Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1387

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Jing Tong was a little embarrassed. Oh, I see. Ran ran, I’ll have to trouble you then.

With that, she quickly jogged out of the dining room.

Yingluo couldn’t blame her for misunderstanding him. This man had been saying things that could easily cause misunderstandings the entire day, or doing things that could easily cause misunderstandings. Fortunately, she knew her own limits, or else she would have really misunderstood him.

Jing Tong shook her head, collected her messy thoughts, and walked to the second floor. After asking about her room, the servant immediately brought her to the guest room she had stayed in for the first time.

The room had not changed much since the last time she had stayed over, but her personal items were still in Yangcheng. She did not know what to do for a while, so she grabbed her pajamas and went to the bathroom to take a shower.


As the hot water gushed down, she couldn’t help but think of her future.

It was impossible not to be confused. It wasn’t that she didn’t have a goal to strive for, it was just that this goal was too vague.

Jing Tong couldn’t help but sigh.

Fortunately, she had never been the type to waste her time on a dead end, and she quickly hid her disappointment. Anyway, she would take it one step at a time and settle the work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs first.

She changed into her pajamas and walked out of the bathroom while drying her hair with a towel. However, she suddenly saw a tall and straight shadow standing in front of the desk. The man probably heard the sound of footsteps and turned his eyes to her.

Jing Tong jumped in shock and couldn’t help but complain, ” “Hey, why did you enter my room without my permission? Although this is your house, you invited me to stay here temporarily, so you should respect my privacy!”

As she spoke, she subconsciously tightened the collar of her pajamas and looked at her angrily.

Jiang Yu didn’t say anything for a moment. His dark eyes fell on the woman’s white face that was stained with hot water. At this time, her wide eyes were full of anger and accusation, looking full of vitality.

Jing Tong’s eyes were very big and round, so even when she was angry, there was always a bit of lingering childishness. Not only did it not have any deterrent force, but it also made her seem somewhat cute.

At least Jiang Yu didn’t feel guilty after being questioned. Instead, he couldn’t help but smile.

Jing Tong almost exploded,”Jiang Yu!” Did you hear what I just said?”

“I heard it.” The man responded calmly and nodded at her desk. these are the materials you will use for the exam. You didn’t answer when I knocked on the door, and the door wasn’t locked, so I came in directly.”

Jing Tong glanced at the desk and indeed saw a stack of documents. He could only suppress the unhappiness in his heart. “Then you can go now.”

the information needs to be explained. Otherwise, you won’t be able to understand it. Jiang Yu explained in a low voice.

Jing Tong,”Yingluo.”

She suppressed her anger and said, ” I still need to dry my hair. Why don’t you tell me more tomorrow? ”

“I might not be free tomorrow. Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘next examination is in three days. You don’t have much time left.” Jiang Yu looked at her calmly.

Jing Tong grabbed his wet hair, extremely depressed.

Jiang Yu made a gesture. it’s okay. You can dry your hair first. I’ll wait for you here.

Then, the man pulled out a chair and sat down. He picked up the document and began to read it.

Jing Tong had no choice but to go to the dressing table, take out a hairdryer, and start drying her hair. She had wanted to use a hair drying hat and wait for her hair to dry naturally, but the situation didn’t allow her to do so, so she had to use a hairdryer.

Fortunately, the hairdryer made some noise, so they didn’t have to be alone in the room.

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