Invincible - Chapter 728

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Chapter 728: 728

Huang Xiaolong’s priority coming to the Vermilion Bird Institute was to search for information related to the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire, his main reason for avoiding unnecessary trouble . Unfortunately, Huang Xiaolong wanted to avoid trouble, but there were people who were adamant in troubling him .

It wasn’t only a day or two since Liang Guang coveted Qi Qianqian .

This time, Qi Qianqian actually sought his help, promising to associate with him as long as he, Liang Guang, made Cheng Huai’an apologize on his knees .

Associate with him? 

When Liang Guang heard this, he was so happy that his heart was about to bloom like a spring garden .

Imagining the devilish curves under Qi Qianqian’s brocade robe, her silky smooth fair skin, her lilting moans lying under him, her pair of breasts that were definitely bigger than his palms, Liang Guang’s blood rushed hot as his lower body hardened .

Hence, this matter couldn't be settled so easily .

Not to mention that he had long been dissatisfied with this Cheng Huai’an’s arrogance, but there hadn’t been an opportunity before this . Now that an opportunity presented itself, Liang Guang would absolutely not miss it .

Hearing Liang Guang’s thorny words, Huang Xiaolong ignored him, turning to Qi Qianqian instead, “How do you want to settle this matter?”

Qi Qianqian was taken aback, not knowing what to do .

These past few days, every time Liang Guang the thought of Cheng Huai’an molesting Qi Qianqian in public, his mood would sour and his temper would flare as killing intent erupted in his heart . In the privacy of his own cultivation dwelling, Liang Guang would roar and shout that he would chop Cheng Huai’an into ten thousand pieces .

But now, Cheng Huai’an suddenly changed his usual imperious attitude, displaying a calm and peaceful attitude, causing Liang Guang to lose his momentum for a second .

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong actually ignored him, a piercing light flashed across Liang Guang’s eyes as he sneered, “Cheng Huai’an, if you break your own arms, then get down on your knees and apologize to Qianqian, shouting loud enough so that everyone here knows that you’re an animal, this matter can be considered wiped clean . Otherwise, hehe, I'll be forced to make you do it . ”

By this point, the look in Liang Guang’s eyes had turned malignant, “I hope you won’t make me act on it, I’ve always loathed scumbags and trash like you! If you force me to do it myself, I might not be able to control my strength . At that time, not only your arms, I might even accidentally break your root below!”

However, Liang Guang’s wasn’t spewing empty words . Before coming to the Lightning Fire Peak, Liang Guang had decided beforehand that if Cheng Huai’an didn't know what’s good for him, he would crush his groin .

He himself hadn’t even touched Qi Qianqian’s hand before, but this Cheng Huai’an had run his hands over her bosom, this greatly infuriated Liang Guang . Among the elite disciples, who didn't know that Qi Qianqian was the woman he chose?

But Cheng Huai’an did what he did, even knowing this, before a crowd . Moreover, the place that Cheng Huai’an touched was Qi Qianqian’s breasts!

Watching Liang Guang, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed, a hint of ridicule in his voice, “You can still make it if you scram now . However, if you’re still here ten breaths later, I’ll break that thing of yours and make sure it will never grow back!”

Although Huang Xiaolong didn't want to make trouble, he wasn’t someone who was afraid of trouble .

The instant Huang Xiaolong laid down his ultimatum, the air stagnated with heavy silence as everyone looked dazedly at him, not believing that he dared to act so arrogantly .

Everyone present was aware of Liang Guang’s strength .

Though Cheng Huai’an was a late-Sixth Order God Realm, he was much weaker compared to Liang Guang .

Even Qi Qianqian was shocked, staring at Huang Xiaolong .

Liang Guang was quick to recover with a loud laugh . Laughing from extreme anger .

“You’re telling me to scram?!” Liang Guang pointed at Huang Xiaolong as he laughed holding his stomach .

The bunch of elite disciples that came with Laing Guang also broke into dry laughs .

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong moved, appearing within a meter from Liang Guang with his fist striking out .

The force from the fist howled through the air, tiny sparks of flame danced on Huang Xiaolong’s fist . The surrounding temperature shot up . This was a technique almost all elite disciples of the Vermilion Bird Institute knew, Phoenix Shadow Fist .

As Huang Xiaolong’s fist swung through the air, the tiny sparks of flame looked like a fire phoenix wrapping over his hand .

On the first strike, Huang Xiaolong hit Liang Guang’s Qi Sea, as the overbearing fire element fist force wrecked havoc inside Liang Guang’s body .

Liang Guang’s laughter was stuck in his throat, and in the next moment, he was sent flying backwards, knocking down more than one towering tree on the opposite peak before crashing to the ground .

Not a sound could be heard .

Qi Qianqian was dumbfounded .

Liu Yilong and the other five of Cheng Huai’an’s followers were flabbergasted watching Liang Guang’s miserable state on the other peak, then their dazed gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong .

“You, you already broke through to Seventh Order?!” Some time later, Qi Qianqian’s voice stammered, looking at Huang Xiaolong .

That’s right, the strength Huang Xiaolong revealed earlier belonged to a Seventh Order God Realm master .

Huang Xiaolong replied, looking calm, “Several years ago, I discovered an ancient Highgod Realm master’s cultivation dwelling, and had practiced until peak late-Sixth Order God Realm . I just broke through a few days ago . ”

This was the excuse Huang Xiaolong came up with before striking Liang Guang . Huang Xiaolong wasn’t bothered whether Qi Qianqian and the others were suspicious of his excuse .

After all, they had no way to investigate if this matter was true or false .

Moreover, it had been more than four hundred years since Cheng Huai’an was stuck at late-Sixth Order God Realm, coming across a fortuitous adventure and breaking into Seventh Order God Realm was highly possible .

Ignoring Liu Yilong, Qi Qianqian, and the rest’s dumbfounded expressions, Huang Xiaolong reached the place where Liang Guang was in a flicker .

Liang Guang struggled to his feet from this ground, staring at Huang Xiaolong, who was coming closer . There was fury in his eyes, as well as fear .

Cheng Huai’an actually broke through to Seventh Order God Realm!

“Cheng Huai’an, what do you want?!” Liang Guang hardened his voice, hoping to deter Huang Xiaolong even a little .

“What do I want?” Huang Xiaolong snickered, and a sharp blade appeared in his hand, “Didn’t you hear clearly what I said just now?” He shot a gaze toward Liang Guang’s lower body .

Liang Guang’s face became ashen, feeling a chill between his legs .

“Cheng Huai’an, don't you dare!!” Luang Guang shouted, but just as his words fell, the person in front of him blurred away . Then, a sharp pain came from his crotch and his body was knocked backward .

Liang Guang clutched at his groin with both hands, screaming in agony .

Everyone saw something bloodied on the spot where Liang Guang stood earlier . There was no need to think, for it was clear to them what it was .

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “I thought your thing would be very big, but who knew it was just a little tad bigger than a worm . ”

Liu Yilong ‘s group failed to control themselves, bursting into laughter, saliva flying everywhere .

Qi Qianqian turned her face away in disgust .

“Cheng Huai’an, I vow to kill you!” Liang Guang screamed at Huang Xiaolong while enduring extreme pain .

“I’ll be waiting . ” Huang Xiaolong replied as he approached still . With another swing of the sharp blade in his hands, Liang Guang’s arms dropped to the ground .

Another anguished scream came from Liang Guang .

“Take your ‘master’ and scram! If not, I’ll cut off that thing in your pants!” Huang Xiaolong looked at the group of elite disciples that came with Liang Guang .

As if awakening from a nightmare, those elite disciples quickly brought Liang Guang and fled in a hurry . Liang Guang’s piece of meat was left neglected on the ground .

‘Cheng Huai’an’ then turned to Qi Qianqian .

Qi Qianqian immediately tensed up, unsure what Cheng Huai’an would do to her .

Last time, Cheng Huai’an molested her in public, this time he wouldn’t want to…?

“Why are you all still here?” Huang Xiaolong sharply questioned .

Qi Qianqian was stunned, a little doubtful that Cheng Huai’an would let her go just like that .