?”Seeing the way the girl stumbled under his patting, Feng Xun scratched his head, looking ashamed.Feng Wu waved at him. “That’s

Chapter 1451: New Identity (2) Evidently, the final contact had been between all three, and they had surrounded the three pearls in the middle, which had been swept in as well! Of course, Wu Yu could not care so much about the reason! After all his effort, the three pearls were right before him, a

Chapter 1452: Army of Impermanence Wu Yu’s yell had fallen on deaf ears within the madness. Besides, held back by the game rules, they would not rush up to Wu Yu immediately either. With no response, Wu Yu was able to confirm that they were nowhere near him. He immediately sent out immortal messag

Chapter 917: CapturedUnder the suppression of big Druid Lendo and the nonstop work of the red cloak law enforcers, nobles, druids, and warriors were brought out without any hope of resisting.Their difference in power was night and day. Although the Harmon family looked invincible on the surface, mem

Chapter 2111: Return to the VillageOutside of Four Corner Village, a group of cultivators descended. This group had frightening auras. The leader was dressed in a long robe and bore an air of authority.This group of people was the members of the Nanhai family. The cultivator in the lead was Nanhai W

Chapter 1405: BefriendLin Lin’s reply perplexed Jiang Chen.His original wild and irresponsible idea turned out to be true.He once heard Zhao Chenwu describe that in the years immediately after the end of the nuclear war, the nuclear winter that shrouded Wanghai was just like a white hell. Many

Chapter 1883, Flock of MonstersYang Kai’s pitiful screams refused to subside even as his voice grew hoarse.Naturally, he was suffering from unimaginably painful torment.Every time the Dragon Scale moved upwards; Yang Kai felt as if his arm was being slashed apart by a thousand swords. Wherever the D

Chapter 444: On-site Inspection Right after Gloria had left the village, Heintz Lash advised Lithia. “Quasi-baron Farheight, I think it is too risky to have Miss Gloria go there alone. Having 2-3 people tag along would be much better. If possible, I would like to accompany her myself.” Lithia was

Chapter 443: At Toka Village Using the warp gate equipped on Condor 3, the Giant Peeders’ remains, 50 Army Golems, Titan 2, Pegasus 1, and Lands 21 to 25 and Pelican 3 who were evacuating Bolton, were moved to Hourai Island. Condor 3 would return via the huge warp gate established on the northern pa

Chapter 442: Eccentric “Oh boy… This is bad…” The Giant Peeders that were coming out of the Inad Mine weren’t as big as the other five, and were at most 10 meters long and 1 meter wide. But the problem was in their numbers. There were easily over a hundred of them. “Well, what should I do?” “Thi

Chapter 445: Review Meeting The day after the centipede extermination — Hourai Island, 3rd of July. Stearleana came back and they were having a sort of review meeting. “I assumed our current defenses were more than enough but I came to realize that they’re insufficient,” said Jin. He thought ther

Chapter 2196: What’s the motive (2)Seven days went by and Li Moying’s body had recuperated by quite a bit.But Cang Po Jun, Liu Buyan and the others took on the order to investigate the ghost masked man’s whereabouts but didn’t managed to get any valuable clues at all.Whereas on Hua

Chapter 2613: The Next Sun Plan!Below the array of super crystal processors from the primeval age, countless thick crystal wires, which looked like parasitic vines, extended out to an area of dense crystal processors of mankind. They were all the latest models of the Imperium.It appeared that Wuying

Chapter 1888: It Must Be The Dream RealmSu Mo saw himself at the Su’s Mansion, from his birth to the time after he grew up.Before he went into the path of martial arts, his talent in Body Tempering had been amazing and everyone was full of praises for him.After he had awakened his Martial Soul

Chapter 1742: Assisting in pill concoctionWhat drew Ling Han over was a herbal aroma.As the Alchemy Emperor, he might not be considered an elite of alchemy at this moment, but was definitely at the level of a prodigy. He could detect the slightest smell, and be able to track it down.This was a Celes

Chapter 2066: The Wolf King 61Decades ago, he was severely injured in a battle with this guy. When he met Nan Chiyou back then, he happened to be recovering from his injuries.Now, his injuries were almost recovered. Even if this guy found him, he would not be afraid.Moreover…Now, he already had some

Chapter 1606: For the First Time, She Realized that He Was So Far away from HerMo Liuxi was not too surprised by this answer.The daughter of the president of Shi Xiang’s ex-agency company. In addition, there was a rumor that Shi Xu had slept with his daughter before he was able to rise to the

Chapter 1262: Bai Zhun’s RegretTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo StudioThe shrieking sounds in the hall grew louder and louder.Ajiu’s big round eyes followed the two girls as they fought. Her small face was very serious as she said to Helian Qingchen who was standing beside her

Chapter 1000: Twilight City (18)She… left just like that?Not only the citizens of Twilight City, even Elder Wen and Geng Di were struck dumb.They had already prepared a bellyful of criticisms to deal with Shen Yanxiao. But how could they have predicted that she would suddenly leave?Looking at the tw

Chapter 1001: Twilight City (19)It was not fear, but disdain.Shen Yanxiao’s attitude was obvious.It was beneath her to sit at the same table as Elder Wen and Geng Di.“But is this really a good idea? If Twilight City and Fantasy Devil City were to join hands to deal with Sun Never Sets… w

Chapter 668: The Premiere of SleeplessAt six in the evening, the premiere of Sleepless started right on time in the capital.Mu Weiwei had gained a great deal of fame, when she was nominated at the film festival and also because she was the youngest director of Hua Land. Her fame had also increased a

Chapter 713: Chapter 713 Bringing Back The Twins (IV)Actually, Tang Ling could have told her that he would definitely help if he could.Chu Wuyou could almost guess what it was about. She remembered that the last time she was with the Gu family, she heard someone mention that Commander Gu had given C

Chapter 1329: The Story of Ling and Heng (592)“B-But the company’s executives are also saying that the company is being targeted. It’s already very difficult for the company to be targeted. Everyone says that it can’t be maintained anymore. I…” The employee on the rooft

Chapter 2527: Fusion Attack TechniquesThe glimmer of light was an extremely unique secret technique.The two brothers then moved at the same time and simultaneously waved the giant axes in their hands.Wow! Wow!Two axe shadows, one domineering and the other extremely sturdy as they shot out at the sam

Chapter 2250: I Do Not Wish to Be Your Son Anymore, Dad.“Stern School of Business at New York University.”“I’ll give you a few years.”“Calm down.”Every single word echoed in Li Mosen’s mind. He was on the verge of breaking down.All of a sudden, he stoo

Chapter 737: Han Fei’s DeathHan Fei didn’t know what it felt like to be resurrected by the Immortal Seal until he really used it at this moment.He found that he wasn’t really resurrected. It was just that the moment before he died, a terrifying power dragged his body into a nonexis

Chapter 1542: Mo Xicheng Reinstated (15)Mo Zhi didn’t care about causing a scene now, which made Mo Xicheng realize life was one big joke.What a great father Mo Hai was to Mo Zhi, going to the extreme for the man. But how would he feel if he were to find out that this son, who he protected wit

Chapter 2087: This is Your Martial Dao?“Wang Ning, Zhou Qianhui, Su Xinyu! My God, those … those are all the various Empyreans’ head disciples!”“It’s over this time, Master Ji is dead for sure! These head disciples, the weakest is also an initial-stage Ninth Firmament T

Chapter 1446: Academician Lu Once SaidThe experimental building of Jin Ling University.Qin Chuan, who was sitting in the dean’s office, stared at the holographic window on the table. He spoke emotionally to the person on the other end of the video call.“Lu Zhou is a professor from Jin Li

Chapter 790: Meeting Commodus For The First TimeBefore the departure, Zhang Heng received some information provided by Mark Reuss. Among them, the opponent he needed to pay attention to was a man named Sartonilos.The latter was a gladiator of the same age as Sethnets. When he began gaining fame, Set