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Lucas couldn't believe it at the moment but he felt that he needed to place his faith in this apothecary. Otherwise, he didn't know how he could live his life after being told that it would be impossible to recover his private.

"This... Is your residence far away?" Davis suddenly asked.

"Sadly yes... My residence is in the northeast region of the second level..." Agis Stirlander sighed.

"Then I'll arrange accommodation for you to stay here. It's the least I can do to make it easier for you."

Agis Stirlander's eyes imperceptibly flashed as he clasped his hands, "Then I'll take you up on your kindness..."

"However, I still need to consult my teacher and get the necessary pill to treat this young man, so I bid farewell for the time being."

Davis nodded his head and then personally accompanied Agis Stirlander to the exit before sending him off.

Once he saw Agis Stirlander's silhouette slowly leaving his line of sight, he couldn't help but feel pity, 'Such a nice person... Why does he have to die in a year?'

'Perhaps I can change his fate of earlier death?' Davis narrowed his eyes as he thought.

Davis only knew how to make people die faster than their appointed time with Fallen Heaven. He did not know how to bring a change to a person's fate who is going to die.

However, he knew that it should be possible since the decided fate of a person can be changed with the Fallen Heaven.

Glynn's death was one such example where he didn't do anything with Fallen Heaven but the former still died.

In the same way, he felt that he should be able to change a person's fate as long as fulfilled some conditions, which are currently unknown to him.

'Perhaps, I can try commanding Fallen Heaven to kill him at the end of his maximum lifespan and in doing so, extend his appointed death by a large margin, making him able to live till 6,000 years since he is at the Law Dominion Stage?'

Davis pondered for a while before he shook his head, feeling that it was not feasible. He then returned to his building, ending the day on a complex note.


A week passed while Davis increased his Essence Gathering Cultivation using Low-Level Spirit Stones. He squandered about 4,000 Low-Level Spirit Stones, slightly increasing his Mid-Level Law Seed Stage Cultivation.

He chose to train his Essence Gathering Cultivation since his other two Cultivation Systems were currently stagnant, unable to increase much. However, he did heal a bit of his Soul Essence, up to 1%. Perhaps, it would take a larger time to entirely heal it as it might even get stuck in a bottleneck, requiring resources such as a Soul Healing Pill.

That said, he knew that the increase in his Essence Gathering Cultivation became rather small and difficult since, in the higher stages, it became difficult to refine the pure energy of the Spirit Stones or other sources.

Davis pondered over his progress and felt that his Mid-Level Law Seed Stage Cultivation should've increased only by 5% in this week.

Opposite to him, his avatar was going through a lot of books, scattered on the floor, increasing his knowledge on Peak-Level Sky Grade Alchemy and Low-Level King Grade Alchemy.

He gave off a low sigh and saw that Evelynn was not beside him like she would usually be... 

'Mhm... Where is she sneaking off to nowadays?' Davis pursed his lips and didn't think much of it. He stood up and left the building, heading towards Lucas's treatment location which also became Agis Stirlander's temporary accommodation.

From Agis Stirlander, he garnered the situation and confirmed that the treatment was going smoothly with almost no difficulty.

"Perhaps, in three weeks, his privates would have completely regenerated." 

"That's good to know..." Davis smiled and shot a look at Lucas who was currently resting naked on top of a bed, with his privates hidden by a white sheet of a curtain.

He then returned his gaze back to Agis Stirlander, "Perhaps, I really should compensate you for your help."

"Don't fret over it." Agis Stirlander waved his hand, "Just take it as me currying favor with the subordinate of the Conferred Queen." 

"Hahaha..." Davis laughed.

He wasn't astonished since it became like a public knowledge that he was one of the Conferred Queen's subordinates. He indeed wanted this to happen so he could strut off his non-existent background by using the Conferred Queen's name, just like how he used a non-existent master in the Grand Sea Continent.

Although Princess Isabella wasn't a big character, her background that people mused off was definitely enough for him to strut off his status as the subordinate of the Conferred Queen Isabella.

"I'm intrigued, where are you all from?" Agis Stirlander spoke in a curious tone.

"You don't need to know." 

Davis smiled as he said in a monotonous tone, making Agis Stirlander wrinkle his nose in displeasure, "So secretive... Is this an order from the Conferred Queen?"

"Perhaps..." Davis inclined his head and mysteriously said, "You don't need to ask all this other than treating my friend over here. You know... curiosity is sometimes not good for oneself."

Agis Stirlander laughed as he rubbed his head, "Haha, you're right about that. I've overstepped my bounds, silly me!" 

"I'll see you two sometime later..." 

Davis stood up and left under the gaze of Agis Stirlander.

Agis Stirlander looked at Lucas and smiled, 'Perhaps I can gain information from him but I can't go overboard...'

'This is becoming difficult. Davis refused to reveal and even warned me kindly... If I keep this up, I will eventually offend him...'

Agis Stirlander inwardly sighed. 

During the time he was here, he didn't dare to go out, afraid that he would meet the Conferred Queen. He was afraid that he would slip up after being intimidated by her beauty and ruthlessness.

'If only I didn't accidentally meet him and became a bit close, perhaps, I would not have many misgivings... Damn, I feel like a backstabber!' Agis Stirlander cursed in his mind before he finally convinced himself that it is all for repaying his benefactor.


Davis left the treatment building and headed to his parents' house, chatting for a while before heading to Daniuis's house, informing him of his son's treatment, however, it looked like Lucas had already informed him of this matter, so Davis shortly left after a little bit of chat about the future of being an Inscription Master.

Davis wasn't that interested in Inscriptions for the time being and his avatar has been learning Alchemy, hence, he told Daniuis that he would take it up later when he had time.

He then roamed around trying to find where Evelynn went. She was not anywhere in the previously occupied buildings he went towards, hence, he extended his Soul Sense and finally found her in an unoccupied building, talking with another woman of curvy proportions, similar to his wife.

'She is with Ophelia? Oh? Did she manage to become friends with Ophelia? Isn't that nice...' Davis thought and smiled as he became happy for Evelynn.

He then heard them talking about dance and became confused before he retracted his Soul Sense, 'Did Evelynn become interested in dance? Is it because she witnessed those dancers' mesmerizing moves. It should be or perhaps, they're just exchanging their womanly thoughts.'

He convinced himself and suddenly saw Princess Isabella approaching him with a visible grin on her face, making him inwardly confused.

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