Child of Light - Volume 2 - Chapter 3

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Volume 2: Chapter 3 – My Good Luck

“How was it Zhang Gong?”

I gave Teacher Xiu and ‘OK’ gesture.

“There should be no problems with today’s two exams. You can be at ease Teacher Xiu”

“Don’t be arrogant. Continue to put in great effort tomorrow. It ultimately all depends on your overall score.

A quiet night.

The next day we arrived at the academy at the same time as yesterday. The third exam is on magic control. Depending on the examinee’s major magic element, there’s a specific way to test this. For example, the test for the fire element is very simple; only need to control the basic fireball magic through a specified route without it exploding along the way, afterwards the time taken to finish is recorded. The tests for the other elements are about the same.

Then what is the test for light element? Teacher Xiu told me he doesn’t know due to there being no one in the capital whose major is light magic.

Since I’m the the only one who majored in light magic, I immediately went to the exam room. I arrived at the academy’s right wing and the 5th exam room. Wow. I’m the only one taking the exam but there are five proctors. Isn’t this a bit too excessive.

“Hello proctors.”

“Hello student number 1503. Due to the recent years continuously not having any light magic majors, there is only you. Therefore the academy’s proctors discussed this and established a new method to test you.” Said the teacher in the middle.

Ah! No way. Unexpectedly they’re giving me special consideration.

“Then what do I need to do Teacher?”

The proctors looked at each other, then the middle one mysteriously smiled and said: “It’s actually very simple. I heard that during yesterday’s magic perception exam you used a spell you created yourself. Today we want to test it out. You only need to withstand thirty minutes of our elementary attack spells then you’ll pass. Your grade will be based off of how well you ward off our attacks.”

It can’t possibly be this easy. I’m indeed fairly strong but I’m still a bit cautious. I try to ask: “Is it only elementary attack magic? Can I use my minor element’s magic?”

“Be at ease, it’s only elementary magic. But I must warn you to take note that our elementary magic isn’t that weak. You can also use your minor magic. Well then, we’ll be starting now.”

I immediately gathered light element and created a light prism shield then I cast a divine guard on myself. Furthermore, I prepare to teleport at any time. (Elementary class magic doesn’t have any area attack spells. As far as I am concerned, only area attack spells are effective against me.)

The five proctors began attacking.

The exam concluded. Of course the outcome is that not a single one of my hairs was damaged. Furthermore the light prism shield was barely used. It was simply too effortless. Much easier in comparison to the sack array. Even if the elementary magic attacks of the proctors was like the howling wind and torrential rain, there would still be many gaps. Haha. Too easy.

“Teachers, did I pass?”

The five teachers looked at each other in dismay. Helplessly they declared that I passed.

“This student, why do I feel like your major is spatial magic!”

I scratched my head and meekly said: “This is embarrassing. Teachers, when I was still in elementary magic academy, my teacher assessed me as top quality fleeing ability, second-rate defense, third rate recovery magic and bottom-tier attack magic. So…..”

“Student 1503, no need to feel embarrassed. When you actually meet an enemy, being able to flee from their attacks is very important. When a mage and a warrior does battle, it’s even more important. Generally warriors won’t give a mage the change to recite their incantations, so if you can maintain a safe distance to cast your magic, then your chances of success will be quite large. So by all means you must not regard it as shameful, but instead continue to put forth great effort.”

Wow. I didn’t expect fleeing has this many advantages. From now on these words are my motto. Haha.

“Thank you teachers.” I felt extremely heartfelt towards these teachers and bowed.

Exiting the exam room,  I can’t help but ponder my good luck. In any case, it’s not important. I wandered all over. Teacher Xiu had told me that after passing the third exam, according to each exam’s grades, five hundred people will be selected to advance to the fourth exam. In other words, tomorrow they will announce the grades and the day after the final exam will begin. Right now I feel anxious about going back. Once I get back Teacher Xiu will probably nag me incessantly.

I arrived outside the fire element exam room. I inadvertently looked at the corner and saw a red-haired examinee that’s about the same age as me. (Male) He looks to be really depressed. Ah! I walked over.

“Hey! What happened? Did you not do well on the exam?”

“It’s even worse than not doing well on the exam! I did too well on the exam.” A beautiful child’s voice resounded.


“My teacher said to not do too well, just well enough to pass is fine. If not then once I begin learning there will be a lot of people coming to challenge me. Then there won’t be any time to practice magic.”

“Waa. Your teacher is even more abnormal than mine. At best, my teacher is a bit abnormal during practice. Your teacher won’t let you do you best during exams. Fuuuu.”

“Don’t talk about my teacher like that. He told me for my sake. He also consider other people’s needs!”

“Don’t talk about this anymore. How well did you do on the exam?

“Originally I wanted to test into the upper-middle ranks. But I saw a few students doing very well, so a momentarily displayed my ability. The result is that I was even faster than the fastest by 10 seconds.”

“Then how long did it take you?”

“Six seconds.” Wow. This guy guy is like me. He’s also a genius.

“I didn’t expect that you were so talented! Hello, let me introduce myself properly, my name is Zhang Gong Wei. My major is light magic and my minor is spatial magic.” I extended my hand towards him.

He immediately stood up and shook my hand. “Hello. My name is Ma Ke Sai. My major is fire magic and my minor is wind magic.”

“You want to be friends from now on?”

“Sure. Then we’re friends from now on.”

Two childish voices determined their lifelong friendship.

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