Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1360

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Of course, li Yinian knew. After all, she was there that day and she still remembered what Qiao yanxun had said.

However, she didn’t explain. She only said in a coquettish tone, ” “Having one is already a pleasant surprise, how many more do you want? I don’t plan to give birth to so many, I’m so tired.”

“That’s true.” The man laughed and his big hand fell on her lower abdomen.

The child was less than three months old, so it was not obvious that she was pregnant. Even when he put his hand on it, the warm bulge could be his illusion. However, there was no doubt that a new life was being born here.

Qiao yanze sighed slowly, his mood finally brightening.


“Have you had dinner?” He kissed her face again. He was glad that this woman’s pregnancy reaction was not serious, and her appetite was quite good. Other than sleepiness, there were no other adverse reactions.

“I’ve eaten. You won’t be angry that I didn’t wait for you, right?” She leaned lazily in his arms.

Qiao yanze picked her up and placed her on the sofa, laughing. I’m going to be angry if you wait for me.

“The food is still warm, you should go and eat. Come and watch a movie with me after you finish eating.” Li Yinian nudged him with her foot.

“Yes.” Qiao yanze responded, but he was still reluctant to let go of her. He didn’t dare to be presumptuous, but he kept on doing small things.

Li Yinian did not mind his little gesture. Instead, she stared at the cherries on the table and said, ” “I want that.”

Qiao yanze took the fruit plate in his hand and made sure that the cherries were all washed clean before feeding her one by one.

The woman narrowed her eyes in satisfaction, like a lazy cat. She did not know if it was because of the change in her hormones, but she looked even more radiant than before. Qiao yanze stared at her, his mind already thinking about how he had torn her apart and eaten her countless times.

Li Yinian poked the cherry pit with the tip of her tongue and happened to see the man’s Adam’s apple moving unrestrainedly. Then, her eyes met his dark ones.

She rolled her eyes and mischievously rubbed her feet against his thigh.

Qiao yanze’s breathing became uneven, and he reached out to press on her unruly calf. “Don’t mess around!”

“I actually wanted to help you.” She smiled and said, ” it’s just that I really can’t lift my energy right now. I want to sleep every day. So, you’d better think of a way yourself.”

Qiao yanze let out a muffled groan and held her face in his hands, kissing her heavily for a long time, almost causing her to roll her eyes.

Seeing that the woman was about to lose her temper, Qiao yanze released her decisively and smiled. “I’ll go eat first.”

Li Yinian stared at his back and couldn’t help but laugh.

In less than half an hour, Qiao yanze returned to the living room. Not only had he had dinner, but he had also returned to his room to take a shower.

After changing into his pajamas, he pulled the woman into his arms and said in a low voice, ” “What movie?”

“Flying house journey around the world.” Li Yinian picked up the remote control and clicked on it.

“Very good,” he said. Qiao yanze expressed his satisfaction.

Li Yinian looked at his side profile and was actually a little surprised. These days, the man had started working. He should have been very busy, but he would accompany her for an hour or two every night, either to watch movies or play games. He would do whatever he wanted to relax. Of course, she would often feel sleepy soon and be carried back to her room to sleep by the man.

When she woke up, she was also in his arms. This kind of peaceful life often made her feel unreal, and she was afraid that the current life was just a dream. She couldn’t believe that fate was suddenly so kind.

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