Invincible - Chapter 1946

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Even though Guo Xiaofan wanted to continue, Guo Tai shook his head silently at him. He knew that no matter how hard his son tried, it was impossible to change their minds. If he continued to scream and shout at them, he would probably get beaten again.

Huang Peng and Guo Xiaofan were still injured from the whipping they had received a few days ago.

Since even his father was stopping him, Guo Xiaofan could only suppress the rage in his heart.

“What are you waiting for?! Hurry up and die!” The disciple sneered at the smoldering Guo Xiaofan, and he waved the whip in his hand. Without warning, he swung it out once again, and it landed shockingly close to Guo Xiaofan. It missed him by a mere centimeter!

Cold sweat drenched the backs of everyone from the Huang Family.

Even though fire threatened to spill out from Guo Xiaofan’s eyes, he didn’t dare to do anything.

“I forgot to tell you… Everyone has to double their production. As for you guys… you’ll be in for trouble if you fail to turn in triple your monthly quota!” The disciple who wielded the whip glared at Huang Peng and the others as he snapped.

“What?!” Guo Xiaofan, Guo Tai, and everyone else nearly fainted with rage.

They were driven to their limits by doubling the production and tripling it was clearly killing them!

Even if Huang Peng and the others were at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm, they would still be beaten to death by these Heavenly God disciples from the Earth Shattering Gang!

Obviously, they were going to kill Huang Peng and the other Huang Family members at the start of the next month.

“Why?!” Guo Xiaofan roared in anger.

“Why?” The disciple stared at them as the corners of his lips curled upwards. “It’s because I hate the sight of you. What can you do about it?”

“You!!!” The hatred in Guo Xiaofan’s eyes doubled as he glared at the disciple.

“Brat, do you want to kill me? Too bad, you’re too weak. Do you really know why I haven’t killed you? That’s because I want you to experience the fear and pressure of death every day. I want you to crawl towards your death slowly! Even though you know that you’ll be dead in a moment, you won’t be able to do anything about it!”

Although none of them were allowed to kill the slaves as they pleased, killing one or two occasionally to show off their might wasn’t frowned upon.

With a guttural cry from Guo Xiaofan, he wanted to duke it out with the disciple. It was lucky that everyone managed to grab him in time.

“Xiaofan, that’s enough!” Huang Peng’s voice resounded through the air as he tried his hardest to suppress his anger. “Start digging!”

By this time, the other slaves were out of breath, and they were giving it their all to extract whatever they could from the earth below them.

When Guo Xiaofan heard Huang Peng’s scolding, he finally calmed down.

Seeing the situation before them, the disciple from the Earth Shattering Gang snorted, “A bunch of pitiful trash.”

Several days passed.

Since the wounds on Huang Peng and Guo Xiaofan’s body hadn’t healed, their injuries worsened the more they dug. Fresh blood flowed out from their wounds and dyed the ground below them red.

“Brother Peng, Xiaofan, stop digging!” Su Yan cried out in exasperation when she looked at the sorry states of their bodies.

With how hard they were working, they probably wouldn’t live to see the next month.

Huang Peng shook his head and said. “We’ll dig out all we can. If I and Xiaofan fail to hit the amount, we’ll give it all to you. At least a few of us will be able to complete the mission.” Sorrow filled words left his lips as he resigned to his fate.

He knew that he was definitely going to die and he wanted to dig as much as he could with the last of his strength. He would give whatever he had to Su Yan, Huang Min, and the others so that they wouldn’t need to suffer from a whipping at the end of the month.

“Brother Peng!”


Su Yan, Huang Min, and the others choked with emotions.

“Xiaofan and I will take our leave first. If you meet Xiaolong in the future, tell him about everything we are suffering at the hands of these b*stards!”

“Alright, let’s keep digging!”

Huang Peng kept all the emotions in his heart, and he continued to dig relentlessly.

Su Yan and the others felt tears welling up in their eyes.

In the main branch of the Earth Shattering Gang, a middle-aged man was accompanied by the gang leader, Cheng Guotao. He was precisely the Gu An Sect’s sect chief, and he was there to retrieve the gold from the Earth Shattering Gang.

The Gu An Sect was a first-rate power in the Divine World, and it was one of the main families located on the Fire Stone World. They were also the power the Earth Shattering Gang was trying to suck up to.

The main reason he was there was to collect the gold.

“Cheng Guotao, there are only ten days left till you will have to hand over the gold. Will there be any problems?” Hu Qingzhong, the Sect Chief of the Gu An Sect, asked.

A chuckle escaped Cheng Guotao’s lips. “Of course, there are no problems. Everything's in order. Sect Chief Hu can rest assured. We captured another batch of slaves in the past few days, and we will definitely be able to obtain the amount of gold you desire. Do you wish to head over to the mines to take a look?”

“Sure, why not?”

As such, the two of them made their way towards the mines under the escort of the experts of the Earth Shattering Gang.

Since their headquarters wasn’t too far from the mines, they arrived before long.

When the guard-disciple saw Cheng Guotao approaching, he hastily rushed over to welcome the newcomers.

With Cheng Guotao’s introduction, Hu Qingzhong slowly walked towards the mines. When he walked past Huang Peng and the others, Huang Peng and Guo Xiaofan were no longer able to hold out as they swayed on their feet before falling on the ground.

“Unlucky…” Hu Qingzhong sighed.

As soon as Cheng Guotao heard what he said, his expression changed. He screamed at the disciple in charge of the mine. “Why are you standing there? Drag them out!”

The disciples rushed up and dragged Huang Peng and the others away.

“No! Please, don’t do it!” Su Yan and Huang Min revealed a look of terror as they pleaded with the disciples.

Even though Huang Peng and Guo Xiaofan had collapsed, they weren’t dead. They were merely unconscious.

Guo Xiaofan and the others hastily grabbed the disciples in an attempt to stop them from dragging the two bodies away.

It was too bad none of them had the ability to stop the Heavenly God Realm disciples. Before long, they were sent flying.

Huang Peng and Guo Xiaofan were dragged away like dead dogs right before their very eyes.

It was precisely at this moment that the Netherking Flying Ship appeared in the air above the Fire Stone World. Through the control room of the ship, Huang Xiaolong saw the world surface below them.

His transmission symbol shook, and Huang Xiaolong’s expression turned ugly the moment he read it. Killing intent soared through the skies as he growled in anger. “Earth Shattering Gang… How dare you?!”

When the two ladies read the message on his transmission symbol, their faces changed as well.

Huang Xiaolong ordered for the ship to accelerate once again.

In several breaths of time, the Netherking Flying Ship entered the Fire Stone World. Huang Xiaolong, the four odd beasts, the radiance angels, Netherguards, and the Ice Dragons didn’t retract their aura as they soared through the sky. Their killing intent shook the world.

Every single person on the Fire Stone World felt the killing intent charging through the air. They could feel the horrifying pressure crushing down on them!