2020 Rank Nine Lightning GuForest Lightning grotto-heaven.“Forest Lightning Grotto Lord, you betrayed the two heavens alliance and actually colluded with Qi Sea Ancestor, this is an unforgivable sin and you will be executed for it.” Xiao He Jian looked down from above.Behind him were a l

2021 Blue Heaven ShattersSoon, Xiao He Jian received the reply. He personally flew underground and faced Forest Lightning Grotto Lord: “Alliance Leader has said that he can let you go, but Forest Lightning grotto-heaven must belong to the alliance. Of course, the alliance will not carry out an

Chapter 588 I“ll spend my entire life looking for him“Why are we going to the Southwest?” Yang Xiaojin asked.“We’ve already confirmed the Qing Consortium really does have nuclear weapons. Previously, we did not manage to locate their nuclear test site, so we have to get rid of this future threat imm

Chapter 863 Suspects and Theories Part 1 "My thoughts exactly. No matter the answer, I'm ready to bet we're not going to like it." The Baroness nodded while showing Lith a map of the Kusha Route that went from Zantia to Jambel.The Kusha Route extended for hundreds of kilometers,

Chapter 864 Suspects and Theories Part 2 "Thank the gods you're here, Ranger Verhen. I'm sergeant Guilden, at your service." The sergeant was a middle-aged man, with grey hair and a mustache. He wore a light armor over his grey uniform, protecting his forearms, shins, chest, and

Chapter 4517: Intermittent Happiness“Alright, Chu Feng. You need not feel too sad about this. Big sister Moon Immortal really treats us quite well,” Su Rou told Chu Feng.“Yeah, big sister Moon Immortal has been really nice to us!” Su Mei also nodded in agreement as well.H

Chapter 4518: A Bizarre Disappearance“Chu Feng, you mustn’t set your eyes on the Conquerstar Demon Flower! That item is completely different from the Conquerstar Immortal Grass. If the Conquerstar Immortal Grass is a tonic that could help people, the Conquerstar Demon Flower would be a

Chapter 1557, SourceAfter asking Xia Ning Chang carefully about the issue, Yang Kai realized that it was a coincidence that she managed to obtain that grey Qi.It was just after Yang Kai had left Tong Xuan Realm, and Xia Ning Chang was feeling incredibly lonely. In order to pass the time, she could o

The first day of the Lunar New Year was extremely important to every Chinese person. In the Chinese community, the luck they received on this day would determine their luck for the year. This was why the Chinese had a lot of superstitions surrounding this fateful date, which included seemingly unass

Chapter 401 People Are the Foundation of EverythingWhen he was back in the Magic Tower, Roland immediately convened a meeting.The managers of all the properties under the Magic Tower’s name were here. There were about forty of them, who were partly nobles, mostly merchants, and some special people,

Chapter 1145 Did You Get a Lot More Jade?After Tang Aining’s death, Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin would be married soon, but Jason was too busy so Tang Yaxin had to wait.It would only take about a week to make the wedding gown, and their wedding would be two months later.If Gu Ning knew that they were goi

Chapter 1188 UntitledHow was that even possible?!He was so much more powerful than Feng Wu since she was two levels below him. How could Feng Wu overpower him like this?But this formation was so terrifying!The stones seemed to be as numerous as the stars, and he couldn’t tell where they came from! T

Chapter 1529 Further ProvocationThere was a clear regulation in the martial arts academy—the residence of a disciple would be a forbidden area that was off-limits to all other disciples unless they received an express invitation to enter. Those who broke this rule would be punished. On the less seve

Chapter 1464 Absorb! Peerless Fortune!On the bones of the dragon and the phoenix, the place touched by Ao Xieyun’s left hand suddenly emitted a cloud of illusive light, which gradually brightened up. When this light appeared, the spiritual energy that was gathering and approaching between heaven and

Chapter 1078 Private ClubNow, there was no doubt that the actions of the Blood Demon race would be to benefit themselves. Their small tricks could not escape Gorst. They were trying to share the responsibility, right? Even if something happened in the future, the law would not punish the majority. F

Chapter 480. Do Something Big (2)Translator: Guy Gone BadAs soon as Mo Fei opened the door, he was immediately shocked by the scene before.Inside the door was a huge pile of glittering, silvery precious metals. Tang Xiaocai was sitting among those precious metals, covered with gold, silver and jewel

Chapter 1299: I’m Your FatherShi Xiaoxiao looked on from behind him in fear as she watched him kick the door down in fury.He was livid.Her fingernails dug into the flesh of her palm as she realized that he did not want to marry her at all. Even now, all he cared for was Feng Lingxue and her da

Chapter 417: Demonic Life Reduction Pill!“These are the Demonic Life Reduction Pills. The price is that the years of your life will be reduced to elevate your ability forcefully.”Guan Shanyue smiled lightly facing the duo’s stare. “Both of your abilities are no exaggeration to be described as the No

Chapter 434: Gathering Of The Supreme Talents (3)“I don’t care if you are from a Sacred Clan or a Sacred Sect. Just get lost and stop getting in my way!”A disdainful voice came from Bei Wuying. He lifted his right leg straight away and swept towards Wang Xian’s head.“That young man is finished. Youn

Chapter 1205: Goodbye, Second Brother (25)But as she walked to the side, a large hand reached out and took her cell phone away.She was taken aback. Turning around, she saw Shen Liangchuan standing behind her. He said, “Are you unhappy about his marriage?”Unhappy?Then she realized that a certain man

Chapter 369: Charity InvitationYun Xiangxiang felt happy studying with Song Mian. Even if she did not express herself clearly, Song Mian could still understand her vague words and found the crux for her.“I wish you were my teacher.” Yun Xiangxiang supported her chin with one hand, “I think if you te

Chapter 2731 God Body Evolved“Han Sen really isn’t bad. It is impressive for a crystallizer to last half an hour inside there. He is a very rare specimen,” Li Chun Qiu said while staring into the water.But after another half hour, Han Sen still hadn’t emerged from the Good Fo

Chapter 626 Finish For Now“K3516, your protection circle!” k3305 arrived a little late since he had packed up the protection circle for Abel.“Everyone, quick! Get the spoils of war, and let’s get out of here. The orcs have lost a lot, so they will definitely get revenge. The

Chapter 2326 Fight For the Imperium For Another 100,000 Years!Lost for words, Li Linghai asked in a shivering voice, with the ripples of desperation spreading out of her eyes, “What… What about ‘Vulture Li Yao’? He could absorb the strength in the Imperial Fire Pearl too. Although

Chapter 842: Meeting Shang Huijue AgainTranslator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosThat day, while Shang Huijue was thinking about how he would snatch away the Reincarnation Bridge and the Yin-Yang Taijitu from Di Jiu after leaving the Lost Dao World, Huang Peng hurriedly knocked on the restrict

Chapter 1898: Awkward and EmbarrassedTranslator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus TalesThere was going to be an award ceremony for the championship prize, beginning from the consolation prize and moving on the champion.The consolation prize was originally just going to be an ordinary award. Two pieces o

1052 ExplosionThe expressions on the Beyond Grade As’ faces changed. They remained silent and did not respond while quickly analyzing the situation in their minds. They all felt that the situation had become truly difficult.The reason they had surprise-attacked the stronghold was because they

Chapter 493: Closing The Door And Beating The DogTranslator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas StudiosEverything seemed to come to a standstill.Curly Hair carefully glanced up at Fang Zhao.After having such a scare, he had completely and thoroughly sobered up.Fang Zhao’s warnings that had been tossed to

Chapter 1765: The Wondrous Use of the LotusTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationAs he walked into the dojo, Zhang Ruochen finally noticed that something was off.He immediately stopped.“This is…”All of the plants in the dojo had withered, and the ground was full o

Chapter 571 The Bright NightAs they left the place they spent four years painstakingly rebuilding, the Flaming Horn tribe wept in their hearts. They were unsure what lay ahead of them and what dangers they might face. Emotions ran high.After all, this was their place of origin, their home. This plac

Chapter 1859: Scram on your own (1)But at this moment in time, these Elders totally had no spare energy to consider all these.To them, to be able to preserve their lives was already a thousand fortunes amid the misfortune. Those who had offended Mu Chengying rarely were able to escape unscathered so

In the territory of the Devils in the Void World.The starry river was filled with the corpses of many devil beasts, devil insects and, devils, as well as the fragments of ancient starships.SWISH!Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi, Dylan, and the others flew out of a spatial passage.After coming out, Dylan glanced a

Chapter 1236 Mars Rescue“How long until the rescue?”“If you say a few words less, maybe we can last a few more hours.” Wang Qiang said wearily as he looked at the remaining power and oxygen on the holographic screen.The oxygen in the rover came primarily from two systems.One

Chapter 1237 Label of The MinoritiesThe series of discoveries and moves Celestial Trade made on Mars touched the sensitive nerves of all the countries in the world.International funds, think tanks, scientific research institutions, and all governmental or non-governmental organizations were behaving

Fairy Yue Hua was quite befuddled to hear this, and she was also feeling quite uneasy as she didn't know why this Senior Han was so interested in her granddaughter.However, in Bai Guo'er's current tormented state, there really wasn't much worse that could happen to her. On top of

The elation on Fairy Yue Hua's and Bai Huaji's faces immediately faded upon hearing this. There weren't many cultivators who would be willing to accept such a major setback even for those who were closest to them, let alone for the sake of someone that they didn't know at all.&qu

......Heaven City, a Totem Maiden wearing blue attire walked into a white alley.After reaching the end, this Totem Maiden suddenly fainted. Next, like her soul getting sucked out, a soul drifted out from her body.This soul slowly condensed into a material state and revealed a beautiful face.“

After safely leaving Heaven Palace, Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou returned to Myriad Heaven Dragon Abyss’s peak.It was close to the new year right now. Chu Mu raised his head and was unable to see Heaven Palace’s shadow anymore.It seemed that he could only see Heaven Palace on that day.Af

Chapter 1971: Genesis Supreme!Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr“It’s fine. The Great Tang no longer has any powerful enemies, and nothing in the court or society requires my personal involvement. All of you will be more than enough,” Wang Chong casually said.In truth,

1594 Infinity SpaceTranslated by XephiZEdited by AelryinthThe empty third chamber had been a great surprise to the group. It meant there was only one chamber left: the chamber with the symbol of an eagle!They took the right door and headed for the last chamber without taking a rest.“We shouldn