Invincible - Chapter 2302

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Chapter 2302: Half-step Venerable!

“Relax. The Enforcement Hall and Punishment Hall are filled with people on our side. Moreover, we didn’t injure Huang Xiaolong in the slightest. Even if they punish us, they won’t go overboard with our identities as members of the Revered River Divine Sect.” Wu Xun explained.

Chen Shaokang and the others felt their chests loosen when they heard his evaluation.

None of them could have expected their conversation to enter Huang Xiaolong’s ears. In the next instant, Huang Xiaolong retrieved a transmission symbol and sent a report to the hall master of the Enforcement Hall in the headquarters, Zhang Yunqi.

Huang Xiaolong no longer bothered with them after sending the report, and he continued to head into the depths of the Dragon Heart Island.

Several days later…

Huang Xiaolong stopped in the space above a certain spot on the island. More than twenty strands of purple grandmist aura danced in the air before him as a look of joy flashed in his eyes.

Purple grandmist aura!

There were more than twenty strands before him!

Initially, Huang Xiaolong had expected there to be only be six to seven strands of purple grandmist aura on the island. More than twenty strands had already exceeded the scope of his imaginations by a large margin!

After killing Yu Dongyuan and refining his saint attributes, Huang Xiaolong had arrived at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Sovereign Realm.

With the purple grandmist aura before him, Huang Xiaolong believed that coupled with the rank-six origin spiritual pills he had obtained in the past, he would be able to enter the half-step Venerable Realm!

Half-step Venerable!

When he killed the other three members of the evil faction and devoured their saint attributes, Huang Xiaolong would be able to charge straight into the Venerable Realm after returning to the Holy Gate to turn in his missions!

With his strength in the half-step Venerable Realm, he would be able to kill someone like Zhou Ze in the blink of an eye! Even if Zhou Ze had arrived in the late-Third Order Venerable Realm and possessed a saint godhead and saint bloodline in the top thousand ranks, Huang Xiaolong believed that he would be able to kill him!

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Huang Xiaolong retrieved the purple grandmist aura before him and threw all the strands into the lightning bead. With a wave of his hand, he left the Dragon Heart Island on the back of the Rainbow Phoenix.

Two days later, they arrived above a desolate island located somewhere in the Blue Sea. After choosing a place to enter seclusion, Huang Xiaolong started to refine his newfound gains.

As he started to refine the purple grandmist aura, a sorry sight could be seen in the Holy Prison in the Holy Gate. Jiang Tian, Zheng Yongjia, Wu Shi, and several others had sorry appearances as they wore the robes of ordinary criminals. A dispirited atmosphere surrounded them and they no longer had the arrogance they once had.

“Senior Brother Jiang, do we really have to stay here for ten thousand years?!” Zheng Yongjia couldn’t help but reveal a vicious look in his eyes as killing intent welled up inside him. “Huang Xiaolong can do as he pleases out there, but we’re stuck here like common criminals! This is b*llshit! He deserves to die! The first thing I’ll do after getting out will be to tear him limb from limb!”

Wu Shi’s eyes were filled with hatred as well. “The moment I leave, I’ll crush him to death!”

Jiang Tian faced the wall as a deep look flashed through his eyes. “Not to worry. They can’t keep us here for ten thousand years. We’ll be released soon.”

“Do you mean the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground…?” Zheng Yongjia asked.

Jiang Tian nodded his head. “That’s right. I shall not hide anything from you guys anymore. The Evolving Dragon Holy Ground will send their army here to battle the Holy Gate. Soon, we’ll be released and the day we leave is the day Huang Xiaolong dies!”

Wu Shi hesitated for a moment and it seemed as though he thought of something. With that Holy Beast in the Holy Gate, why would the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground risk it all to attack us?”

Jiang Tian snickered, “You don’t have to worry about that. The Evolving Dragon Holy Ground will definitely kill their way over. They won’t be here for us. Instead, all of them would be focused on killing Huang Xiaolong!”

“Huang Xiaolong?!” Everyone stared at Jiang Tian in puzzlement.

“That’s right. The Evolving Dragon Holy Ground will stop at nothing to kill Huang Xiaolong. The secret he has is too heaven defying.”

“Senior Brother Jiang, what do you mean by that?”

Even though he had clearly admitted to it, Jiang Tian shook his head before they could inquire further about the matter. “There is no need to probe further about the secret Huang Xiaolong holds. Right now, all we need to do is to cultivate patiently and increase our strength.” A sigh left his lips soon after. “We won’t be able to stay in the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground for much longer….”

A year quickly passed.

One fine day…

Rays of brilliant light emerged and shot towards the sky above one of the islands on the Blue Sea. Divine dragons swam through the air as archdevils filled the skies. Golden light illuminated the space around the island.

A figure tore through the light and stood proudly in the space above the island.

It was none other than Huang Xiaolong, who had successfully refined the purple grandmist aura.

“Finally! I’ve finally arrived in the half-step Venerable Realm!” As soon as he spoke, Huang Xiaolong waved his arm and turned a small island a million miles away into dust. As if that wasn’t enough, he continued to test out his strength until he had completely destroyed several hundred islands.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in satisfaction.

Right now, he was only a hair’s breadth away from arriving in the Venerable Realm!

The Venerable Realm was like a supreme existence to him in the past!

As long as one was a Venerable, they would be heavily nurtured no matter where they went! Regardless of which holy ground they decided to settle down in, resources would be poured into them to make them as strong as possible!

“It’s time to finish my mission.” Huang Xiaolong said as he jumped onto the back of the Rainbow Phoenix.

This time, he had spent around five years outside the Holy Gate.

Once he killed the three other members of the evil faction, he would return to turn in his missions.

After all, one was given six years to complete any mission they accepted.

Several months later...

In the Falling Star Mountain Range located in the Divine Phoenix Secret Continent...

Huang Xiaolong stood facing Zhou Ze.

Before he faced off against Zhou Ze, Huang Xiaolong had already killed the other two experts of the evil faction. He had completed the refinement of their saint attributes, and now, the only one left was Zhou Ze.

“Huang Xiaolong of the Holy Gate?” Zhou Ze guessed the moment he saw the man.

“That’s right.”

Zhou Ze’s lips curled upwards in amusement. “Huang Xiaolong, it seems like you have already broken into the half-step Venerable Realm. It’s no wonder Di Huai would throw Jiang Tian and the others into prison in order to protect you. I have a proposition for you. Why don’t you join me on the dark side. The upper echelons will stop at nothing to protect you!”

The Devil Palace was like the Holy Heavens, and they were considered one of the superpowers in the Holy World!

The strength the Devil Palace possessed covered the Holy World. People like Yu Dongyuan who had died in Huang Xiaolong’s hands, were disciples of the Devil Palace’s branch sects.

With the ability to challenge the various holy grounds, the Devil Palace was naturally backed by experts who had surpassed the True Saint Realm.

“Devil Palace?” Huang Xiaolong muttered. “Whatever. You should think of your last words instead of trying to convince me!”

Zhou Ze’s pupils shrank and he chuckled. A devilish spear appeared in his hands as he leaped into the sky. In an instant, the tip of the spear arrived in front of the space between Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows. “Last words? Do you really think that someone like you has the ability to kill me? Since you’re so eager to die, you can go to hell now!”