Chapter 624: 624 V55C8P3 – Crisis in Morata Weed travelled through the sky on Wyvern-Three . The sunlight was wa

Chapter 625: 625 V55C8P4 – Crisis in Morata Seoyoon governed the Arpen Empire and learned about the logistics an

Chapter 626: 626 V55C8P5 – Crisis in Morata We’ll start the 56th volume next week “Sheeeek!”Seechwi went around

Chapter 627: 627 V56C1P1 – As The Emperor Wishes They were in the administration conference of the Arpen Empire

Chapter 123.2 Chapter 123: The Play of Reason  Li Chang Le screamed, "Save me! Quickly save me!"

Chapter 1590: 1590 Indeed, Lu Li didn’t need this Skill Book for Strengthened Shadowstrike . Plus, there was only one co

Chapter 576 This is clearly the miserable result after man’s essence being drained by woman! Ouyang Haoxua

Chapter 575 It seems that master really loves the princess as himself . Now, he even eliminated Liu Li Sect for the prin

Chapter 693 As the overlord of the nearby Star Region, the mindset of “Those who comply shall thrive while those wh

Chapter 694 The image of the Law Enforcement Hall had always been relatively bad in people’s hearts, they were too

Chapter 304 With the sudden influx of migrations and specialty products from Lorel to Asora, Asora gained energy .

Chapter 307 In the end, I ‘returned’ to Tsige one week after the torturing night .   What&rsquo

Chapter 306 Yeah. I have followers that I rely a hella ton on, Tomoe, Mio, Shiki, and Tamaki (borrowed) for a to

Chapter 305 “Welcome back, Waka-sama, and everyone . ”  “I am back, Tamaki . ” (Mak

Chapter 26.3 Chapter 26 part 3 He would deal with the trouble he caused! Juisheng put down Ling Xi and rota

Chapter 103 Editors: Ytho, LaidBackGuy At that end, laughter coming from the flame stopped . The familiar who w

Chapter 603 Ever since Su Xing had gone to the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom, Thief Star Shi Yuan felt a bit bored, and s

Chapter 1534: 1534 Edited by RED “Indeed! Look at that woman’s clothes! All luxury brands! How could she possib

Chapter 1533 Edited by RED “But since it wasn’t raised by a human, how can anyone be sure the snake was really

Chapter 627: 627 During the Magus Era, some dark magus researched the pain of severing mental strength . The p

Chapter 626 “You are?”The heart of the middle-aged arcane master in the sky violently contracted . Waves of as

Chapter 465: 465 Fate . It was something that cannot be seen or touched . Some people believed in it while some

Chapter 1962: 1962 The Condemn Evil Brush! The tip of the brush was like a blade, and it was suffused with an il

Chapter 1963: 1963 The Shaman Spirit Battle Domain . Samsara flowed and revealed all sorts of phenomena that sh

Chapter 360: 360 At the next moment, Liu Ming’s eyes flickered, then he moved his arms without saying much . He drew a b

Chapter 865: 865 GDK 865: Bait The toxins contained in the Demonic Miasma Cloud were extremely deadly . A porti

Chapter GDK To Han Shuo, Salas was not just a powerful opponent, but also the key to making a breakthrough in h

Chapter 1282: 1282 When the blaring sound of the bell rang for the first time, Jiang Fei’s two roommates immediately shot

Chapter 1283: 1283 “Oy, get up . What are you doing? Sleeping?!” said the Valsalrian . He walked casually towards Jiang

Chapter 1284: 1284 Jiang Fei was still scared when he was forced to pick out ‘freebies’ for himself . And yet his hands

Chapter 1285: 1285 Once the Bio-Armor was fitted onto Jiang Fei’s skin, no one could tell that underneath his rugged trai

Chapter 1678: 1678 “What did you say?” Duke Long did not hear clearly .  “I said, I regret it . ” Hong Ting sai

Chapter 1679: 1679 The surging river was always flowing from past to present to future .  Fang Yuan stood at th

Chapter 1680: 1680 Inside the sovereign immortal aperture .  Mini Central Continent .  Dark clouds covered the

Chapter 1681: 1681 Inside the sovereign immortal aperture .  Mini Central Continent .  Fang Yuan’s time path cl

Chapter 378: 378 Chapter 378: Chapter 24 Adele’s Ambition Snake Island . With Soran’s orders, the whole south

Chapter 1267: 1267 Chapter 1267, Worried About Thieves Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion MountainYang Kai was

Chapter 645: 645 The boy said that her life wasn’t as valuable as Feng Wu’s?  She was a princess and the daught

Chapter 274: 274 Chapter 274: Godly Venerable One One hundred meters, fifty meters, thirty meters . The giant sea turtle

Chapter 273 Chapter 273: Bait Ye Chen looked up into the sky and saw the giant sea turtle chasing after the Soul Pearl, w