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Chapter 288 Demon Court, Lü Bu

“So you actually have the help of the Devil Race. You dare say you’re not the one who will face the calamity!” Ksitigarbha shouted. He immediately struck out with his palm at Ji Xianshen.

In an instant, countless black lightning transformed into sharp whips that lashed at him. This time, even Ji Xianshen’s soul felt an indescribable pain.

“Ahhh,” Ji Xianshen wailed in pain. His eyes were red as he looked at Ksitigarbha with hatred.

If he could kill his way out in the future, he would definitely destroy this Ksitigarbha Palace!

Ksitigarbha’s eyes were filled with worry.

It was truly unfortunate for the Heavenly Dao that such a vile devil had appeared.

Time passed slowly. Twenty years had passed since Long Hao left.

After Han Jue broke through to the Rank Three Immortal Emperor Realm, his cultivation level had improved again. The time he used to kill the Great Freedom Golden Crow Divine Emperor was also constantly decreasing. However, he was still far from insta-killing him.

On this day.

Han Jue had just finished cursing the enemy when he took out the Heavenly Dao Token and checked the Heavenly Dao Tablet.

He had thought that the Reroll World’s ranking would increase again, but he did not expect it to fall outside of the top 300. This was ridiculous!

Wasn’t the Reroll World always becoming stronger? Han Jue looked down carefully and discovered that the number of mortal worlds that originally numbered close to ten thousand had increased to twenty thousand.

Why were there so many?

Finding it strange, Han Jue immediately took out the Heavenly Dao Token to contact Di Taibai.

Soon, Di Taibai established a divine sense connection with him. “Didn’t the Heavenly Court say that they wanted to give up the mortal worlds? Not only the Heavenly Court, but all the various powers in the Immortal World, including the ancient races and hidden families, have all released their mortal worlds. Now, all the mortal worlds are controlled by the Heavenly Dao of the Immortal World. This ranking is no longer just the Heavenly Court’s mortal worlds, but the rankings of the myriad worlds in the universe,” Di Taibai replied helplessly.

“In other words, the mortal world guardian is no longer under the Heavenly Court’s jurisdiction. You won’t be protected by the providence of the Heavenly Court. If you’re afraid of danger, you can abandon the Reroll World and return to the Heavenly Court.”

I see.

Han Jue was enlightened. He didn’t expect there to be so many mortal worlds.

No wonder the Heavenly Court couldn’t dominate the Immortal World and only controlled half of the mortal worlds.

Han Jue didn’t promise Di Taibai to go to the Heavenly Court. When he asked him where he was, he only said that he was hiding somewhere and didn’t dare to come out.

He had warned Long Hao not to spread the news of them being in the netherworld. With Long Hao’s favorability towards him, he should not say it.

Di Taibai clearly spoke more than before. He told Han Jue much about the current situation of the Heavenly Court.

There were internal and external troubles!

The continuous losses caused the morale of the Heavenly Court to fall. With the arrival of the calamity, many immortals were like Han Jue. They wanted to escape and return to their own sects, races, or even the Sacred Dynasties. They wanted to stay away from the calamity. Fortunately, the Heavenly Emperor was domineering and suppressed these inappropriate thoughts. It was worth mentioning that the Three Great Generals had all returned. The Demon Court couldn’t break through the Four Heavenly Gates.

He chatted with Di Taibai for a while before severing his divine sense connection.

Han Jue put down the Heavenly Dao Token and fell into deep thought.

Now, the Reroll World completely belonged to him and had nothing to do with the Heavenly Court. This was a good thing.

Previously, he had been worried that the Heavenly Court would join the calamity and the providence would affect the Reroll World.

No wonder the White-Robed Buddha wanted to turn the Reroll World into a second Immortal World. Perhaps it was really possible.

Han Jue stood up and walked to the Nine Heavens Galaxy Water. The Buzhou Divine Flower had already grown to the height of a small tree. It was taller than the surrounding Resurrection Lily. The Connate Qi it gave birth to was richer than before, but it was far from enough for him to cultivate.

Han Jue was debating if he should fuse the Nine Heavens Galaxy Water with the Buzhou Divine Flower.

At this point, the Immortal Qi of the Nine Heavens Galaxy Water was nothing to Han Jue. There was no point in keeping it.

Just as he was thinking, a voice sounded in his mind.

“Master, bad news. A powerful enemy wants to seize the Sword Dao River!”

Liu Bei sounded extremely nervous.

Han Jue frowned after hearing that.

Why was there a powerful enemy again?

Why was nothing wrong when Zhang Guxing was presiding over it?

Does the Heavenly Dao want to harm me again?

The Sword Dao River.

Liu Bei looked at a figure in the distance. It was the Divine Palace’s Yu Tianbao.

Yu Tianbao strolled around and looked at the Sword Dao River.

“Tsk tsk, no wonder Zhang Guxing is guarding this place. This place contains the rules of the Sword Dao and can increase one’s comprehension of the Sword Dao,” Yu Tianbao praised.

He turned to look at Liu Bei and said, “Have you thought about it? Submit to me as your master. Otherwise, you will die.”

Liu Bei gritted his teeth and said, “Let me think about it!”

“What’s there to think about? Are you stalling for time? Don’t worry, no one can save you. I’ve already captured the previous guardian of the Sword Dao River. You’re a latecomer, and you don’t have a powerful background.”

Liu Bei was silent and anxious.

At this moment!

A figure appeared beside Liu Bei. It was Han Jue.

This time, he didn’t come with his consciousness. Instead, he directly jumped into the Sword Dao River.

With so many treasures on him, the other party would definitely not be able to hurt him!

If it was only his soul or consciousness, he might be severely injured or even captured.

Han Jue looked at Yu Tianbao. He couldn’t see through the guy’s cultivation, but it didn’t give him a sense of danger. From the looks of it, his cultivation shouldn’t be too different from the Black Hell Demon Lord’s.

Yu Tianbao frowned when he saw him.

What a handsome man! Grand Unity True Immortal?


This fellow was actually wearing an Emperor Dao treasure!

Yu Tianbao asked cautiously, “Who are you?”

Han Jue said indifferently, “Demon Court, Lü Bu.”

An Immortal Emperor of the Demon Court?

Yu Tianbao frowned even harder as killing intent surged in his heart.

The Divine Palace and the Demon Court were mortal enemies.

There was nothing to say! Fight!

Yu Tianbao was about to attack when the Primordial Judgment Sword suddenly appeared in Han Jue’s hand and slashed at him.

“Bastard! You actually attacked first!”

Yu Tianbao cursed silently and immediately raised his hand to block. The terrifying Dharmic powers of an Immortal Emperor condensed into a huge barrier, causing the surrounding space of the Sword Dao River to twist violently.

A terrifying sword Qi collided with Yu Tianbao. With a boom, his Dharmic powers barrier instantly dissipated and he was sent flying.

The figures walking on the Sword Dao River vanished. The Sword Dao River surged violently as if it would dissipate at any moment.

Yu Tianbao stabilized himself and looked at Han Jue in shock.

What sword Qi was this?

It looked ordinary, but it could actually injure his Emperor Dao Soul!



Yu Tianbao vanished on the spot.

Han Jue followed.

Since he had encountered an enemy, how could he let him go?

The sword Qi just now was still on Yu Tianbao. Han Jue could track him.

Yu Tianbao moved continuously, appearing and disappearing in the void.

“Damn it, how many Immortal Emperors is the Demon Court hiding?” He gritted his teeth and cursed.

Lü Bu!


I’ll remember you!

Yu Tianbao’s heart was filled with killing intent. No wonder Zhang Guxing was fearless. He had long hooked up with the Demon Court.

“Your Majesty, he’s here!”

A pleasantly surprised voice sounded, startling Yu Tianbao so much that he subconsciously stopped.

As soon as he did, his heart skipped a beat.


Isn’t that Lü Bu’s voice?

How could the Demon Emperor appear here?

Yu Tianbao almost instinctively took out a pagoda and entered it.

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