Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 18

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Volume 6: Chapter 18 – Warm Familial Love

I set up a permanent magic array at a relatively secretive location so that I wouldn’t need to walk and could instead teleport directly back here next time.

I drew a returning magic array beside it. This place was far away from my house. Thus, to be together with my family for a few more days, I had decided to head back using the magic array. Even though the distance was a little far, with my current magic power, there shouldn’t be any problems.

I stood at the center of the magic array, raising the Sukrad’s staff, and muttering the chant for the returning spell. Speaking of the magic staff, I am growing increasingly fond of it. It wasn’t only just because of its enormous power, but also because of its beautiful appearance. This was the most beautiful magic staff that I had ever seen; just holding it gave me an imposing feeling.

As I chanted the retuning spell, the Sukrad’s staff’s transparent gemstone shone out misty gold light rays before it activated the magic array. The feeling of the return was different from before due to the Sukrad’s staff. It shot out a gold light barrier that protected me so I didn’t feel the twisting and tearing of space.

I had arrived at my destination, my hometown, without any discomfort.

Standing on the permanent magic array that I had previously established, I cast my eyes upon the small village that looked more prosperous than before, my heart filling with warmth. I shouted, “Mom, dad, I’m back!”

I held on to the Sukrad’s staff and rapidly ran towards the village. The Sukrad’s staff had a special property, I couldn’t store it in my spatial space so I could only hold it by hand.

When the villagers saw me, they greeted me excitedly. Since my magic was outstanding with my status as a Royal Advanced Magic Academy’s student, I had become a well known figure in the village. I hadn’t even reached the entrance of the house when my parents appeared to welcome me. This might be because I had given them quite a sum of money so they needn’t work for a living anymore and could instead stay home to practice their magic.

I emotionally shouted, “Father, Mom, I am home!”

Mom cried as she hugged me. “Child, you’re finally back. Mom really missed you this past half year.”

The village chief came over. “Zhang Gong, you’re the pride of our village. I will go and prepare for your family of three to come over to my house to have lunch at noon and hold a welcoming reception.”

I said smilingly, “How can I do that? It will be too troublesome for you.”

The Village Chief replied, “How is this troublesome? Don’t be modest. Father of Zhang Gong, you all come over as well.”

Father replied, “Alright! We thank you for your hospitality.”

The Village Chief happily walked away. The rest of the villagers surrounded our family of three, especially me. They kept on asking me questions. Their enthusiasm was almost unbearable to me. When some people saw my beautiful magic staff, they insisted on examining it. My head was spinning as I had never encountered such a situation before in my life. This was really humans fear becoming famous, pigs fear becoming fat.

This was really even more tiring than fighting consecutive battles. Finally, I was able to escape home with my parents.

I had noticed after coming home that the house was totally different. The entire house was three times larger. The rooms had changed from four rooms to eight. The middle of the living room was bright and spacious. I astonishingly asked Father, “Father, why has our house become like this? Did you spend money on it?” The money I gave them was sufficient to build such a house. However, it wasn’t like mom’s and dad’s style. They usually preferred to live a low-profiled life.

Father smiled bitterly, “Your mother and I would never waste money on a thing like this, our previous house was sufficient for us. This was given to us by the Village Chief. I rejected him initially, but the Village Chief said that the house couldn’t be too unpresentable when you marry in the future and insisted on getting it done up. You take a look at how big it is right now, cleaning it is such a chore and now we’ll owe them a favour for nothing at all.”

So, there were that many benefits to being strong with magic, even the house was renovated. I asked, “Is there something that the Village Chief and the others want from me? If not, why are they fawning on you like this?”

Mother shook her head and replied, “They don’t. However, ever since you became outstanding, our standard of living and position in life has completely changed. Currently, apart from Village Chief’s house, our house is the largest and the degree of respect received from the entire village sticks out like a sore thumb.”

I replied smilingly, “Isn’t that great?”

Father replied, “Why is that good? The feeling of being looked at by everyone is really unbearable

I replied, “If you’re not used to this life here, I can bring you to live somewhere else. We can just return this house to them.”

Mother shook her head. “Your father and I are nearing the big five-zero already, this place has rolling hills and crystal clear water, we aren’t leaving to go anywhere. We know that you won’t live here in the future, but you must come to visit us frequently. We don’t ask anything else of you.”

I nodded and clung onto mom’s arms. “Mom, I will. If I marry in the future, I will follow your example in finding a place with  a good environment to settle down. When the time comes, I will bring you over to have a look, and you can move over to live with me if you like the place.”

Father teasingly replied, “Good boy! From your words, it seems that you have a partner already.”

My face flushed. “Stop talking nonsense. Things have not even begun to take shape yet.”

Mother also understood this time and excitedly said, “Quickly tell mom whose family that girl is from!”

I bitterly smiled, “I also don’t even know which family she is from. I can only tell you that she is my classmate at the academy. She is called Mu Zi Mo. She isn’t very pretty, but her personality is good.”

Father chuckled, “I don’t mind if she is pretty or not, as long as she has a good personality. Look at your mother, even though she isn’t that beautiful, I am still in love with her for so many years. Haha!

Hearing Dad’s front words, Mom’s eyebrows had became vertical. It looked like she was going to blow a fuse. However, after hearing the last sentence, she instantly softened. She angrily said, “You senile man! If I’m not pretty, could it be that you’re the pretty one? You don’t have a single bit of self-awareness.”

Father didn’t refute what Mom had said and told me, “Son, are you tired? You should get some rest.”

I shook my head. “Father, I am not tired at all as I used the returning magic array to come back, so the journey was very easy.”

Father said in amazement, “Where did you use the returning magic array? It should be a high level magic.”

I nodded. “It isn’t too far away either. Your son’s current abilities is extraordinary. What is a small returning magic array to me?”

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