Chapter 1068 Targeted Again?Most people wouldn’t be willing to spend 100,000 yuan on a video game machine.But if the 100,000 yuan could buy them a new “world”, then maybe they would consider it.However, the way Lu Zhou calculated the cost wasn’t accurate, there were many resources he obtained for fr

Chapter 1067 A Living World!Chen Yushan lay on the chair quietly and listened to Lu Zhou’s instructions. She cleared her mind of any thoughts and worries.Slowly, she began to feel tired.She couldn’t help but yawn and wonder if she was falling asleep when she felt a tingling sensation on the back of

Chapter 1066 Witness a Miracle!After uploading the paper, Lu Zhou spent his days in the underground laboratory at the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study. If he had nothing else to do, he would spend his entire day in the laboratory.The Jinling Institute for Advanced Study came in handy when he wan

Chapter 1065 Everything Is For Science!Switzerland.Neural Network Science Research Center.Sarrot stood in the hall, looking around left and right. He looked a little unease.Surrounded by people wearing white coats, he looked out of place.As for why he was here…This was a long story.Ever since leavin

Chapter 1064 Dr. Z Appears Again!A neural interface technology was used on Li Gaoliang’s titanium alloy prosthetics, allowing him to stand up again. The information technology experts at the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study also told something to Lu Zhou…Which was that the technology could be ap

Chapter 1063 Technology Worth Fifteen ThousandThe morning sun shined through the oak leaves outside the window as the white cloud flew high in the blue sky.Lu Zhou put down his pen and leaned back in his chair. He took a deep breath of the morning air and stretched out comfortably.“Finally finished!

Chapter 1062 Small Cars, Big Cars, and CollidersWhile Lu Zhou was on another retreat, something huge happened in the outside world.Let’s start with the small news first.The first electric vehicle based on lithium-air battery technology had been successfully launched on the market in Shanghai.Its bat

Chapter 1061 Biggest FanJin Ling University.The office at the end of the corridor, inside the mathematics building.A petite girl with a ponytail was carrying a stack of textbooks. She struggled as she opened the door and walked into the office.Han Mengqi walked to a desk with a stack of books and pl

Chapter 1060 Our Dragon ChipsToday was the worst day in Swan’s Intel CEO position.Actually it wasn’t just him, this was the worst day for Intel in the past century.Back in the day, the VLSI Research Institute, jointly established by Japan’s top semiconductor companies, dominated the North American m

Chapter 1059 Who Do You Think I Am?The cafe name was called 92 degrees, and it was located on a street corner not far from the convention center.There wasn’t a lot of traffic nearby and the decor of the cafe was quite elegant. The plants hanging from the ceiling were quite jungle-like.“… The ground

Chapter 1058 Unlocking New Achievements[Congratulations, User, for unlocking the hidden achievement “Past The Times”.][Description: Even if old-fashioned people try to resist, when faced with new technologies, most people will eventually catch up with the times.][Achievement: One lucky draw, 100,000

Chapter 1057 Poor IEEEThe consumers were obviously not the only ones stunned by this product launch.The live footage had already been uploaded onto Huawei’s website and various media outlet platforms.People were surprised to see that the carbon-based chips were actually real, and Professor Lu wasn’t

Chapter 1056 Live DemoThere was a huge sensation at the Huawei Dragon series chip presentation.Taking advantage of the atmosphere, in front of all of the audiences, media, and other participants, Huawei’s chief product strategy officer announced that there was going to be a live demonstration.The st

Chapter 1055 Changing the Rules of the Game!Backstage.Wang Zhengfei looked at the busy staff members and suddenly smiled.“I heard that you created a journal recently?”Lu Zhou nodded.“Yeah.”“It’s called Future, right? What a great name!” Wang Zhengfei smiled and said, “I told the engineers from our r

Chapter 1054 Product LaunchNew York, John F. Kennedy International Airport.Two low-key men were sitting in a corner of the waiting terminal, and they each had a suitcase next to them.If anyone in the physics world walked past here, they would instantly recognize these two and ask for their signature

Chapter 1053 UnprecedentedChief Editor Yao would have never expected Lu Zhou to submit such a major mathematical problem to a newly-established journal.Even though at Lu Zhou’s level, the reputation of the journal didn’t matter anymore, this was still…“… Um, I think you should think carefully for a

Chapter 1052 Future!Haizhou.The third nuclear industry summit was held as scheduled.As the most well-known industry conference in China, many veterans of controllable fusion were at this conference. This included retired industry leaders such as Academician Pan and Academician Zhou, as well as Wang

Chapter 1051 Lion or HunterEver since the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers conference ended, the semiconductor industry was in a chaotic position.Rumors of a breakthrough in carbon-based chip technology!The traditional silicon-based chips might be eliminated forever!Executives from

Chapter 1050 Just Call It “Future“For a scholar, having one’s manuscript being rejected was nothing unusual.Regardless of the scholar’s reputation or past achievements, if the paper didn’t meet the requirements of publication, it would be rejected at any stage of the review process.However, it was u

Chapter 1049 Subverting the Entire IndustryAfter Koch saw Intel’s “Silver” micro-architecture, he thought that the spotlight of the integrated circuit design conference was destined to be shining on Intel. However, that changed after he saw Huawei’s carbon-based chip technology.Forget about being th

Chapter 1048 Academician Lu“s ProjecThe silence in the air was terrifying.The skinny man with glasses standing on stage noticed this, and he stopped his speech while feeling a little unsure of whether he should continue.Finally, someone broke the silence.“What’s your name?”The person who asked this

Chapter 1047 IEEE SummiLos Angeles.The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers conference was held as scheduled.As the top conference of the Integrated Circuit Design field, not only was this an academic conference, it was also a stage for manufacturers to show off their latest products.Fo

Chapter 1046 Ten Million Per Square Millimeter!The carbon-based chip research institute.Lu Zhou had been here numerous times.However, this time the atmosphere felt different.When he came here before, it was for more or less to check on the research progress. But this time, he could tell from the joy

Chapter 1045 Good News From the Carbon Based Chip LaboratoryLu Zhou still didn’t know how to use the Debris No.2, but fortunately, he had some clue about its origin.Even though there was no way to crack its secrets, he believed that after seeing his next Void Memory, he should be able to obtain the

Chapter 1044 Your Future StudenAfter Lu Zhou left, he was about to go to his mathematics department office. However, he happened to bump into an acquaintance downstairs.Actually, this person barely counted as his acquaintance. Lu Zhou had only met this kid a few times before, and because of his uniq

Chapter 1043 Legendary Mission!On the other side of the earth.Lu Zhou was inside the pure white system space. He walked up to the holographic mission panel and selected the golden mission card.The second his index finger touched the card, golden light particles began filling the entire information s

Chapter 1042 Anything Can HappenThere were some people who were furious with the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study’s research…Which was Space-X and Johnson u0026 Johnson.In the middle of last year, NASA gave them a considerable amount of money to research frozen dormancy technology. They only rec

Chapter 1041 Conversation by the RiverOver the past couple of days, Lu Zhou basically stayed at home all day.He missed this kind of lifestyle.People only remembered the good times. Whenever someone felt overwhelmed in their life, they would reminisce about the past.Of course, what Lu Zhou missed was

Chapter 1040 Forecast Is Only a Part of AnalysisLu Zhou didn’t realize it, but the actions from one of his friends might cause him a lot of trouble.However, even if Lu Zhou knew, he wouldn’t blame his friend.After all, he was doing the same thing.Even if he weren’t the one who invented this technolo

Chapter 1039 Beginning of a New Era?St. Petersburg International Airport.Professor Krugman and Albert were waiting for boarding to begin, and they looked very tired.It had been a week since the International Congress of Mathematicians came to an end.After the conference closing ceremony, the two did

Chapter 1038 Terminal Illness Cryogenics Rights Protection FundThe dormant freeze procedure was successful.With the help from the Mars bacteria, Vera successfully survived through the dangerous temperature zone, reaching the optimal zone for dormancy.Even though this was a risky-procedure that wasn’

Chapter 1037 Time MachineInside the same ward.A girl with a slim figure wearing a medical gown made of special materials lay inside the dormant cabin.Lu Zhou was standing next to this “bed”. He handed over a stack of documents to her.“… This is a household registration document, we need your signatu

Chapter 1036 Everything Is Possible301 Hospital.Inside a clinical medical research center was a 100 square meter laboratory, and sitting in the middle of the laboratory was a large piece of medical equipment that was around 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide.On the outside, this piece of equipment look

Chapter 1035 I Have a WayLu Zhou spent around ten minutes explaining to his father what Riemann’s hypothesis was, and what it meant to prove it. More importantly, how it related to bank passwords…Of course, he explained it in terms a layman would understand.If he had tried to explain it in the mathe

Chapter 1034 How Do You Know It’s Yours?These mathematicians often chose a touristy attraction with pleasant scenery for their parties, some place that was fun. However, for large international academic conferences like this, a region’s mathematics strength was also one of the factors that were take

Chapter 1033 Closing Ceremony!Hilbert once said that if he woke up five hundred years in the future, the first thing he would ask was whether Riemann’s hypothesis was proven.Even though Lu Zhou wasn’t in the mood to be interviewed, the entire mathematical community still heard about this sensational

Chapter 1032 Victory ChampagneThe unification of algebra and geometry had been an age-old topic.In fact, this wasn’t even a real research area for this. It was something in the opposite direction of the general development trend of mathematics.After all, everyone knew that the deeper a field was, th

Chapter 1031 Future of Number theoryOn stage.Seven whiteboards were fully written!The eight whiteboards were dragged on stage. There was no doubt Lu Zhou would complete the proof.His calculations and clear thinking, as well as his deep understanding of mathematical tools, were impressive to everyone

Chapter 1030 From Another UniverseIn the early twentieth century, Hilbert’s speech on Riemann’s hypothesis began a new century-long journey on Riemann’s hypothesis.And the small boat that was mathematics, had now become a giant battleship.At last, this century-long journey of exploring the limit of

Chapter 1029 Sixty Minutes Is EnoughThe mathematics community was going crazy over Riemann’s hypothesis. At the Corinthia Hotel, where the ICM conference was held, everyone was talking about this matter.The ICM conference took a huge blow over what happened in lecture hall 7, but it seemed like Riem