Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 661

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Chapter 661: She Finally Opened Her Eyes

Sun Ye felt so wronged. He just wanted the madam’s child to be saved, so why was he being labeled as’ selfish and cold-blooded ‘?

Although they lowered their voices, they couldn’t guarantee that Ji Shiting wouldn’t hear them, so Sun Ye had to give up.

“Fine, I concede. Let’s not talk anymore, okay?” He lowered his voice.

Lin Qi snorted and said, “I wouldn’t have bothered talking to you if you hadn’t come to bother me.”

Sun Ye decided to shut up.

After about half an hour, the doctor finally brought the results.

“Mr. Ji.” The doctor’s surname was Qin, and he was a doctor from Jing’an Hospital. “Mrs. Ji is indeed pregnant. It’s exactly six weeks. Don’t worry. The baby is fine now. There are no signs of miscarriage.”

“But she said her stomach hurts.” Ji Shiting looked up at him and said hoarsely.

Dr. Qin explained, “It’s normal for her to have abdominal pain after being stuck, but the child is lucky to be fine.”

Ji Shiting heaved a sigh of relief.

“When can she wake up?” The man stroked the woman’s pale face.

“Madam is just too weak. It looks like her pregnancy reaction is very serious, and she’s showing signs of dehydration,” said the doctor. “I’ll prescribe her some glucose immediately.”

“Hurry up with it!” Ji Shiting ordered.

“Yes sir.” Dr. Qin immediately turned around and put Ye Shengge on the drip.

The doctor and nurse left. Sun Ye thought for a bit and walked over, “Boss, I’ll prepare something for Madam.”

Before Ji Shiting could say anything, Lin Qi retorted, “Sister Shengge can’t eat anything. She feels nauseous just from the smell of food. Don’t burden her.”

Ji Shiting’s pupils contracted again. “Is it… that serious?”

“That’s right! Otherwise, Sister Shengge wouldn’t be so weak!” Lin Qi said. “She vomited three times during the audition, and each time, she puked out stomach acids.”

Ji Shiting’s breathing became heavier. He recalled the woman’s bright and sweet smile during the audition and how dazed she had been after knowing that he had failed. His heart ached.

“We have to find a way to let her eat something. She can’t rely on glucose to survive the next two months,” Ji Shiting said. “Sun Ye, check if there’s a chef who prepares food for pregnant women.”

“Yes,” Sun Ye answered and left the ward.

“Lin Qi, go prepare hot water and makeup remover,” Ji Shiting said. “She put on makeup today, right?”

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have looked that good during the audition.

Even makeup couldn’t cover her paleness and weakness.

“Yes sir,” Lin Qi answered. She had exhausted all her courage questioning that man in the car, so she didn’t dare disobey his order.

Most importantly, she could see Mr. Ji’s heartache and self-reproach, and all her grievances were gone.

Ji Shiting removed the woman’s makeup and washed her face.

After removing her makeup, she looked pale and haggard. Ji Shiting pursed his lips and couldn’t help kissing her pale and dry lips.

Ye Shengge’s eyelashes fluttered, and then, she finally opened her eyes.

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