Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 39

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Volume 9: Chapter 39 – Everyone Assembles

The Demon Emperor laughed before saying, “Alright, let’s stop talking about this. I still have some things to give you so come with me to the study room.”


I waited nervously with Uncle Firewood at the west entrance of the city the following day. Xiao Rou had stayed in the same squirrel form on my shoulder. I initially wanted her to stay in the Demon race, but she persistently refused and wanted to follow me no matter what. Meanwhile, I saw the restored peace of the Demon race’s Royal city, and was deeply moved by its peace and harmony.

Uncle Firewood said, “The task that you’re to accomplish is extremely important and difficult. You’ve got to be careful in whatever you do.”

This old man, who was expressing his sincere thoughts and had dedicated his entire life for the Demon race, was worthy of respect in my eyes. I nodded and replied, “Uncle Firewood, thank you for your care in this period of time. If it weren’t for you, I may have already been killed. I hope that when we meet next time, we can stand on the same field to team up against the enemy.”

Uncle Firewood chuckled before taking out a small booklet and passed it to me. “Good child, that day will definitely come. Even though I’ve aged, living for a few more years shouldn’t be a problem. This are my understandings when I broke through into the Sword Saint and Legendary War God’s ranks. The aptitude of your friends are great. Help me to pass this to them.” As a member of the Demon race, he had unexpectedly passed his lifetime’s knowledge to the human race. Such strong generous friendship had made me…….

When Uncle Firewood forcefully gave me the booklet, he said, “Stop being overly sensitive. Mu Zi should be here soon so prepare to head off.”

After receiving the booklet, I treated it as an important possession and kept it in my space pocket. Just as I wanted to say something, I found that Uncle Firewood’s gaze was looking behind me so I followed his gaze to look over.

Even though Mu Zi had changed her appearance to resemble an ordinary village woman, I could still recognise her at first glance. It was as though I had been struck by lightning as I couldn’t move a single step from where I stood. Hidden bitterness filled Mu Zi’s eyes, who wasn’t far from me. Ke Lun Duo, who was beside her, had showed helplessness.

Uncle Firewood pushed me forward and said, “It’s quite late already. You should depart now.”

I hugged Uncle Firewood, filled with strong feelings towards him. “Take care. I’ll return as soon as possible to find you.”

Uncle Firewood patted my shoulder. “Alright, please take good care of my niece.”

Upon saying that, he greeted Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo before he laughed and walked away. I knew that he didn’t want to experience the pain of separation.

As I looked at Uncle Firewood’s figure, I mentally pleaded to the heavens to protect that old man, who had gained my incomparable reverence.

Ke Lun Duo said, “Zhang Gong, we should head out.”

I turned my head and looked at them with complicated feelings before I agreed and took the lead to head out of the Demon City. I didn’t dare to speak to Mu Zi and tried my best to suppress my feelings.

Mu Zi also didn’t talk to me, beyond my expectation. She just followed behind me with Ke Lun Duo beside her.

When we were reaching the God Rended Canyon, Ke Lun Duo couldn’t bear the silence and said, “Zhang Gong, I’m really sorry for what happened previously. I really didn’t have a choice in that.”

I stopped my steps and shot him a glance as I replied indifferently, “You don’t have to apologise. We just follow different masters. What should happen has already occurred anyways, so it’s meaningless for me to continue blaming you for that.”

While hearing my words, I obviously felt Mu Zi’s body tremble. I didn’t dare shift my gaze to her so I kept my eyes to the front and continued to move on.

When we finally arrived at the previously appointed place with Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest, I was the first to reach the peak of the hill.

“Who are you?” A cold sword energy appeared before me.

I said in smiles, “Jian Shan, is that the way to treat me? Your hand sword’s skill is not bad.”

Jian Shan’s well built body appeared before me. He said in excitement, “Zhang Gong, you’re back! Has everything been settled?”
I nodded. “How’s the rest?”

Jian Shan replied, “They are still cultivating. We’ve already recovered most of our powers in the past two days. I’ve the least injury so I’m responsible for protecting them while they cultivate.”

“Zhang Gong, you’re back.” Big Brother Zhan Hu voiced out. When I turned my head, everyone had come. They must had been awoken from the previous clamours.

I replied, “I’ve affected everyone’s cultivation. However, I was also able to retrieve our weapons.” Upon saying that, I had taken the divine instruments out from the space pocket and tossed it to them.

At that moment, Big Brother Zhan Hu’s expression suddenly changed and he charged forth, heading behind me. I realized that Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo had also reached the peak of the hill. Zhan Hu punched out without saying a word; his strong battle spirit had roused the dust and sand in the surrounding. I immediately hollered, “Big brother, stop! They are with me.”

When Ke Lun Duo saw an enormous fist shadow just as he ascended the hill, he immediately gathered his power and charged against the attack. Both of their battle spirit had caused a strong explosion. Where the point of contact of the battle spirit met at the centre, a large pit formed on the ground.

Ke Lun Duo was forced to move a step back. It was obvious that he was at a disadvantage in that attack, but I knew that it was due to the lack of time to make preparations as he could only hastily deal with the attack. He was worthy of the Demon Emperor’s praise as that brat’s power was definitely not below that of Big Brother Zhan Hu. When Zhan Hu wanted to continue his attack, he looked at me stupefied after hearing what I said.

I extended my hand to stop the rest, who were preparing to charge over. “Everyone, calm down. Even though he had lied to us previously, he’s a negotiation envoy sent by the Demon Emperor.”

Dong Ri asked in surprise, “What’s negotiation envoy?”

I walked forth to pull Zhan Hu back to the rest and called Ke Lun Duo and Mu Zi over. As I looked serious, everyone didn’t say anything and just looked fixedly at me.

“Take a seat and listen to what I’ve to say.”

Mu Zi dusted her clothes before pulling Ke Lun Duo down as she took the initiative to take a seat.

Zhan Hu glared viciously at Ke Lun Duo as he did the same as the rest to sit on a large rock at the side.

After they calmed down, I said, “The situation is like this now. I had made sudden progress in this trip to the Demon city,……, so just like that, Ke Lun Duo and the Princess of the Demon race, Mu Zi, has represented their race to head back to the Eastern continent with us to negotiate with the three kingdoms. I hope that everyone can give up prejudice as this affects the future of the world.” I had given them a run down of what was discussed with the Demon Emperor.

Dong Ri exclaimed, “Mu Zi, the Demon race’s princess? Isn’t that……”

I glared at him, forcing him to be unable to continue to say ‘older brother’s wife’.

Mu Zi’s face blushed a little before she stood up and bowed, “My greetings to the fellow brothers, I really hope that we will be able to team up to dissolve the grudges between the three races.”

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