I Said Make My Abilities Average! (LN) - Volume 17 - Chapter Aft

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LONG TIME NO SEE, everyone. FUNA here.

Average Volume 17 has finally arrived! One-seven! Just like Daitetsujin 17!

This is the fourth volume now since we changed publishers. Along with this novel, Volume 1 of the Average manga reboot, now being serialized on Gangan Online, will also be available in book form from Square Enix. At this rate, we’ll be leading you on a journey across the entire comic sales floor! 

This comic is a fresh start, so this time we’ll get to see in full the Eckland Academy arc from back in the beginning, which was entirely cut from both Nekomint-sensei’s version and the anime. I hope you enjoy it! 

In this volume, the Crimson Vow heads toward their final battle. Cue The Time Étranger! Cue the Doggie March!

All of the Crimson Vow’s journeying and adventuring has led up to this point. 

A union of races and artificial beings!

The brilliance of life. And the glittering of souls.

Now, Death Raptor! Strike the killing blow!!!

REINA: “No one would even remember a weapon from a space opera that came out that long ago!”

MILE: “It’s fiiine! Don’t sweat the details!”

MAVIS: “I wonder if he took that ‘two-stage lens’ from Lensman…”

REINA: “Not a single person alive is going to catch that reference!”

MILE: “It’s fiiine! Don’t sweat the details!”

PAULINE: “So, you put ‘spray’ and ‘raygun’ together into ‘spraygun,’ and morph it straight into ‘splaserbeam’…”

MILE: “Ugh, shut up! I! Can’t! Hear! You!”

It’s time for the Crimson Vow’s journey to the west.

REINA: “What is this, Ultra X Weapons?!”

On a new continent, the Crimson Vow and the Wonder Trio slide into a new adventure!

MILE: “So you’ll want to point your feet outward and start gliding…”

REINA: “Why does sliding immediately make you think of skiing?!”

REINA: “Also, why is every princess that this author has show up in his books a third princess? Is there some reason for that?”

MILE: “Oh, honestly? He’d never realized it until it was just pointed out to him.”

REINA: “You’re saying it’s a subconscious decision? What is going on in his psyche?”

MILE: “I mean, I don’t think it’s that he has a pattern of meeting up with third princesses in real life.”

REINA: “Of course not! If there was a Japanese light novel author who was friends with a princess, I’d be terrified!”


At any rate, please do enjoy the Average novels and the manga reboot!

And finally, to the chief editor; to Itsuki Akata, the illustrator; to Yoichi Yamakami, the cover designer; to everyone involved in the proofreading, editing, printing, binding, distribution, and selling of this book; to all the reviewers on Let’s Be Novelists who gave me their impressions, guidance, suggestions, and advice; and most of all, to everyone who’s taken these stories into their homes, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I am sure that we will see each other again with the next volume…


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