Chapter 1440: 1440 Translated by XephiZEdited by AelryinthThe most valuable loot in a fire vein was the raw material for

Chapter 1441: 1441 Translated by XephiZEdited by Aelryinth—The bar at the relay station was surprisingly crowded . Many

Chapter 1337: 1337 At this moment, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song suddenly understood how such a huge number of Skylark’s

Chapter 1817: 1817 Chapter 1817: I Examine Myself and Find No Shame!Translated by: Hypersheep325 Edited by: Michyrr“It’s

Chapter 1608: 1608 Looking at the sharp fangs protruding from its mouth, Huang Xiaolong carefully ensured that there were

Chapter 684: 684 Chapter 684: The Terrifying Presence of the Human ClanAlthough Na Di’an’s suggestion was not perfect, no

Chapter 685: 685 Chapter 685: Di Jiu Settles the Score“Senior Sister Xitan, what does this old bark want to steal from yo

Chapter 686: 686 Chapter 686: A Quick Repayment of the DebtEveryone looked at Di Jiu . He could pinch Xiang Mu to death,

Chapter 320: 320 Chapter 320 Enjoy The Victory Zhang Heng glanced at Armstrong and found him staring at the valley in fro

Chapter 319 Chapter 319 Moon Landing “Err, have any of you seen my gloves?” Collins asked . He was hugging a bowl of por

Chapter 2171: 2171 After ending the conversation with Queen Li Linghai, Jin Tianzong moved from the head of the Colossus

Chapter 2170: 2170 On the bridge of Dragon Abyss, Queen Li Linghai was talking to the maintenance workshop through the sh

Chapter 925: 925 Chapter 925  [Second phase begin]“Xiao Yi! Quickly wake up!”Li Biyue hugs Liu Yi tightly while strenuous

Chapter 1413: 1413 Chapter 1413, Bone Incinerating Flame LampShrouded in Emperor Pressure, everyone felt difficulty breat

Chapter 1100: 1100 Chapter 1100 Stepping On A Giant’s HeadJane was looking at the traditional decorations around the mans

Chapter 1816: 1816 Chapter 1816: A Heart of Absolute Sincerity!Buzz!The Crown of Confucius landed on Wang Chong’s head an

Chapter 473: 473 Lindsey was raised by the Harry Family in Bakong City . His ancestors had been the stewards for the Har

Chapter 1033: 1033 Chapter 1033 Feng Wu the Tutor! 3 “From now on, Feng Wu is no longer my sister, and whatever she does

Chapter 1032 Chapter 1032 Feng Wu the Tutor! 2 The students’ spiritual essence had grown much denser . “OMG!”“So, listeni

Chapter 585 Nan Yu nodded, an excited smile evoked on the corner of his mouth: “Boss, have you ever thought about i

Chapter 584 Qing Shuang blinked slightly: “Miss, I understand . ”Ning Meng Yao nodded slightly, then she look

Chapter 165 Chapter 165As if a divine judgment had appeared in the sky, light poured out . The beam of light moved in a

Chapter 1862: 1862 Chen Xinjie’s face began to transform just like Long Yeyue’s . The wrinkles on his face gradually fad

Chapter 2548: 2548 Chapter 2548: Familiar PresenceThe armored man vanished from Gu Qingcheng and Elysian Moon’s vision .

Chapter 557: 557 Chapter 557 I’m Afraid of Leaving You instead of Falling SickJiang Ye urged Su Yunjin to go home when it

Chapter 813: 813 Chapter 813: Si Zhengting, What Exactly Are You Hiding? (9) “She’s your date? She looks better in person

Chapter 812 Chapter 812: Si Zhengting, What Exactly Are You Hiding? (8) Zhuang Nainai sighed . Even though her status ha

Chapter Epilogue Epilogue . ──Inside the Jewel . Lyle who lost consciousness didn’t show up in the room of round ta

Chapter 16 Chapter 16 – The Jewel’s Strength.Continuing after the First’s voice.The approaching blade o

Chapter 15 Chapter 15 – The First . In the middle of way of heading to the mining site where the bandit group was l

Chapter 14 Chapter 14 – Idiot Noble Son.I caught Zelphy-san who came to the guild early in the morning and we went

Chapter 13 Chapter 13 – Immature.I who returned from outside accomplished the quota from Zelphy-san and could retur

Chapter 12 Chapter 12 – Doesn’t Want To Recognize . Inside the hideout like shop in Darion, Ciel . There, I w

Chapter 11 Chapter 11 – True Strength.We met in the guild early in the morning.A lot of adventurers gathered in the

Chapter 10 Chapter 10 – Aria . It was a shop with many pink color and frilly thing . Inside the shop, it was a plac

Chapter 9 Chapter 9 – The First Love……’s Descendant.An adventurer mustn’t commit an adven

Chapter 8 Chapter 8 – The Completely Continued Family Precepts.Walt House’s family precepts for taking wife.T

Chapter 7 Chapter 7 – Broken Heart . We returned to the inn where we are staying . We left the guild, finished our

Chapter 6 Chapter 6 – Adventurer Guild.Darion.It was a city that was connected with a highway to the capital Centra

Chapter 5 Chapter 5 – An Entranced Person . The next day . We departed from Remlraudt to Vanseim Kingdom’s ca