Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 27

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Volume 2: Chapter 27 – Absolute Disruption

“Quick, tell me what happened.”

“It’s like this. Today, we all thought that Wo Ke would win. However, as soon as they got on stage, that girl from D class used a water spell we didn’t recognize, it seemed to be a sealing spell. Wo Ke caught by these blue circles, and he couldn’t get out no matter what he tried. Then that girl from D class used a water bullet and easily knocked him off the stage. According to my observations, those blue circles prevented Wo Ke from using his magic. It was an injustice for him to lose.”

“So unfair!” I’m not so sure that I can win anymore.

“Zhang Gong, you can’t lose tomorrow. Our A class can’t let D class become the champions.”

“You guys can rest assured. I will definitely win.”

Although I said that to them, I’m actually not too sure about my chances. No, I must quickly go ask Teacher Di.

I used the excuse of taking a stroll and went to Teacher Di’s dormitory. He was reading a magic book. Seeing that I came, he gave me a faint smile, “I just knew you would come find me as soon as you heard Wo Ke lost.”

“Then please hurry and tell me how Wo Ke lost. How can I avoid becoming trapped?”

Teacher Di sighed. “You should just concede tomorrow!” His words were like a bomb (had they existed), stunning me.

“Is that girl really that strong??”

“Not necessarily that, you can only say that her family is strong. I also only learned about this today, that girl is the younger sister of Hai Ri. She’s called Hai Shui Xing. You might not know but, Ri, Yue and Xing are the three most ancient families in our Aixia Kingdom. Each family has an inheritance spell, spells that are directly inherited from their ancestors. The spell Hai Shui used today is the most mysterious spell in the Xing family, it’s called Absolute Disruption. This sealing spell is very strange, each generation can only have one family member inherit it. No matter how strong your magic power is, the spell consumes one third of the user’s magic power every time it’s used. In other words, the spell can only be used three times each day, but that is more than enough for the competition.”

So there was actually such a complicated story behind all this, “Don’t tell me even you can’t break this sealing spell.”

“It not that I can’t, but I will have to fiercely attack with rank 8 attack spells or ride it out with defensive spells. Can you use rank 8 attack spells? While her opponent is sealed, she can use attack spells and her opponent can only passively take the attacks. You can’t win tomorrow unless you can last until she runs out of magic power. However that is literally impossible because the defensive spell consumption will be very fast under the effects of Absolute Disruption. Those that come in direct contact with Absolute Disruption can’t use magic for a whole day. It is exactly because of this that I lowered my expectations for you. You think I don’t want you to win. Not only you, there isn’t a single student in this academy that can break her Absolute Disruption.”

Coming out of Teacher Di’s place, my head was filled with thoughts about Absolute Disruption. Who cares, I want to give it a try tomorrow even if I’m destined to lose. You never know, a miracle might happen.

Back in my dormitory, I spent half the night brainstorming and still could not find a way to deal with Absolute Disruption. In the end, I finally fell asleep in a daze.. When I woke up, the sun was already high in the sky, furthermore it was Green Hair who shook me awake.

“Zhang Gong. Get up quickly, it’ll soon be time for the match.”

I barely managed to open my eyes, “Ah! What are you doing! Let me sleep for a bit longer.”

“You have a match soon. You’ll be late if you sleep any longer.” Green Hair yelled into my ear.

That scared me awake, “Ah! That’s right. I still have a match today.” I flew out of bed, got dressed and sprinted out. As I was leaving, I said, “Thank you Green Hair. I’m going to go ahead of you.”

Green Hair obviously wasn’t paying attention. Look at my retreating back, he started mumbling to himself: “He actually said ‘Thank You’ to me. Living up till now, this is the first time someone said Thank You to me. Looks like helping people is very nice.” By the time he finished, he had a silly smile on his face. I didn’t know that one unintentional sentence from me changed the whole life of a person.

I ran at lightning speed to the center of the competition area. The first two people I saw were Long De An and Shui Yang Ming. Both of them seemed to have let out a sigh of relief when they saw me. The came over to greet me, “Zhang Gong, how come you only just got here.”

I sheepishly replied: “I overslept. Thankfully, Green Hair woke me up.”

“Okay. Let’s not talk about this. Get up onto the stage quickly, the match is about to begin.”

I looked up at the stage, the proctor and the other competitor were already at their stations. I used teleportation to arrive on the stage. I first gave my greetings to the proctor and then started to size up my opponent.

It was a really cute little girl. Looks like this is Hai Shui Xing, there are indeed some similarities between her and Hai Yue’s looks. However, she was tad bit cuter and a tad less calm. She also started observing me curiously when she noticed me looking at her.

Practically all the second grade students are here, even Teacher Di is in the central VIP section. He doesn’t hold any hope of me winning, but he still came.

“Alright, since both sides have arrived, I declare that the match begins now.” The proctor got off the stage as soon he finished speaking. Because they know that the finalists are strong, today’s defense barrier was jointly created by five proctors, just in case something happens.

First, Hai Shui and I bowed to the proctors and the audience, “You must be Hai Shui. Hello, my name is Zhang Gong.”

“Hello.” She’s still a little girl, she started blushing. From her magic fluctuations and the fact that I’m still quite a distance away, looks like I can only take the initiative and attack.

“I know that you have a very special spell. Let’s have a good match today.” Seeing her nod, I immediately began my magic attacks.

Because I know that her Absolute Disruption doesn’t need much time to activate, I don’t dare use advanced attack spells. I first teleported behind her and immediately shot a Light Arrow at her. (My Light Arrow is a strengthened form, its attack power is not any lower than an intermediate spell.)

She seemed to slightly panic, but her reaction was still really fast and used a water shield to block my attack. Now I can’t give her an opportunity to retaliate or else I’m done for. I began a speed attack, only using the lowest levelled Light Arrow because it is the only spell that can beat Absolute Disruption’s short casting time. I won’t let her gather enough magic power to seal me.

The audience were just seeing me flying all over the place. Sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes in front, sometimes behind her. As soon as I got to each position, I would immediately shoot a Light Arrow at Hai Shui. For the time being, I made Hai Shui struggle to manage the situation. In the audience, Teacher Di was looking at me with approving eyes. Regretfully, I wasn’t able to see it.

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