Invincible - Chapter 1592

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Chapter 1592: 1592

Others on the square were slightly stupefied looking at the Grandmist Emperor Palace’s Ancestor Han Qing .

Did this Han Qing not hear Liu Rui say his Master had ordered him to come greet Huang Xiaolong? If she heard it, where did she get the courage to put the blame on Huang Xiaolong?!

Then again, Han Qing's words sounded reasonable . Indeed, in hundreds of millions of years, no one had dared to injure a Grandmist Emperor Palace’s disciple at the Grandmist Emperor Palace!

And now, Huang Xiaolong had assaulted a Grandmist Emperor Palace’s Grand Elder!

Liu Rui too was surprised by Han Qing’s actions and took a deeper look at Han Qing, then said, “Is Ancestor Han Qing saying that we should be detaining Huang Xiaolong for punishment?”

Han Qing’s heart tightened inexplicably but managed to squeeze out a smile on her face as she said, “The Emperor’s Disciple is joking, Huang Xiaolong is our Grandmist Emperor’s guest, how would I dare to detain him for punishment? What I’m saying is that since this matter is not entirely Wu Tianhei’s fault, shouldn’t we mete a light punishment on Wu Tianhe? After all, Wu Tianhe had no idea that Huang Xiaolong is our Grandmist Emperor’s guest! Moreover, Wu Tianhe merely wanted to keep a lid on the Earth Bear’s news, and was only impolite to Huang Xiaolong listening to the Elder below him . This is understandable . ”

Liu Rui’s brows furrowed slightly . He then turned towards Huang Xiaolong and asked respectfully, “May I ask what your opinion is?”

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent as he responded, “Wu Tianhe is the Grandmist Emperor Palace’s people, it is up to the Grandmist Emperor Palace how to punish him . ”

Liu Rui was inwardly relieved hearing that .

“Shall we go see your Master now?” Huang Xiaolong changed the subject with a question .

Liu Rui blanked for a split second but promptly agreed, “Sure . ”

Thus, Liu Rui led Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, Yao Chi, and the rest flying towards the Grandmist Emperor’s cultivation palace .

Watching Liu Rui, Huang Xiaolong, and the others’ flying away, Wu Tianhe’s tensed nerves relaxed . A feeling of survival washed over him . Although Liu Rui did not specify what his punishment would be, he was confident that his punishment would not be heavy with Ancestor Han Qing speaking for him .

After Liu Rui and Huang Xiaolong’s group’s departure, the various Emperor Palace’s experts were in a furor of excitement .

“What is Huang Xiaolong’s connection with the Grandmist Emperor? It is difficult to see the Grandmist Emperor even if our Emperor came personally, much less sending the Emperor’s Disciple to greet in person!”

“Is it possible that the Grandmist Emperor fancies Huang Xiaolong’s talent, and intends to accept Huang Xiaolong as his personal disciple? Even though Huang Xiaolong has already worshiped Zhao Lei as his Master, this is not impossible . ”

“I don’t think so . In my opinion, that Huang Xiaolong may be the Grandmist Emperor’s illegitimate son! Why else would the Grandmist Emperor send his personal disciple to greet him?”

“Illegitimate son?! This is truly possible . There was a rumor in the past that the Grandmist Emperor was good with a mysterious woman . This Huang Xiaolong could really be their illegitimate child! No wonder Huang Xiaolong’s talent is so amazing, he’s actually the Grandmist Emperor’s illegitimate son! No wonder, no wonder!”

The guesses of various Emperor Palaces’ experts grew wilder .

Almost every Emperor Palaces’ experts present agreed with this opinion .

Only this reason could explain why the Grandmist Emperor would send his personal disciple to greet Huang Xiaolong .

After listening to these Emperor Palaces’ experts’ wild guesses, Zhang Renjie and Han Qing exchanged a glance .

Illegitimate son?!

A cold glint flashed in the depths of Han Qing’s eyes . Is this Huang Xiaolong really their Grandmist Emperor’s illegitimate son?

Even though Han Qing thought it was unbelievable, at the same time, she didn’t deny this possibility either .

It was because she knew their Grandmist Emperor did have a relationship with that mysterious woman .

It was very likely that Huang Xiaolong was the two people’s illegitimate son!

Whereas Wu Tianhe’s initial relief turned into waves of bitterness listening to the surrounding guesses that Huang Xiaolong might be their Emperor’s illegitimate son .

If that was true, then his future days were bound to be miserable .

Huang Xiaolong was naturally unaware of these Emperor Palaces' experts' wild guesses, or he would have fainted on the spot .

While Liu Rui led Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, and Yao Chi to the Grandmist Emperor's cultivation palace, Li Lu and Yao Chi's minds were still in a jumble . It had never occurred to them that the person Huang Xiaolong wanted to meet in the Grandmist Emperor Palace would be the number one person of the Divine World—the Grandmist Emperor himself!

Nor could they have imagined that the Grandmist Emperor would actually send his personal disciple Liu Rui to greet Huang Xiaolong!


The astonishment Li Lu and Yao Chi experienced was no less compared to Wu Tianhe and the rest .

The two women looked at Huang Xiaolong, and their mouths opened and closed several times, wanting to ask about Huang Xiaolong's relationship with the Grandmist Emperor . But both suppressed their curiosity in the end .

Huang Xiaolong had long noticed the two women's actions . He smiled at them and asked, "You want to know what's my relationship with the Grandmist Emperor?"

Both women nodded enthusiastically, fixing their clear bright eyes on Huang Xiaolong .

Liu Rui's ears perked up in attention .

Huang Xiaolong's smile deepened as he answered, "You'll know when you see the Grandmist Emperor . "

Both women nearly choked hearing Huang Xiaolong and glared at him fiercely .

Even Liu Rui felt a little speechless .

The group flew on .

Li Lu and Yao Chi stopped pursuing their curiosity and enjoyed the Grandmist Emperor Palace’s mesmerizing sceneries instead .

Along the way, the sceneries were filled with rare spiritual trees and spiritual herbs, waterfalls formed from spiritual springwater, undulating hills rose and fell, making one unable to tear away his gaze .

The two women’s eyes sparkled with delight as they enjoyed the sights .

Li Lu and Yao Chi were still enamored by the sights they had seen along the way even after entering the inner area of the Grandmist Emperor Palace .

Liu Rui did not stop when they reached the inner area of the Grandmist Emperor Palace . The group flew deeper in until they reached a cultivation palace that was seemingly no different from other cultivation palaces in the area .

Is this where Senior Brother Jiang Hong lives? Huang Xiaolong was a little doubtful . Li Lu and Yao Chi were equally doubtful whether the Grandmist Emperor lived there .

“Master is waiting for us, let’s enter . ” Liu Rui informed Huang Xiaolong and as he was about to lead Huang Xiaolong and the rest inside, sonorous laughter rang in the air . “Junior Brother, you’re here!” A handsome and elegant middle-aged man stepped out a second later—the Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong!

Liu Rui saw his Master . . . no, wait, what did his Master call Huang Xiaolong just now?

Junior Brother!

Liu Rui quivered, then jerked around with wide eyes full of astonishment as he looked at Huang Xiaolong . He had a ludicrous expression over his face .

Junior Brother, Huang Xiaolong is actually his Master’s Junior Brother!

Doesn’t that mean Huang Xiaolong is his Grandmaster, the King of Grandmist’s second disciple?!

This, this, how did this come to be?!

Li Lu and Yao Chi were agape . Their bright eyes shifted back and forth between Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong with incredulous expressions .

“Senior Azure Cow!” Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong stopped and greeted the little cow with a respectful demeanor .

This sight sent Liu Rui’s mind reeling . He stared stupidly at the little cow .

Even though Li Lu and Yao Chi had experienced the little cow’s majesty in the past, at this moment, both were still shocked hearing the Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong respectfully greeting the little cow as Senior .

“So fragrant!” The little cow sniffed the air and her eyes lit up as she added, “Kiddo Grandmist, this is the scent of spirit nectar, isn’t it?!”

Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong chuckled, then replied, “I know that Senior Azure Cow likes spirit nectar, hence I had it prepared early on as I knew Senior Azure Cow was visiting . ”

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