Invincible - Chapter 1258

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Chapter 1258: 1258

Five years was neither a long nor a short amount time; it passes in the blink of an eye for cultivators .

Within the next five years, if Huang Xiaolong wanted to increase his strength rapidly, to the point where he could defeat Guo Jun and the other sea tribe’s genius disciple Feng Yingying, he needed to repair the Pill Blending Tower as soon as possible .

Recently, he had learned from the little cow that the Pill Blending tower was very precious and heaven-defying . In truth, even the little cow didn’t know of the Pill Blending Tower’s origin, but she was certain that as long as he has the materials, the Pill Blending Tower could refine any pills he wanted .

Since he had successfully cultivated the first stage of the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, his three supreme godheads were swallowing energy even faster than before; even the four divine fires’ chaos spiritual energy, and the purple grandmist aura dragon’s purple grandmist aura were unable to satisfy them .

As long as the Pill Blending Tower could continuously supply him with chaos spiritual pills to satisfy his three supreme godheads’ energy requirements, his cultivation speed would definitely advance faster than the current one .

During these three years, he had finished refining all the golden beads that he had collected from the volcano . But now that he had advanced to the early Sixth Order Ancient God Realm, the golden beads has lost their usefulness to him .

Huang Xiaolong also informed his two Masters, Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor that he was going to visit the Clear Spirit World .

Both his Masters were surprised when they heard his decision—this brat wants to go to the Clear Spirit World?

When they learned Huang Xiaolong was going to the Clear Spirit World for the chaos five-colored heaven refining stone, Blood Knife Ancestor was the first to speak, “How about this, I also feel like going out there, so why don’t I accompany you to the Clear Spirit World?”

A warm feeling filled Huang Xiaolong’s heart . He was well aware that Blood Knife Ancestor had used this as an excuse, as he was worried about Huang Xiaolong’s safety .

“Master, this time… I’d like to go alone, and take this opportunity to train . ” Huang Xiaolong said, after a moment’s deliberation . Even though he knew that having Blood Knife Ancestor to accompany him would mean there would be fewer dangers, it was still a little inconvenient for Huang Xiaolong due to the secrets he had .

Not to mention, traveling with Blood Knife Ancestor would attract more attention .

“You… really don’t need me to go with you?” Blood Knife Ancestor hadn’t expected that his darling disciple would refuse .

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and persuaded, “Masters, you can rest assured . I will pay attention to safety, I’ll be fine . ” Then he added jokingly, “I’m someone with great luck, I won’t die so easily . ”

Both Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor laughed hearing their disciple’s words .

“That’s true . ” Golden Brow Ancestor chuckled . “You even refined the grandmist aura . ” He had never met anyone with this degree of luck . Even he and Blood Knife were a little envious of Huang Xiaolong .

In the end, both Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor stopped insisting on accompanying Huang Xiaolong . But they advised him over the things that he needed to be careful about, when he would go to the Clear Spirit World .  

He memorized every single advice by heart .

Huang Xiaolong departed from the Fortune Divine Kingdom the next day on the little cow, and headed to the Perpetual Peak to see Yao Chi . He accompanied Yao Chi for a day, before leaving the Fortune Gate . But soon, he discovered a tail on him .

Huang Xiaolong sneered mockingly . Needless to say, the person following him probably belonged to one of the four forces—Dragon Origin Sect, Twin Cities Sect, Zhu Feng, or Wang Wei .

However, Huang Xiaolong was not bothered by this at all . He strolled idly around the Fortune City, and quickly altered his physical features as soon as the person following him was distracted . With this he was able to walk past unnoticed right in front of the person who was tailing him, and smoothly leave the Fortune City .

Shortly after Huang Xiaolong had left the Fortune City, inside a luxurious manor in Fortune City, Zhu Feng was glaring at the subordinate kneeling before him, “What? You lost him?! You, a Sixth Order Ancient God Realm can't even follow a Fourth Order Ancient God Realm, what use do you have left?"

"Master, have mercy!" The subordinate kowtowed and pleaded fearfully .  

His head fell to the floor just as he finished pleading for his life and rolling back and forth .

With a cold indifferent flick, Zhu Feng returned the long sword in his hand into its sheath .

"Why do you think Huang Xiaolong is going to the Clear Spirit World?" Zhu Feng asked the two Elders by his side, Lu Tai and Sun Yao .

Lu Tai said with a serious tone, “It is impossible for Huang Xiaolong to go to the Clear Spirit World without reason, I think most likely he’s going to the Clear Spirit World in search of something . ”

It had to be said that this Lu Tai’s guess was very accurate .

Huang Xiaolong was mainly going to the Clear Spirit World for the chaos five-colored heaven refining stone .

Sun Yao’s fat face widened as he sneered, “Young Lord, do you want me to go kill that kid?” He himself held a grudge against Huang Xiaolong .

Due to Yao Chi’s matter the last time, Li Chaosheng had reported this matter to Gate Chief Zhu Yi . Although Zhu Yi did not really penalize him, he was transferred away from the task hall to some miscellaneous job outside, which had greatly reduced his side-benefits .

After that, Sun Yao had investigated and found out that Yao Chi was Huang Xiaolong’s woman . From that point onwards, his hatred towards Huang Xiaolong had deepened as time passed . In his opinion, he was transferred away from a comfortable position because of Huang Xiaolong .

Zhu Feng looked at Sun Yao from the corner of his eye and then looked away while saying, “Huang Xiaolong is the golden apple of Golden Brow and Blood Knife’s eyes, therefore, if he were to die, not only you but even I won’t be able to endure the two old men’s wrath . ” But his tone changed here, “Don’t worry, there’s quite a lot of people that want him dead . Even if Wang Wei wouldn’t make a move, there’s still Wangu Clan, and sea tribe’s Guo Family who would make their moves against him!”

“Go, spread out the word that Huang Xiaolong is heading to the Clear Spirit World to Wangu Clan and the sea tribe’s Guo Family . ”

“Yes, Young Lord!”

Soon, Wangu Clan as well as the sea tribe’s Guo Family got news of Huang Xiaolong's departure from the Fortune Gate for the Clear Spirit World .

After Huang Xiaolong left the Fortune City, he headed to the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City with the little cow, instead of rushing to the Clear Spirit World .

Huang Xiaolong had inquired from Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor about the petrified divine elephant after they had returned from the Four Mainlands' New Disciples Battle . After learning that he would be the Master of the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan if he managed to resurrect the petrified divine elephant, he had decided to bring the little cow to help him with the task, despite knowing that it was a difficult based on his current strength .

The little cow trotted out from the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City’s transmission array with Huang Xiaolong on its back .

As the little cow used an illusionary technique, no one could tell her original form . Therefore, Huang Xiaolong was not worried about someone recognizing Xiaoniū or him .

“How is it?” Huang Xiaolong asked the little cow when they stopped in front of the petrified divine elephant .  

But the little cow didn’t answer him . Instead, she walked two circles around the petrified divine elephant, while tsk-ing, “I didn’t expect to see that guy Wan Xiang’s descendent here . ”

“Wan Xiang?” Huang Xiaolong asked confused, “The Ten Thousand Elephant King?” 

Was the little cow familiar with Ten Thousand Elephant King?

The little cow nodded, “The same Ten Thousand Elephant King you all mentioned . This petrified divine elephant has the Ten Thousand Elephant King’s bloodline, but the blood purity is not very high, probably a third or fourth generation descendent of that fella . ”

“Then, is the Ten Thousand Elephant King’s blood the only way to resurrect this petrified divine elephant?” Huang Xiaolong asked anxiously .

The little cow shook her head, “Not necessarily, even the blood of his second or third generation would work as well . ”

Huang Xiaolong was like a deflated balloon as he grumbled inwardly, ‘Isn’t that the same? Where was he going to find the Ten Thousand Elephant King’s second or third generation descendents’ blood?’

“But you don’t need that old fella’s descendents’ blood ah . ” The little cow suddenly dropped a sentence .