Child of Light - Volume 11 - Chapter 6

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Volume 11: Chapter 6 – Refused Entry to the City

I don’t know why I suddenly sneezed. It may just be Mu Zi missing me.

After leaving the God’s Protector Domain, I had already left the mountain range and travelled for a few hours. My current goal was to head back to Ström Fortress. I was the only one who knew the exact position of the Radiant God’s inheritance so I wasn’t worried about them catching up with me.

The sun was high and the sky was cloudless, so I chose to fly, in order to find the God Rended Canyon after leaving the God’s Protector Domain. Since I left, I wanted to get the Radiant God’s inheritance as soon as possible so I could return sooner. I initially thought of using a long distance teleportation spell as it guaranteed reaching the target and became more accurate as my power increased. However, after thinking about it for a while, I ditched that plan. If I were to fail, who knows where I would end up? It might backfire and take longer for me to get to the fortress instead. Even though my flying speed wasn’t comparable to the magic array teleportation spell, my speed was still considerably fast.

The God King had once mentioned that the God Rended Canyon was at the western side of the border between the Humans and the Demons, which would mean the front portion of Ström Fortress. I would just need to search to the west to find God Rended Canyon.

I had sustained flight for an entire day. The sun passed over me as the world turned, towards the west, the sun began to set causing the sky to gradually darken. The consumption of power in my body during the long flight was extreme. In addition, I hadn’t eaten all day so it was difficult for my body to endure the journey, even when using my fusion power. Weakness and exhaustion constantly sapped my body’s strength.

As I was getting a tired, I suddenly saw a piece of land in front of me that was brightly lit. I activated the fusion powers in my eyes. It was a city. The Kingdom of Dalu was the closest kingdom to Ström Fortress, so this should be Dalu. Since I was tired, I decided to rest up in the city ahead. Thinking about that, I took out the wrapped Sukrad’s staff from my space pocket and a brand new white mage’s robe. I descended carefully after donning the robe and used a short-distance teleportation spell to enter the forest beside the entrance.

After checking that no one was around, I pulled down the hood of the mage’s robe and walked towards the city with my head lowered.

I was nearing the city entrance quickly, but I heard someone shout, “The entrance is closing! The entrance is closing!”

I was stunned before lifting my head to look at the entrance. I saw that a couple of guards were currently pushing the door outwards from both sides of the inner door, resulting to the door closing. I raised my head and saw three characters on the top of the doors, Myriad Sugars City. I couldn’t be that unlucky, right? If I knew this sooner, I would have just directly teleported into the city.

“Wait! Wait for a moment! Officers, please let me enter.” Upon saying that, I walked towards the city.

“Stop! Didn’t you see that we’re already closing the entrance? A soldier stopped me as he sized me up.

I hastily said, “Officers, I’ve come from afar and really am too exhausted to move any further. Please let me in.”

That officer glared at me. “We have a rule here that nobody can enter after the curfew. Even if it’s the Emperor, we also won’t allow his entry. Go! Go! Go! Go away! If you really want to enter the city, you just have to wait for the next morning.”

I frowned as I was getting annoyed so my tone also got heavier. “You, the Kingdom of Dalu, also known as the Peaceful Kingdom are so unreasonable!”

That soldier that seemed to be in a hurry to enter fumed after hearing my words. “We’re just doing our job. What is so unreasonable about that? Leave quickly ! We’re closing the door.” Upon saying that, he extended his hand to push me away. I didn’t want to bicker with such a person so I moved to the side in a flash dodging his hand before turning around to head back. If they didn’t allow me to enter, I just had to go over the walls.

Just when I turned around, I heard a distinct sound of horses galloping. I saw that they were a good breed from the speed they were travelling. Their goal was to the Myriad Sugars City. I thought about that and used a short teleportation to the side, in order to get out of the way.

The galloping of the horses became clearer after a while. A few dozen cavalrymen were galloping over. I focused my gaze on them. The leader had an imposing appearance and his height was similar to mine. His build was much sturdier than mine and he wore silver armour. He was fairly good looking with a straight nose and square jaw. His age was similar to mine. He showed an anxious expression and constantly urged his warhorse forward, carrying a silver spear hanging diagonally across his back. The valiant people following him should be his subordinates.

They galloped past me like lightning, heading to the city entrance. However, the city’s door had closed already.

The silver armoured youth’s riding technique was good. After seeing the entrance shut, he violently pulled on the reins of the horse  causing it to rear at the sudden stop. The youth reined up his mount cavalrymen following him also stopped.

“Open the door!” The youth shouted.

The soldier at the city top looked down and shouted, “Who comes?”

The youth impatiently shouted, “I’m Marshall Feng Hao’s vice-captain. I have official business. Open the door!”

I thought, ‘So, he’s the subordinate of Marshall Feng Hao. I haven’t met him before. It seems that there are plenty of talented individuals in the Kingdom of Dalu!

The people at the head of the city shouted, “Please wait a moment.”

The door opened in a short moment and a small squad of cavalry rode over. The leader of the team, wearing a high-ranking military officer attire, told that silver-armoured youth, “Please show me your pass.”

The silver-armoured youth took out something and passed it over. When the leader saw it, he immediately said respectfully. “So it is Lord Ke Er Lan Di. Please quickly enter.”

This was so unfair. They didn’t allow me to enter the city, but once that person showed his pass, they allowed him entry. I, having a competitive spirit, used the time as the cavalry entered the city to teleport to the back of their team, then another teleportation to be the first into the city.

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