Chapter 45.1 Ch 45.01~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~Everything else could be tolerated, but only the resurrection of Luo Mi

Chapter 440 Chapter 440 – The Power Of FateDark North City was fully prepared for a battle . After Luo Tian was imp

Chapter 1364 Chapter 1364: Lin Feng Trespasses on Jun Hall’s Territory!  Edited by RED“I can’

Chapter 1366 Chapter 1366: The Region of the Eight Corners Grows More Powerful!  Edited by REDLin Feng and Zhua

Chapter 1365 Chapter 1365: Killing!  Edited by REDLin Feng clenched his fists and golden energies emerged from

Chapter 106 Time passed like water as Cecil developed his weaving skills . After about half a month, Yi Ti finally used t

Chapter 105 After a while of talking nonsense, Lu Kong looked around, then pulled a white egg out of his pockets . Like

Chapter 108 “Achoo!” Yi Ti, who was sitting on the bus, sneezed . She unconsciously glanced left and right a

Chapter 107 Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:07Is XiaoTian in? How about Aggregate?Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:07:11Are you t

Chapter 51 [Chapter 51] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant  "She will wait for you at BiXia Palace&quo

Chapter 50 [Chapter 50] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant Chapter 99 and 100 of the Chinese novel . ___________

Chapter 1600: 1600 Chapter 1600 - The Mystery of the Flesh The eyes of the outstanding figure suddenly emitted two thund

Chapter 1408: 1408 “All rise!” Xu Baisheng could barely contain his excitement when he met the three disciples of Void De

Chapter 673: 673 Ok, I disappointed you . I can’t refuse her wish!Yun Xi had to admit that he was getting further and fur

Chapter 224: Song Wuyou and Mu Xin She is the important guest Mrs. Jier was talking about?     “Mrs. Gu.” Although Mu Xin doesn’t have a good impression of Song Wuyou, if she is Mrs. Jier’s guest, Mu Xin still needed to be courteous. “Mu Xin?” S

Chapter 146: Song Jiuyue Pushed Song Wuyou Off the Boat “Song Wuyou, I will find the evidence that proves it was you that harmed Jiumei!” Song Jiuyue vowed through gritted teeth, glaring ferociously at Song Wuyou. “Then before you find any evidence to back you up, don’t

Chapter 147: Turned Into A Habit Once someone took lead and spoke up, there would always be a second person. Especially those several middle-aged women in that clique. They used the harshest and ugliest words to criticize Song Jiuyue. Of course, Song Jiuyue would never admit it, but her action

Chapter 300 Song Wu You thought that Gu Yan Hao probably took it .          

Chapter 707: 707 “Huh!”“Ha!”After performing this secret skill, Yun Xi breathed heavily, and the compressed air in his lu

Chapter 517: 517  “Ambush? What are you talking about? I used Bi Fang blood to refine my body . ’Wei Xiao Bei took one lo

Chapter 516: 516  In other words, normal flames could not harm Wei Xiao Bei anymore . For example, if he extended his han

Chapter 953: 953 Chapter 953: 6X4 Standard and Controlled Nuclear FusionThe Space Resources Development Forum came to an

Chapter 951: 951 Chapter 951: Over One Hundred Billion Worth of Contracts Translator: Min Editor: Rainystars“Mr . Jiang,

Chapter 952: 952 Chapter 952: Change the World Translator: Min Editor: RainystarsLeaving the contract signing work to Xia

Chapter 96 Oyako Nabe (Part 2)「Is it alright, if I join you?」Celestine asked apologetically as she received a warm towel

Chapter 491: 491 Night Ambush (1)How did they record the points? Well, they obviously didn’t have enough crew to follow e

Chapter 900: 900 Huo Yunting looked at Huo Li quietly, refusing to lay out his cards . The latter was annoyed that he co

Chapter 901: 901 “What is it, Xiang?”“I would like an update on your progress . ”Eric chucked proudly at the mention of h

Chapter 1088: 1088 Chapter 1088: An ending like thisManager Jin said, “Jun Yixie, I heard Bai Yuqiao say you spent years

Chapter 8 – What kind of shit video game is it, this parallel world! ‘How should I explain my ability’, Yogiri thought about a little bit. If it was to an enemy, he didn’t care even if it was known. It was because they were enemies that threatened or killed anyway, he did

Chapter 7 – This appearance is a hobby The passage was continuing on straight ahead. After almost all of the traps had activated, there were a considerable amount of victims who were collapsed. There should have been almost no danger, but if you considered Rainier’s bad luck, they w

Chapter 6 – Without apology stones, I’d be dying It was someone who gave blessings. Granting people’s’ prayers, giving what they desired. It didn’t do anything for itself, nor did it care about the good or bad of the prayers. It was just someone who mechanically ga

Chapter 5 – Even if celebrities are said to be able to travel incognito, it isn’t known The Sword Saint walked to the direction of the forest, outside of the plaza. Those who were in the plaza moved in groups behind the Sword Saint in a hurry. Yogiri was walking sluggishly at the ver

Chapter 11 So Romiko promptly used “Calling” . On the bus, and among all of her classmates who were clearly c

Chapter 10 Originally they were only 24, and then Yogiri and Tomochika arrived as well . But it didn’t look as if

Chapter 9 Volume 4, Chapter 9: As expected, not even Dannoura can shoot beams yet“For some reason, I feel like runn

Chapter 8 They couldn’t just abandon a young girl’s completely unresponsive body.The hotel staff were contact

Chapter 7 Although at a glance it was scenic and picturesque, Hanakawa Daimon was walking through a somewhat distorted, i

Chapter 6 Thanks to the effects of the drug that he had taken earlier, Miyanaga Ryōsuke was able to keep his composure .

Chapter 5 “Just you wait . I’m coming for you right now . ” (Yogiri)Yogiri cast a look up into the sky