Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1294

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Chapter 1294: Untitled

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“After getting into the car, Qiao Yanze immediately called the two bodyguards responsible for protecting Li Yinian. When he found out that Li Yinian was still in Interlaken, his heart sank. ”

“””Be careful these few days. Keep an eye on him,”” he instructed in a deep voice. “”I’ll send another two people to help you.”” ”

“No matter what Qiao Yanxun wanted to do, it was never wrong to be careful. ”


“Then, she called Gu Yimo and asked him to give her the results as soon as possible. ”

“Gu Yimo said angrily, “”It’s not even convenient for you to take samples, let alone me. Don’t rush me. I’ll inform you immediately if there are any results!”” ”

“””Three days at most,”” he instructed coldly. ”

“Gu Yimo wailed, “”Got it!”” ”

“Qiao Yanze hung up the phone but did not start the car immediately. Instead, he turned on the music player in the car. ”

“It was Li Yinian’s song, “”Never Left””, which shot her to fame. Her clear and ethereal voice immediately resounded throughout the car, and the sadness in her voice was abnormally solemn. ”

“””I’ve loved and lost / Tasted the sweetness and bitterness of love / Escaping the teasing of fate / I know what I want.”” ”

“Qiao Yanze had long realized that this woman’s voice was very pleasant, especially when she called his name on the bed with a smile. She was charming and sexy, and her voice was slightly hoarse. It entered his ears and wrapped around his heart bit by bit. In the end, even his soul was wrapped tightly, and he could not find any hope of relief. ”

“””…What’s worth it in this world / If I didn’t have you / I looked at the distant mountains / I missed the turn / I suddenly looked back and realized you were waiting for me / You never left.”” ”

“””What’s the point of living in this world without you?”” ”

“””I realized that you’ve been waiting for me and you’ve never left.”” ”

Qiao Yanze closed his eyes.

“He knew that this could not be a song she had sung to him, but it did not stop him from letting himself be immersed in it. ”

“Soon, the woman’s voice disappeared with the last high note, and the car was eerily quiet. ”

Qiao Yanze finally started the car. His handsome face looked calm and indifferent under the night sky.

He had to be especially careful and not make any mistakes.

“In the middle of the night, Qiao Yanze was suddenly woken up by a call. ”

“When the phone rang, he almost thought that something had happened to Li Yinian, but after picking up the phone, he realized that it wasn’t the case. ”

Qiao Fengnian had a heart attack and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

He sulked and immediately rushed to the hospital.

“When he arrived, Qiao Yanxun and the others had just reached and were comforting the pale Madam Qiao. ”

“””He hasn’t been in good health since the start of this year. The doctor also said that he had to rest well and not get angry or tired, but he just won’t listen…”” Madam Qiao choked while sobbing. “”If he had retired earlier and handed the company to you, things wouldn’t have ended up like this…”” ”

“Qiao Fengnian’s health had been deteriorating since this year. Otherwise, he would not have decided to retire from this position two years later. However, he did not expect his health to deteriorate faster than everyone thought. ”

“””Mom, don’t worry. Dad will be fine!”” Qiao Yanni looked uneasy and sounded perfunctory. “”Besides, you still have us.”” ”

“Qiao Yansen nodded in agreement, but his concerns were obviously not about Madam Qiao. ”

Qiao Yanxun was the same. He was sometimes agitated and sometimes worried.

Qiao Yanze’s gaze darkened.

“If Qiao Fengnian was saved, he would definitely not dare to occupy this position again. In other words, the original battle for the position of heir would end a year and a half earlier. ”


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