Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 544

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Chapter 544: How Great It Would Be If You Really Had Lost Your Memory

Ji Shiting looked at her and smiled, “That’s easy to deal with. You can just put on your clothes after we’re done.”

“Ji Shiting, you…” She couldn’t argue back, and her hands were shaking.

“Ye Shengge.” The man called her name. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t put myself in danger even if it’s for you. I’m confident that I can do it.”

She didn’t say anything and grabbed his collar, still tearing up.

She had expected him to not give up easily, but she hadn’t expected him to be so bold.

Hadn’t he been afraid of the knife in his chest at all? Was he really not afraid of history repeating itself? He was completely confident… As long as he couldn’t bear to hurt her, he wouldn’t be completely confident. He even untied the chains on her hands and feet.

Perhaps that man wasn’t afraid, but she was afraid of death, so much so that she couldn’t help trembling at the thought of that scene. Even after waking up, she was still covered in fear, and she couldn’t calm down at all.

The woman’s face was pale.

Ji Shiting’s eyes dimmed.

He stroked her face and said, “Ye Shengge, I told you before that I wouldn’t let you go, so don’t even think about drawing a line between us. It’s impossible.”

His voice was low and calm, but Ye Shengge knew that he wasn’t kidding.

She smiled bitterly and said, “How nice would it be if you really lost your memory.”

“Mm.” The man suddenly smiled. “I did lose my memory, but you won’t be able to run away even if I do. I’ll break your legs if you dare run again.”

When Ye Shengge and Ji Shiting came out of the bedroom, Lin Qi had just returned with breakfast. She had bought breakfast for more than an hour.

“Sister Shengge, Mr. Ji, you’re awake.” Lin Qi lowered her head and blushed, not daring to look at them. “I bought you breakfast.”

Ji Shiting smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Ye Shengge was embarrassed. She nodded and said, “Put the breakfast on the table… Have you eaten?”

“I’ve eaten. I’ve eaten in the restaurant!” Lin Qi said as she put the breakfast she had bought on the dining table. “Enjoy yourself with Mr. Ji. Um… I’ll head back to my room.”

She then ran back to her room.

Ji Shiting said, “You’re a sensible assistant.”

Ye Shengge couldn’t help feeling resentful. How was she going to act like a superior in front of Lin Qi in the future?

She bit her lips and grabbed the man’s hand. “Come have breakfast.”

She pressed the man down on the chair, took out the soup dumplings and soup dumplings, and handed him a pair of clean chopsticks.

“Eat up. You must be starving. You spent so much last night,” Ye Shengge said.

Ji Shiting looked at her angry face, and there was gentleness in his eyes.

He took the chopsticks, pulled the woman to sit beside him, and put a soup dumpling to her lips. “You’re the one who’s been working hard.”

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