Chapter 1294 - Kid, You’re Awfully Ambitious! In the Eastern Divine Mountain’s Four Directions Pavilion.“Your Majesty, I already sent the character.” A turtle-shelled, hunchbacked old man bowed before a towering waterfall. The man he faced was turned away from him, and wore

Chapter 1293 - Real or Fake “‘Approved?’ The Dragon Prince is still a man of few words, huh!?” Xuan Ji looked at the single word on the falling paper and sighed. She arched her brows, her face a mix of surprise and pleasure.When Ye Zichen saw that “Approved,” his heart shook

Chapter 1292 - Become My Nephew’s Wife A spiritual attack.The instant the vicious beast shattered, Ye Zichen realized that the middle-aged man had used a spiritual-based attack.It assaulted the sea of consciousness directly, creating visions in the opponent’s consciousness.

Chapter 1291 - Getting an Inch and Demanding a Mile Although the man’s wave of energy seemed like a casual attack, he was a peak diviner expert. Even a casual attack wasn’t something someone like Ye Zichen could block.Besides, he’d attacked out of the blue. Ye Zichen scrambl

Chapter 1290 - The Amnesiac Liu Qing Quite a few people on both sides of the streets, including the people watching from the stores’ roofs, gathered to watch the spectacle.Ye Zichen clutched the cell phones and shouted himself hoarse. He couldn’t understand why Liu Qing was

Chapter 1295 - Mother and Son Reunite Just who wants to see me?As he pushed open the door, Ye Zichen wondered to himself. It seemed that among his acquaintances, there was no one on Xuan Ji’s level.Zhao Qianhe? No, it shouldn’t be her. She had a poor impression of Ye Zichen

On the prosperous street in the east of the city, a three-storey oriental classical building stands among a number of European-style buildings, which seems so abrupt. Blue bricks, green tiles, gold lacquered columns and the huge Fengxian Tower on the plaque. Lu Yang just walked under the plaque, nex

"Lu Yang wants to establish a guild?" "The hatred of the scattered group can finally be reported. After playing this game and not playing, I will also have to compete with Landing Yang and Bloodlust." "Follow the landing sun." ... Countless players commented below this video. They are either members

"What's wrong with me?" Lu Yang restrained tears and said grinningly. "The day after tomorrow classmates will help me to end my life." Jiang Ze said. Lu Yang smiled and said, "It's really decided to pursue the goddess of our class. Your kid is developing very fast." "Day." Jiang Ze was poked at the

the next day. Lu Yang and Zhuo Jiu continued to recruit players, and as soon as 3 pm, Lu Yang quit the game. Just after washing here, Jiang Ze's phone called and said, "I'm downstairs in your house, come down." "I'll be right there." Lu Yang changed his clothes, walked down, and a black Lamborghini

However, Zhang Ye was still unclear about Jiang Ze's family background. After Jiang Ze decided to return to normal life, he was no longer afraid of things, and did not let Lu Yang, Zhao Xu and others intervene to help. On the day of discharge, he took more than ten people in person. Blocking Zhang Y

Zhuo Jiuqing and Xia Yuwei and others were suffocating for the guild. When they saw Lu Yang coming back, they all showed excited expressions. "Boss, you are back." White Wolf said. Lu Yang pointed at Jiang Ze, Zhao Xu, Tu Feng, Jianghuai, Li Rui, etc. behind him and said: "The five people in the dee

"Okay." Zhuojia said with Xia Yuwei and others. "I'm going to communicate with my subordinates now, and they are all online." White Wolf stood up and said. "Let's go too," said bitter love for a long time. New players who join the guild are in a state of excitement. The chat in the guild channel has

100 ghosts died one after another. Lu Yang looked at the experience bar and added 250,000 experience points. Players reach level 19 and need to experience 2.24 million to reach level 20. Originally this was a very difficult task, but in the shelter, as long as Lu Yang killed half of the monsters in

There are a total of 186 20-level 40-person books around the city of St. Gall. All the play and card bug methods of these copies, and the specific requirements of each copy, Lu Yang all told Zhuo Jiu, Xia Yuwei and others in a detailed way. . The first copy took one hour to land reclamation and was

In the last life, "Second World" officially launched a game history biography novel, detailing the structure and historical story of "Second World". One of them is a detailed explanation of the sanctuary. In ancient times, the war of the gods and the various ethnic groups on the planet attacked. The

"Boss, you're level 30." Zhuoju poured a surprised expression. "Boss, you dumped the second Late Old Man by a full 5 levels." White Wolf said excitedly. Lu Yang looked excited at the old man who was only 25 on the ranking list, and the male domineering and bloodthirsty who followed him at level 24.

In the last life, three months after the game was launched, when all players were worried that there were no skill books of level 10 and 20, suddenly, the auction house sold a large number of skill books between 15 and 25 in various occupations, and even Sell ​​level 30 skill books. Countless player

Half an hour later, the corpse king in the corpse king palace was burned to death by Lu Yang, and there were more than 150 skill books published. "Boss, we have all of our skill books." Xiao Liang said excitedly. "With these skills, we are fully capable of going out to PK with people." Han Fei waved

"This hellfire is very strong." Han Yu said. Lu Yang said while adding blood to Hellfire, "This thing has a natural defense force of more than 600. After rising to level 7, the defense force is 960 points, which is not ordinary." Normally, warlocks need to have a minimum level of 40 to summon Hellfi

Closing the dialog box, Lu Yang said to Xiao Liang, Han Ying, and others: "I'm leaving. I'll leave it to you in the future. Remember, at least one of your three warlocks will stay here every time you go offline." With the increase of the number of players, a place such as the Dead King Palace will b

"Boss, where did you get it?" Mao Qiu asked in surprise. "I naturally have my way." Lu Yang took out two weak body arrow skill books from his arms and handed them to Mao Qiu and Sun Yu. "This is a special skill, you two have learned." "Weak body arrow? Can weaken the player's strength by 30%!" Mao Q

Lu Yang watched everyone as a 20-level silver-level equipment, and said with satisfaction: "Yes, they are all good. You live up to the name of the elite, and you have all the silver-level equipment in just one week. " Everyone showed a proud expression. Lu Yang said: "I know that each of you has ven

The flames rose, and a dazzling light flashed. The turbid wine poured and others opened their eyes and looked at them, and all the demons within 50 yards in diameter were completely wiped out. "Boss mighty!" Zhuo Jiu shouted with arms raised. "Boss mighty!" Shouted White Wolf and more than 200 elite

According to the rules of the game, the larger the number of players in a team, the less experience they gain. Lu Yang ’s entire staff adds 1,244, killing a demon with 425 experience, and spreading it to everyone ’s head, only 1 point is forced experience. However, there is another rule in the game-

"Boss, what now?" Yuxue Bawang asked. After 5,000 people were assembled, they waited for no order to be issued, which greatly damaged the reputation of the guild. "How do I know what to do." The bloodthirsty Batian was extremely angry, and suddenly he thought for a moment and said, "So, from today,

Lu Yang is also in need of this thing, however, this drawing cannot be purchased for the time being. If you want to buy further, you need to wait for the reputation to worship. "Lady, my wife was hit by a wind element lord in a goblin airship to transport a batch of supplies through the Golan Height

Lu Yang said, "Did you talk about the mercenary union?" Old Man Twilight said, "Coming soon." Xiongba said, "Thunder Dragon will arrive soon." Lu Yang said: "Before they didn't come, the three of us first worked out a charter of the mercenary association, and the two of them came and added." Organiz

Qingtian Yijian and Zimo Fanchen were surrounded by more than 10 dire wolves, and they were struggling to kill. Suddenly, a stranger came towards them, and they were a little nervous. Qingtian Yijian frowned and said, "Friend, what do you mean?" The flames rose in Lu Yang's hands, and a big red bird

Lu Yang walked to a 10-meter-high giant cyan rock 60 yards away from the airship, and found a box under the rock. After opening, there was a strange stone with I on it. Stone I, without any comments or hints, is of no use. If you are a player who is not careful, you will throw this inexplicable ston

This is the play of a famous single-headed windlord in the last life. Each element of the Wind Lord's skills is related to lightning. The conventional spell is a fork-like lightning, which can attack 20 players at the same time. After being hit, it loses 5000 points of blood with paralysis. The big

Chapter 332: Food King Hara The temporary isolation room remained standing, but the atmosphere in the theater room relaxed significantly after the people were made to know that Xingfu had awakened, and that he was out of danger.Now that he no longer needed to worry about his

Chapter 2887: Bai Wu Ji is FuriousTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationBai Ping and Situ Ming, the Sect Leader and the Supreme Elder of the Tai Yi Celestial respectively, had come to receive the party from the sect that had gone to participate in the Alchemy Conf

Lu Yang sent the scepter to the Guild Channel. The muddy wine pouring, Xia Yuwei, bitter love half-life, Bai Shixiong and Sun Yu are each taking the team to upgrade the equipment in the copy, seeing the equipment sent by Lu Yang, are stunned. "Boss, legendary equipment, where did you get it!" Mao Qi

Lu Yang picked up the things on the ground and flew back to the main city. He came to the night town through the teleporter and found Carus in the goblin camp. "Did you find my wife's necklace?" Carus asked. Lu Yang took the necklace from his backpack and gave it to Carus, saying, "Is this hungry?"

Han Ying asked curiously: "Brother, is there any special intelligence to call Hellfire 1700 points?" Lu Yang said, "You are all wearing equipment full of intelligence gems. Counting 1700 intelligence, each of you can reach 2000 intelligence, and intelligence above 2000 can summon the Lord of Hellfir

Han Zhong said with a smile: "Since you are so happy, I also say something. In the future, Han Ying and the three of them will seriously develop in the game. I will not let them be mercenaries anymore." "Really? Dad." Han Fei jumped up excitedly, Han Yu and Han Ying were also excited. Han Zhong said

"Brother Lu Yang, we have completed the training, please come and see." Han Fei said in a message. Lu Yang said to Han Zhong, "Let's go, Han Ying, they are anxious, I will take them to do the task." Han Zhong nodded and said, "I'll go check their strength." In the closed arena, the three sisters Han

Han Fei was not afraid to click to start the challenge. Under the dual pressure of 16 Thunder Lizards and the Joker Emperor, he showed dexterous steps and spooky stature. "This is a top master. It looks like an assassin. If you equip him with a set of top equipment, you will have the ability to win

Lu Yang simultaneously broadcasted the live video to the three sisters of Han Ying. The three laughed when they saw their dad being madly pursued by beauties. "Dad has such a mess, this beauty is really amazing." Han Fei said, clutching his stomach. Han Yu said with a laugh: "In the future, Dad will