Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1405

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Chapter 1405: Slapping his own face

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The more Jing Tong spoke, the more guilty she felt, and in the end, she had no choice but to reveal a pitiful expression.

Jiang Yu smiled meaningfully. since I’m so great, ” he said, ” aren’t you interested? ”


Jing Tong gritted his teeth and continued to swallow his anger. “I’m busy preparing for the exam. Time is of the essence, how would I have the time to think about that? Yingluo, hehehe Yingluo, and you said it yourself, if I fail the entrance exam, you’ll be the one losing face. So, can you be a good person and let me go back to my room to continue revising?”

Jiang Yu thought for a while and nodded.”That’s reasonable.”

Jing Tong nodded like pounding garlic.

Jiang Yu looked at her as if she was facing a great enemy and a strange feeling welled up in his heart. It was probably the pleasure of bullying her?

“Then, after your exam? Wouldn’t you have a chance to think about it?” He asked in a serious tone.

Jing Tong’s heart was filled with hatred.

well, ran ran, we’ll talk about it after the exam. she forced a smile. if I pass the exam and I’m in a good mood, everything can be discussed.

However, she secretly swore that after the exam, regardless of whether she could get hired successfully or not, she would move out as soon as possible and never stay in the same room as this man again.

Of course, Jiang Yu could tell that she didn’t mean it.

He curled his lips and finally relaxed his grip.

Jing Tong felt as if she had been granted Amnesty. She slipped out of his embrace and threw a “good night” before quickly returning to her room and fiercely locking the door.

The sound of the lock being locked was unusually clear. Jiang Yu frowned slightly and suddenly regretted letting her go so easily. This woman was really slippery.

However, thinking of his schedule for the evening, he could only turn around and go downstairs.

Duan Zhe was waiting downstairs. When he saw him, he immediately said respectfully, ” “Minister, the car is ready.”

Jiang Zhiwei nodded slightly and looked at the servant.”Prepare a midnight snack for miss Jing.”

The servant immediately smiled and agreed.


In the room, Jing Tong heard the sound of the man’s footsteps leaving, and finally let out a sigh of relief.

Even so, she couldn’t put her attention on the book for a long time. The embarrassment and anger didn’t go away, causing the heat on her face to not go down.

Ah, I’m so angry!

She couldn’t help but punch the desk.

In the past, when she was pursuing him, she was the one who was hurt by his indifference and annoyance. Now that he was the one pursuing her, she was still the one being bullied. Jiang Yu couldn’t see any sadness from being rejected.

Not only was he not sad, but he was even more unscrupulous!

Why didn’t she realize that this man was so shameless back then? To think that she had thought that this man had a cold personality. What frosty? he’s clearly a hooligan!

Jing Tong thought hatefully, forcing herself to start revising.

However, after a few minutes, she got distracted again. This time, the scene that appeared in her mind was a glimpse of something she saw last night.

To be honest, Jiang Yu’s size was indeed impressive. Although she didn’t have much experience, she knew that if that size wasn’t too big, as a woman, she wouldn’t be able to stand Qianqian.

However, the next second, Jing Tong slapped her own face again.

What nonsense are you thinking about!


Jing Tong had learned her lesson. For the next two days, she was very well-behaved. She even brought forward the time for dinner and vowed to avoid this man. As soon as Jiang Yu returned, she immediately went back to her room and locked the door.

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