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The Re:ZERO Season 2 anime is on air now!

Hello! It’s a merry-like-never-before greeting from Tappei Nagatsuki, the mouse-colored cat, right off the bat!

A lot has managed to delay the start of the broadcast, but it is currently safely on air! With the help of Director Watanabe and all the staff, we’ve worked all out on this adaptation! Just before I was writing this afterword, Subaru was experiencing the world’s worst cause of death (rabbit)!

Anyhow, the current book in the sixth arc is no less stymied than the fourth arc currently airing in the anime. The feeling of a reversal in the works is growing, even as Subaru’s memory loss and the chaos in the tower continue to mount.

Please look forward to the climax of the sixth arc and the resolution of Subaru’s memories and his fate with his friends and enemies in the tower!

Like every time, the limits of the page width are quickly approaching, so on to the usual thanks!

Thank you, Editor I, for putting the pressure on by saying this was the most worrying volume yet. I struggled myself with how to bring it all together, but I believe it came out nicely. I’m grateful for your help!

To the illustrator Otsuka, I made several troublesome requests for the illustrations in the book! And for the cover, with Meili, too, when I nervously asked if I might ask you to add the worm to the background, it was a relief to hear that you wanted to draw it!

To the designer Kusano, thank you for your forceful design highlighting a light novel first pairing: a worm and a beautiful girl!

In manga news, both Atori’s and Aikawa’s adaptation of the fourth arc and Nozaki’s The Ballad of the Sword Devil are both being published in Gekkan Comic Alive, and Minori Tsukahara’s The Frozen Bond is running in Manga UP! They are all being drawn with a beauty and emotion that can’t be expressed in writing alone! Please check them out as well!

To everyone else at MF Bunko J’s editorial division, the proofreader, and all the bookstore staff, thank you very much for all of your work. I’ll be in your care next time as well!

Also, the second part of the current anime is waiting just around the corner in January! Director Watase, the cast, and the staff, thank you all so much!

And finally, I am grateful for all the readers who continue to support this series.

Light novels, anime, manga, and games, please enjoy the ever-growing world of Re:ZERO!

I look forward to meeting again in the next volume! Please continue to indulge in the story of Re:ZERO! Thank you!

September 2020

<<Let’s get this frozen time moving again>>

“Sooo, now it’s time to announce the next volume, but…why are you sobbing so much, half-naked lady?”

“Uuuuugh, it hurts. It hurts so bad! Before my very eyes! Maaaster!”

“Aah, sheesh, don’t cry. It’s true he’s an outrageous guy. He made me cry, too, so I understand the feeling.”

“Oooh, kiddo…you understand? Give it to me, kiddo! I’ll promote you from kiddo two to kiddo one!”

“Wait, you didn’t determine that just by counting? I’m surprised.”

“Still, though, Master is a terrible guy. Such a Shaulanizer! Not a womanizer, since that would make it sound like he was cozying up to other women! That Shaulanizer!”

“Sounds complicated. But don’t worry, because I punish him real good in season two of the anime that’s airing now.”

“Really? You really let him have it? You criminal, laying a hand on my master! I’ll protect Master! Hah! Hah!”

“Aaah, I stirred up a hornet’s nest. But I think you’ll have to wait for the second half, starting January 2021, for me to get punished. Too bad.”

“Gugyaaa! What a crafty little kiddo! But I won’t get discouraged! If the anime and light novels aren’t enough, I’ll do it in the smartphone game Re:Zero Lost in Memories that was released!”

“…You do know you aren’t in that game, either, right? That means you can’t do it.”

“Argh, I can’t hear you! Besides, the game lets you control Master and explore branching stories based on your choices! Meaning while I’m playing the game, I get to be Master… Master-Shaula unification! My nose is bleeding!”

“Bleh. Here, wipe it. Come on, clean yourself up… Haaah, I’m tired.”

“I’m in high spirits even when I’m tired and blood comes pouring out of my nose! And if you’re curious about my grief and the master who broke my heart, then Volume 25 is set to come out in December! The Pleiades Watchtower arc is reaching its climax!”

“Climax, huh? Will it really all get wrapped up in one volume?”

“It’ll happen! You can bet Master’s soul on it!”

“So cheap… But it wouldn’t be so bad to tie down his soul.”

“Mrgh! Kiddo! Wait, are you…?”

“Who knows? He has to show me a proper example, after all. Y’know?”


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