Invincible - Chapter 905

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Chapter 905: 905

“Going to City of Devils can help enhance my strength in a short time?” Huang Xiaolong asked the Ascending Moon Old Man .

Although he had some information about the City of Devils from Yelu Chufei’s memories, it was very limited .

The Ascending Moon Old Man nodded, “If there is a place in hundreds of thousands of galaxies that can help enhance one’s strength in a short amount of time, the first on the list would be the City of Devils, while the second one is the Path to Hell . ”

“The City of Devils, the Path of Hell . ” The was a glimmer of anticipation in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

“Yes, the City of Devils and Path to Hell . ” The old man continued, “It is said that the City of Devils is a remnant city left behind by an ancient Devil King, inside of which is a Hellion Tower going up twelve floors . Passing each floor entitles the challenger to a great reward; the higher the floor, the greater the reward you will receive . ”

“The Hellion Tower . ” Huang Xiaolong was stunned .

The Ascending Moon Old Man went on, “This Hellion Tower is a place of limitless treasures . It is said that it existed even before the City of Devils was built, and the City of Devils has been standing for three hundred million years . ”

“Three hundred million years!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes widened in astonishment .

Didn't this mean that the Hellion Tower could be four hundred million years old? Five hundred million years? Perhaps even longer!

“The Hellion Tower has a total of twelve floors, how are the rewards for each floor?” Huang Xiaolong asked . This was the point he was most concerned with .

The Ascending Moon Old Man shook his head, “I’ve only passed the first two floors, so those are the only rewards I know about . But, from what I’ve heard, as long as one passes the ninth floor, the reward is a Heavenly God’s godhead . Other than that, there are even more shocking treasures, however, passing the ninth floor is just too difficult . In the last several hundred years, the number of people who passed the ninth floor can be counted with two hands . ”

 Huang Xiaolong was genuinely shocked . With the Ascending Moon Old Man’s strength, he merely passed the first two floors? 

Watching Huang Xiaolong’s shocked expression, the old man explained as if he guessed what his little disciple was thinking, “The truth is, challenging this Hellion Tower does not fully rely on one’s strength . It isn't necessarily true that the stronger you are the higher you can go . ”

“Oh?” Huang Xiaolong was curious now .

The Ascending Moon Old Man went on, “The most important element in challenging the Hellion Tower is one’s talent . The higher your talent is, the higher you can reach . ”

“Talent!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes lit up . Challenging the Hellion Tower actually relied on one’s talent! Based on his three supreme godheads’ potential…!

Huang Xiaolong’s excited expression did not escape the Ascending Moon Old Man’s eyes . Shaking his head, he said to Huang Xiaolong, “Little Huang brat, I know what you’re thinking . Your talent is indeed monstrous, a rare genius that appears once in millions of years, but challenging the Hellion Tower is a different matter . In so many years, there has only been one person who managed to pass the tenth floor!”

“Only one?” Huang Xiaolong sucked in a breath of cold air .

The Ascending Moon Old Man nodded, “Yes, that person is the ancient Devil King who built the City of Devils, he’s the only one who successfully passed the tenth floor . It is said that, when he passed the tenth floor, his reward was a ten-million-years-old Devil Fruit!”

A ten-million-years-old Devil Fruit!! A feverish gleam shone in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

A treasure of this level . . . !

Although Huang Xiaolong didn't know what kind of spiritual fruit the Devil Fruit was, he was sure it was a precious and rare treasure .

A three-million-years-old medicinal herb was already extremely rare in the world, one could already imagine the value of a ten-million-years-old spiritual fruit and the amazing energy contained inside .

“No one has ever stepped onto the eleventh and twelfth floors, much less pass them . ” The Ascending Moon Old Man added, “Hence no one knows about those rewards . Some guessed it might be a hundred-million-years-old spiritual fruit, others said it could be a supreme divine pellet, some claimed it to be a supreme heritage . ”

A hundred-million-year-old spiritual fruit!

A supreme divine pellet!

A supreme heritage!

Unknowingly, Huang Xiaolong was clenching his fists .

“Passing this Hellion Tower relies on the extent of one’s talent, does that mean anyone can attempt to challenge it? Whether it be a Saint realm or God Realm cultivator?” Huang Xiaolong asked .

The Ascending Moon Old Man shook his head as he spoke, “That is not the case, the challenger must at least be a Highgod Realm master, because the Hellion Tower entrance can only be opened with the challenger’s own godforce . ”

Initially, Huang Xiaolong planned to bring Shi Xiaofei together with him to try passing the Hellion Tower, but now that he heard the old man’s explanation, he smothered that thought .

“Then, one can challenge the Hellion Tower any number of times?” Huang Xiaolong asked another question .

The Ascending Moon Old Man said, “Not really . Every person has two attempts, but the second time’s difficulty would be higher than the first time . Naturally, the rewards of each floor would also be much greater . ”

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a breath of cold air .

Subsequently, he asked a few more questions related to the Hellion Tower and the Path to Hell . The Ascending Moon Old Man told Huang Xiaolong all he knew about these two places .

The most powerful force in the City of Devils was the ancient devil race, the descendants of the very same Devil King after generations of thriving prosperity .

Other than this ancient devil race were the scattered forces of other galaxies’ sects and families, such as the Wangu Clan, Fortune Gate, Mu Clan, the Dark Elf Tribe, Tempest Academy, and even the Giant Tribe .

However, the power of those branch forces wasn't really that strong .

The ancient devil race allowed the Wangu Clan, Fortune Gate, and other forces to establish a branch at the City of Devils, but their power was kept in check, holding the City of Devils’ highest authority in their hands .

That Hellion Tower was also guarded by the ancient devil race . Although they allowed anyone to challenge the it, they must first pay ten top divine grade spirit stones .

Huang Xiaolong noted these details in his mind .

“Then what about the Path to Hell?” Huang Xiaolong asked .

Since the City of Devils had the Hellion Tower, did the Path of Hell also have something like it?

However, the Ascending Moon Old Man shook his head, “The Path to Hell is extremely dangerous, its other name is Path of No Return . According to rumors, once one enters the Path of Hell, it would be hard to come out alive . Among tens of thousands of cultivators that enter, only one person can come out alive . I advise you not to go . ”

This advice only stoked Huang Xiaolong’s curiosity further .

“This Path of Hell, what dangers does it hold?” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist asking .

The old man explained, “This Path to Hell resembles a lair of countless evil spirits . Rumor has it that it's actually the entrance to Hell’s Ghost Plane . No one knows if this is true, for no one has ever reached the end . Although there are countless evil spirits roaming in the Path to Hell, there are also countless million-year-old herbs and spiritual fruits . Some people claim that there are even ten-million-years-old and above medicinal herbs in the depth of that place, as well as other precious treasures . ”

The end of this Path to Hell was actually the entrance to Hell’s Ghost Plane? Huang Xiaolong was genuinely surprised by this piece of information .

The Asura Tactics that he cultivated allowed him to summon the Gate of Hell that led straight to the Asura Plane . However, the Asura Plane and the Ghost Plane were two different realms .

It had been a long time since Huang Xiaolong summoned the Gate of Hell and entered the Asura Plane, but it was done for a reason; although the Asura Plane’s spiritual energy was extremely tempting, a great help in enhancing his cultivation speed, it was still a higher realm, the risk was too high .

“The Path to Hell . ” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself, if there was a chance, he would like to see the end of this Path to Hell .