Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: She Had Offended Him Greatly

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Ye Shengge was still a bit unsettled after returning to her room.

She couldn’t help shivering at the thought of Ji Shiting’s smile.

She kept feeling that she had offended him greatly…

However, wasn’t it normal for him to rest for a couple of days to recover… Was she wrong to say that? He had even agreed that he had to rest for a few days.

Ye Shengge couldn’t figure it out after thinking for a long time, so she threw herself onto the bed.

Nevermind, she had a script reading tomorrow and needed to sleep.

The cast was going to start filming in two days. She couldn’t care about Ji Shiting’s emotions for the time being.

However, she didn’t sleep well that night.

She woke up in the morning and washed up, once again observing the birthmark on her face.

Her birthmark was almost a third lesser than before. She was confident that she could finish the birthmark before the first episode finished filming.

She would have to thank Ji Shiting for resolving the birthmark.

And had to continue finding a way to sleep with him.


She clenched her fist!

She cheered herself on, then went downstairs for breakfast. She asked Sister Xiu and as expected, Ji Shiting had left already.

Ye Shengge didn’t mind it at all. She went back to her room after breakfast and continued reading the script.

It was almost noon when she suddenly recalled that she hadn’t been looking at her phone for the entire day.

She immediately took out her phone from her bag, but it was turned off because it was out of battery.

She immediately charged her phone, turned it on, and as expected, a lot of information rushed in, and the person who called the most was Mu Yanhuai.

She then scrolled down and realized that Shang Tianyi had called her multiple times as well.

Ye Shengge immediately called him back.

“Are you looking for me, Tianyi?”

“Damn it,” said Shang Tianyi. “Where have you been? Why haven’t you been picking up your phone lately?”

Ye Shengge said guiltily, “I’m studying the script in seclusion…”

“Do you remember what we talked about before?” Shang Tianyi sounded anxious. “I asked your artist, Wen Kexin to submit the contract termination, but Boss Mu denied it directly. There’s no room for negotiation at all. Wen Kexin is just a newcomer, and her style is very similar to Mu Xiaoya’s. Mu Xiaoya tried to kick her away before, but now, Wen Kexin wants to leave and Boss Mu refuses.”

Ye Shengge immediately sat up straight and said, “Are you saying that Mu Yanhuai might have figured out our plan?”

“That’s right. He’s still spreading the news of T.S. Corporation investing.” Shang Tianyi snorted. “Besides, there’s still a lot of dirt about you getting into the entertainment circle online.”

“Okay.” Ye Shengge pouted.

She recalled how Mu Yanhuai had been talking nonstop at the Ji family’s dinner. Also, he hadn’t transferred twenty million shares to her account yet.

Ye Shengge sneered and closed the script.

She was going to deal with him in one go today. And for the emotional hurt, she would slowly make him payback in future.

To avoid attracting attention, Ye Shengge didn’t ask the driver of the villa to drive her to Star Brilliance.

She called Mu Yanhuai on the way, and she hung up after saying, “See you at the company in half an hour.”

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