Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 6

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Volume 8: Chapter 6 – God’s Village

I hastily jumped out of bed and said, “What are you all doing? Quickly, get up!”

The Great Elder replied, “We plead for your forgiveness for any offense we have committed against you.”

I replied, “It was initially my fault. How can I blame you?” As I said that, I pulled the elders up.

The Great Elder replied, “Our God’s Village has been waiting for countless generations and years  and finally, we are able to meet you.”

“God’s Village? What does that mean?”

The Great Elder replied, “You previously said that during the great war between the Gods and the Monsters, there were heavy repercussions suffered by the Gods. In order to deal with future dangers, the remaining God clan members found a  freshwater spring and inserted their powers into it, and gave orders to the small village beside the spring to watch over it. This place was that small village and the Heavenly Spring in front of us was left here by the remaining Gods at that time.”

So it was like that. I asked, “What did the God clan order your village to do?”

The Great Elder replied, “The God clan wanted us to help and support the God’s inheritor with all we have, if we were to ever meet him in the future. ”

I replied in excitement, “So, that is to say, you’re willing to help me annihilate the Monster King?”

The Great Elder smiled and replied, “Of course! Even if you’re not the God’s inheritor, we would still have protected the world from the evil forces with everything we have. Since the Gods have assigned you to be their inheritor, we will definitely listen to our ancestor’s order, and do our best to accomplish the task of fighting against the evil forces.”

I shouted excitedly, “That’s great! With your assistance, the chance of success is much larger. Any of you elders is definitely an expert that will shake the world. Moreover, there are five of you!”

Great Elder replied, “According to the warrior ranking in the world, we few fellows should be at the Sword Saint standard. What are your current plans?”

I replied, “I’m preparing to head to the Kingdom of Xiuda to find some friends of mine. We’ll gather a small force there. I’m thinking of gradually increasing my forces in preparation of facing the Monster King in the near future. The friends I’m going to meet have also received God’s inheritance.”

The Great Elder asked in amazement, “Are they the ones that you had said earlier met the God King with you?”

I nodded. “Yes, they individually possess the War God’s armour, Sky God’s bugle horn, Titan God’s hammer, Lightning God’s shield, Wind God’s bow, and including my Radiant Holy Sword, all together, we have six of the God clan’s inheritance weapons.”

The Great Elder replied happily, “That’s great, in that case, we’ll take some people who are good in martial skills along with us. With all the powers gathered together in one place, it’ll be more convenient for us and will also increase our strength.”

I replied, “I had the same thoughts as you. When should we head out?”

The Great Elder told the fifth elder, “Fifth Elder, you’re to go inform all of the boys in the village to gather. We’ll pick some of the elites to head out with the God’s Inheritor.” The fifth elder agreed before going out.

I said with a smile, “You don’t have to call me that in the future. You can just call me Zhang Gong. Your age should be enough to be my great grandfather.”

The Great Elder wasn’t modest and replied, “Alright! Zhang Gong, you can wait here as we pick which men have enough power to travel with us.” After he said that, he left  with the remaining elders.

I was initially thinking of heading to Xiuda. Now, it was even better as I would be bringing a strong team of warriors there too. I didn’t know what Big brother Zhan Hu and the others would think about this. However, it was also great that the elders were so powerful. It would definitely drastically increase our overall strength. After escaping, my luck seemed to be quite good. I had first absorbed the Heavenly Spring’s divine vein and now, I had even gotten the support of the God’s Village!

After a short while, the elders came back.

The Great Elder replied, “Zhang Gong, I have  gathered everybody that has great martial skills. There’ll be 167 of us, including us five elders. They’re now packing up. We’ll leave in the morning tomorrow.”

Unexpectedly, there were 167 people. If their abilities weren’t weaker than Shan Jian’s, then this would be an extremely powerful team.

The five elders and I were standing on a small hill when morning came. I looked at all of the 162 villagers filled with congealed vigor, who were in the age range of 20-40 years. From a glance, it was easy to know that they were all martial experts. They were worthy of being called the God’s Village.

I asked the Great Elder, “The martial proficiency of your village is really impressive!. Anyone of them can influence the world.”

The Great Elder laughed and replied, “If we were to rank all 167 of us with the world’s ranking system, there would be 5 Sword Saints, that being  us 5 old fellows, 56 Radiant Knight’s and the rest are at the Heaven Knight level.”

My mouth had completely formed an ‘O’ shape. ‘Aren’t they too strong? Even if it is the Royal Knight Union in Xiuda, they definitely wouldn’t have such strength.’ I asked in amazement, “How did all of you train? The increase in strength is too fast. For example, Jian Shan, who is just 20 years old, has already reached the Radiant Knight standard. He can be counted as a genius in any Kingdom of the world.”

When the Third elder saw me in shock, he replied to me with a smile, “Our village has always had the Heavenly Spring to supply us with assistance. Moreover, the villagers are innocent, so their training has a ‘half the work, twice the effect’ outcome. The village has 713 houses with three thousand villagers. What you’re seeing is just a part of our forces. We have picked the ones that aren’t tied down by their family duties, or that are volunteers. They were locally born and raised here for many years, so they weren’t able to leave their homeland.” When he mentioned the Heavenly Spring, I couldn’t help but lower my head in guilt.

The Great Elder replied, “Let’s head out. There should be quite a distance before we reach civilization.”

I took out a map and asked, “Elder, could you kindly mark our position on the map?”

The elder took the map and nodded. “This map is finely detailed. If I don’t remember it wrongly, we should be here.” He said that as he pointed on the map.

I looked at the position that he had pointed to. It was a large forest in the Kingdom of Aixia, and I suddenly made a realization, “So it is at that place. We’ll head straight in this direction to head towards Aixia Kingdom’s Lunda province. After that, we’ll head in a southwest direction towards the Kingdom of Xiuda.”

The Great Elder replied, “Alright! That shall be our route. Let’s head out!”

I nodded. “Have you really decided to bring the villagers from the God’s Village to come on this  long journey with me? A lot of them may not be able to return to their homeland ever again.”

A sign of hesitation flashed in the Great Elder’s eyes, before he resolutely nodded his head.

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