Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 489

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Chapter 489: The Miracle I’m Looking For

Ji Shiting had been relying on glucose water to keep himself alive these days, so he looked slimmer. However, the man was still tall, making the bed seem narrow.

Ye Shengge walked to the bed and sat down. She couldn’t help grabbing his hand. Grandpa Ji hadn’t tied her up in the end.

She kept telling herself not to cry, not to be sad, and not to blame herself, but she couldn’t control her emotions when she saw the man’s quiet and pale face. She had to look up at the ceiling and force back her tears.

It took her a while to calm down. She knew he couldn’t see it, but she still smiled.

She lifted the man’s pale hand and put it on her face.

“Shiting, I’ve been sick the past few days when you were unconscious,” she said. “I had a fever and I’ve been sleeping. I even dreamed a lot of things. The content was intermittent and weird. I don’t remember much anymore, but I remember I was running. I was afraid. I was running away. I seemed to have been a coward since I was young, and I didn’t dare face it. That’s why I created another personality, and it’s the same now. I’m frightened to death at the thought of you not waking up.”

“But then, I dreamed of you, and you told me not to be afraid. You told me to trust you.” Ye Shengge choked. “Then, I wasn’t that afraid anymore. I knew you wouldn’t abandon me. Besides, you love me. Although you’ll never admit it, I don’t care. I’ve already made up my mind.”

The man on the bed was still sleeping peacefully.

Ye Shengge continued, “But now, I might have to leave for a while. When you wake up, grandpa might give you the divorce agreement. You might be very angry, but…”

Ye Shengge couldn’t finish her sentence. She took a few deep breaths and said, “But you must understand why I did it. I couldn’t bear to do it either. I couldn’t bear to do it. So, I can only ask you not to be with another woman until I recover. Don’t…”

She couldn’t help tearing up, and her hot tears fell onto the man’s palm.

It took her a while to calm herself down.

She wiped the man’s tears with her sleeve and put his hand back. She then stood up and leaned against his forehead.

“Shiting, I should go,” she said. “Can you… open your eyes and look at me?”

The wind blew outside.

However, the man on the bed still didn’t move, and the miracle he was expecting didn’t happen.

Ye Shengge’s heart sank, and she smiled bitterly.

She wanted to wait a bit longer, but the nurse came in and told her it was time for her visit.

Ye Shengge could only leave, but she didn’t notice a slight twitch of the man’s hand at the moment she walked out of the ward.

When Ye Shengge returned to Grandpa Ji’s room, she saw a new divorce agreement.

She held a pen, and her eyes were red, but she didn’t sign her name.

“Are you dissatisfied with the terms?” Grandpa Ji asked.

Ye Shengge smiled bitterly, shook her head and started to write her name.

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