Child of Light - Volume 5 - Chapter 1

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Volume 5: Chapter 1 – Negotiating Suitable Conditions

After Mu Zi and I left the classroom, I told her about Teacher Zhen’s solution. She laughed brightly, and I blankly asked, “Why are you laughing? Is participating in the competition with me really making you that happy?”

Mu Zi smiled and said, “You’re usually very quick witted. Why are you so slow this time? Teacher Zhen has obviously tricked you.  Since we are the top students in the Royal Advanced Academy, we hold special privileges in the entire Kingdom of Aixia. It is possible that we won’t be severely punished even if we killed somebody. Moreover, it was only rebuking the teacher. Teacher Zhen must have been afraid about your laziness and that you wouldn’t want to participate in the National Advanced Magic Academies’ competition, so he came up with this plan to make you agree to participate.”

Mu Zi’s words helped me confirm my feelings. ‘That’s right! I’m a Magister. How could I be punished? Except for Teacher Di, who else would be able to control me in the Kingdom? I’ve really been tricked.’

I bitterly laughed. “Teacher Zhen is really crafty, but since it’s too late to regret it, let’s just treat it as an outing.”

Mu Zi nodded. “But I think this competition might not be that simple. If it was, why would Teacher Zhen be so set on having you participate? He could just randomly choose a few strong students, instead of us, to participate in the competition.”

I held Mu Zi’s hand. “It doesn’t matter as long as we deal with it together… though I doubt there’ll be anything that could get the better of me! Haha!” My confidence had increased greatly after the strenuous victory over Si Feng Ri.

Mu Zi, who was both displeased and annoyed, took back her hand and said, “It’s still broad daylight. How can you behave like this? Annoying!”

I leaned over and smiled. “In that case, tonight…?”

Mu Zi knocked on my head before she turned and ran away. “You’re hateful! Let’s just quickly go to where Teacher Zhen is.”

Teacher Zhen was reclined in his seat and seemed as though he was looking at something when we entered his office.

After he saw us entering the room, Teacher Zhen put down the magic book he was reading. “You two have come. Mu Zi, Zhang Gong must have told you about the competition.”

Mu Zi nodded.

Teacher Zhen smiled. “That’s great! I’ll have to trouble you two this time.”

I bitterly smiled. “You’re quite capable to have created a trap especially for me. I was totally tricked this time.”

Teacher Zhen broke into laughter. “It’s a pity that it’s already too late for regrets, even if you’ve realized it. The task for this competition is very easy, so don’t complain. I am unable to send teachers with you as the Academy still has to function normally. You can just go there by yourselves. I have already made arrangements to notify the rest of the students participating in the competition. You’ll head out tomorrow morning. Zhang Gong, I really don’t have a choice. Please don’t blame me.”

What was the point of refuting him if it had already been finalized? It looked like the time was actually quite limited, so we’ll have to head out tomorrow. “Let’s just head out tomorrow then. Is there anything else we will need to take note of?”

Teacher Zhen gave me a piece of paper. “This is a recommendation letter. All of your names are on it. I have written that you’re all magic scholars so that it won’t be too ostentatious. You just have to directly head to Forest Dragon Magic Academy. There will be people there to receive you. ”

I took the introductory letter. Written on it was how my academy would be sending a year five student, Earth magic scholar, Si Wa Ming; a year four student, Water magic scholar, Hai Yue Xin; a year three student, Fire magic scholar, Ma Ke Sai De (His previous alias was used so as to not expose him); similarly, a year three student, Light magic scholar Zhang Gong Wei; and finally, a year three student, Wind magic scholar, Mu Zi Mo to participate in the Triennial National Advanced Magic Academies’ competition.

‘Royal Advanced Academy’ was inscribed at the top of the letter along with Teacher Zhen’s signature and the Royal Advanced Academy’s official seal stamped on it.

I said, “This team is really compatible! Except for a dark magic magician, the other five elements have been covered.” After hearing my words, Mu Zi’s expression twitched a little, but it recovered before I noticed it.

Teacher Zhen replied, “That’s right! You’ll become representatives of the strongest users of each of the elements. You must work hard.”

I asked, “Do you still have something to give us? It can’t be just this paper, right?”

Teacher Zhen nodded. “That’s correct! You only need this paper. What else do you want?”

I rubbed my forefinger against my thumb. “How about giving us some money for our expenditures? We are helping the school compete in this competition. You should make an amethyst card for everyone. Hehe.”

Teacher Zhen mockingly scolded. “You shouldn’t be so greedy. Do you think that the amethyst card is that easy to make? However, it’s alright. I will give it to you. Hehe. Actually, other than Mu Zi, all of you have the amethyst card already, so don’t think that I don’t know about it. Getting the amethyst card for Mu Zi is understandable as it’s paired with her capability. I have decided to give all of you 1000 diamond coins. This should be more than sufficient for your expenditures.” 

I wanted to exclaim that I felt like I had been duped. ‘That’s right! Si Wa Ming is the Royal Mage Union leader’s disciple. How can he not have an amethyst card? There obviously isn’t a need to comment about Ma Ke. Hai Yue is an elite of the young generation in one of the three main families. I feel as though I have made a loss. If I had known that, I would have picked something else. An old ginger is indeed hotter than a young ginger!’

Mu Zi asked, “Are there any benefits in obtaining the championship?”

Teacher Zhen smiled and replied, “Of course there are. The academy will record your great achievements and someone with a negative record will have all of his demerit points erased from the records.”

I angrily said, “Wah! You’re really too…”

Mu Zi also complained, “The academy is so stingy and still wants us to expend our energy for it.”

Teacher Zhen replied, “Then what more do you want? How about this? If you bring back the championship, you will be able to change your status at the Magic Union for free.”

It looks like it is a little useful as my current status is only that of a Great Mage.

Mu Zi, on the other hand, was still unsatisfied. “You really don’t have a substantial reward?”

Teacher Zhen was taken aback and replied, “You don’t need to worry about your next meal or having clothes on your back, what other substantial award do you want? Didn’t I already agree to give all of you 1000 diamond coins?”

I suddenly thought of an idea. “How about this? We don’t want to make things difficult for the school. How about giving us the right to get free food at a restaurant with your assistance? It will just be used during our school years. All of our expenditures will be paid for by the school. After all, the academy’s food really isn’t that nice.”  

Teacher Zhen replied, “What? The food in the academy is not nice? This is a problem. I’ll definitely have it changed. I’ll accept your condition.” He thought, ‘Just how much money can you spend on food in a month, even if you can eat a lot?’

Mu Zi looked at me in agreement. “Alright! I will represent the team about having our meals at the Ascending Jade Tide in the future.”

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